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8/1/2005Shawn TribeA New Liturgical Movement? By Stratford Caldecott
8/1/2005Shawn TribeDOCUMENT: The Oxford Declaration on the Liturgy
8/2/2005Shawn TribeBOOK REVIEW: The Organic Development of the Liturgy
8/5/2005Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPPlurality and Unity
8/5/2005Shawn TribeThe Current State of Liturgical Music in the Roman Rite
8/5/2005Shawn TribeAmbrosian rite and liturgical diversity
8/8/2005Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPThe Liturgy and the Moral Life
8/8/2005Brian MacMichaelSancte Dominice, ora pro nobis
8/8/2005Shawn TribePastoral Considerations by Fr. Ethan over at his blog
8/9/2005Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPShort Primer on Eastern Catholics
8/9/2005Shawn TribeMy architectural loves.. Warning, pure bias on my part.
8/10/2005Shawn TribeLiving a Liturgical Life
8/11/2005Brian MacMichaelOn the Proper Activity of EME's
8/14/2005Fr. Thomas KocikDuruflé's "Requiem": A Paradigm for Reform
8/15/2005Shawn TribeWorking Towards Liturgical Restoration: Can CIEL and Adoremus present a common front?
8/19/2005Shawn TribeThe History and Development of the Tabernacle
8/19/2005Shawn TribeRatzinger: the organic development of the classical liturgy
8/22/2005Shawn TribeBOOK REVIEW: Thomas Aquinas and the Liturgy
8/23/2005Shawn TribeJuventutem Photos
8/23/2005Abbot Joseph HomickA Word From the East
8/23/2005Matthew AldermanAncilla Domini in Stereo
8/24/2005Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPBeauty vs Aestheticism in the Liturgy
8/24/2005Shawn TribeMore Juventutem pictures..
8/27/2005Shawn TribeThe Order and Symbolism of the Iconostasis
8/29/2005Shawn TribePope & leader of SSPX agree on “gradual process” towards unity
8/30/2005Shawn TribeStrategy in the reform of the reform
8/31/2005Shawn TribeFr. Schall on saying Mass
9/2/2005Shawn TribeLiturgical curiousity
9/2/2005Matthew AldermanThe Anglican Liturgical Revival
9/2/2005Shawn TribeA Modest Proposal
9/7/2005Shawn TribeSeldom Heard Thoughts about Saying Mass
9/9/2005Shawn TribeThe Catholic Bard: Shakespeare & the ‘Old Religion'
9/12/2005Shawn TribeParticipation in the Current Magisterium
9/13/2005Jeffrey TuckerThe Mysterium Fidei problem
9/15/2005Abbot Joseph HomickA Word from the East (continued)
9/19/2005Shawn TribeMore from Fr. Stravinkas
9/22/2005Shawn TribeBook Review: Looking again at the Question of the Liturgy with Cardinal Ratzinger
9/27/2005Shawn TribeKarl Keating weighs in on the Liturgy
9/27/2005Shawn TribeVatican official on the Latin Mass
10/2/2005Shawn TribeYoung adults and traditional liturgy
10/2/2005Shawn TribeReport on the Synod on the Eucharist
10/4/2005Shawn TribeFr. Stravinskas on the Liturgy - another address
10/5/2005Jeffrey TuckerThe lost 85 %
10/6/2005Shawn TribeLiturgical reformation needs to be “reformed” with a new document, says [Catholic] Archbishop of Moscow
10/11/2005Jeffrey TuckerThe Familiar and Strange in 1965
10/11/2005Shawn TribeRe-analyzing the Liturgical Movement
10/13/2005Shawn TribeChaput on Vatican II
10/16/2005Shawn TribeBook Review: The Modern Rite, Klaus Gamber
10/18/2005Shawn TribeParishes and liturgical reform
10/22/2005Shawn TribeExcerpts from Synod document
10/25/2005Abbot Joseph HomickThe Byzantine Altar
10/26/2005Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPA Primer on Sight-reading music
10/26/2005Shawn TribeFrom Fr. Thomas Kocik - Explanation of Liturgical Changes
10/31/2005Shawn TribeAquinas and the liturgy
11/2/2005Shawn TribeAll Souls Day
11/6/2005Shawn TribeThe Litany of Saints?
11/11/2005Shawn TribeComplements of the Thirsty Scribe.. Mass and Modernity
11/15/2005Shawn TribeU.S. Bishops and the proposed English translation of the Roman Missal
11/16/2005Shawn TribeMore on the English Translation of the Roman Missal
11/16/2005Shawn TribeThe Mass Isn't Entertainment, Says Cardinal Arinze
11/19/2005Shawn TribePope Benedict and the Liturgy
11/22/2005Shawn TribeA Feast for the Eyes - The Classical Roman Liturgy
11/23/2005Shawn TribeOn the Use of Black Vestments
11/23/2005Shawn TribeLex Orandi, Lex Credendi
11/28/2005Shawn TribeWorshipping the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness
11/30/2005Shawn TribeReport of the Una Voce Conference
12/1/2005Shawn TribeCardinal Medina on the classical Roman liturgy
12/7/2005Jeffrey TuckerAn extraordinary statement
12/7/2005Shawn TribeBenedict XVI Is to Reinterpret the Second Vatican Council?
12/12/2005Shawn TribeAn interesting appeal to Pope Paul VI on the Classical Roman rite
12/13/2005Shawn TribeThe Unfinished Business of Vatican II
12/13/2005Shawn TribeSSPX: Formal schism or informal separation?
12/16/2005Shawn TribeHeavenly City: The Architectural Tradition of Catholic Chicago
12/17/2005Matthew AldermanOur Lady, Queen of the English Martyrs
12/18/2005Shawn TribeStunning photographs
12/21/2005Shawn TribePapal ceremonies must set liturgical standards, Pope says
12/21/2005Matthew AldermanLeave Well Enough Alone
12/23/2005Shawn TribeBishops Discuss Mass Translations
12/24/2005Shawn TribeThe Incarnation and the Mass [excerpt]
12/28/2005Shawn TribeLiturgy: Benedict XVI Brings the Neocatechumenals Back to the Right Way
1/1/2006Shawn TribeMerger or Co-existence?
1/4/2006Shawn TribeA Fictional Debate: Slow change or quick change?
1/9/2006Shawn TribeRe-Enchanting the Mass: How beauty affects belief
1/10/2006Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPTime and Liturgy
1/16/2006Shawn TribeThe Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem
1/17/2006Shawn TribeBook Review: Guide to Byzantine Iconography
1/19/2006Shawn TribeEpiscopal Attitudes to Liturgical Change on the Eve of Vatican II
1/20/2006Shawn TribeFrom Fr. Kocik: Liturgical Renewal and Eschatology
1/21/2006Shawn TribeGuest Column: Growing up in the Modern Liturgical Movement, by Fr. Christopher Smith, STL
1/23/2006Shawn TribeInterview: Chaldean Liturgical Reform
1/25/2006Shawn TribeBishop Bruskewitz says... para-council distorted Vatican II (by Brian Mershon)
1/28/2006Shawn TribeA friendly debate with Todd on Catholic Sensibility
1/31/2006Jeffrey TuckerTime Heals and Liberates
2/1/2006Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPOn Candlemas and the Dominican custom
2/9/2006Abbot Joseph HomickPreparing Lent in the Byzantine Liturgy
2/14/2006Matthew AldermanCuriosities of the Tiara
2/17/2006Shawn TribeThe Enlightenment's Impact on the Mass
2/20/2006Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPBeauty is of the Essence of Liturgy
2/21/2006Arlene Oost-ZinnerMaking the choir loft a priority
2/26/2006Shawn TribeYouth and the classical rite
2/28/2006Shawn TribeInside the Vatican article
3/2/2006Shawn TribeSome interesting architectural essays
3/6/2006Shawn TribeThe Neocatechumenals Obey the Pope – But in Their Own Way
3/10/2006Abbot Joseph HomickGreat Lent in the Byzantine Tradition
3/14/2006Shawn TribeOne traditionalist responds to hardline, schismatic traditionalists
3/18/2006Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPArchdale King on the Lenten Statio and Tituli
3/20/2006Shawn TribeNew life for treasures of closed churches
3/22/2006Shawn TribeBishop of Arlington and the Tridentine Mass
3/23/2006Shawn TribeInterview With Fr. Gabet, Msgr. Schmitz
3/31/2006Shawn TribeCNS STORY: The Way of Beauty: Can it lead people to God?
3/31/2006Shawn TribeRitual Correctness: On Enduring Liturgical "Experts"
4/4/2006Shawn TribeAddress of Francis Cardinal Arinze
4/5/2006Shawn TribeThe traditional perspective on Vatican Council II
4/7/2006Shawn TribeRumblings amongst the "progressives"? An opinion piece.
4/7/2006Shawn TribeCardinal Arinze discourages "liturgies to order"
4/12/2006Shawn TribeRomano Guardini, Benedict XVI and Sandro Magister
4/15/2006Shawn TribeThe queston of the future of the Roman rite
4/18/2006Shawn TribeStrategy and the Reform of the Reform
4/26/2006Shawn TribePope Benedict: Church tradition is not just transmission of information, but the effective presence of Jesus
4/26/2006Shawn TribeAd Orientem: The Tridentine Mass: Why do the Orthodox care?
4/28/2006Shawn TribeOrthodoxy, the Liturgy and the Crisis of the West
4/29/2006Shawn TribeActive Participation in the Modern and Ancient Liturgy: Its True Nature and the Myth Surrounding - Part 1 of 2
4/30/2006Shawn TribeWhat does GIRM 299 really say?
5/1/2006Shawn TribeCardinal Medina Estevez confirms Curial meeting about traditionalist concerns
5/2/2006Shawn TribeWhere Altar Crucifixes Should Face
5/3/2006Shawn TribePope Benedict on Tradition - again
5/5/2006Jeffrey TuckerAn Idiot's Guide to Square Notes
5/9/2006Shawn TribeBenedict XVI, Mozart and the quest for beauty
5/9/2006Shawn TribeSinging the Consecration
5/11/2006Shawn TribeFather Robert Altier and St. Agnes Parish, St. Paul, MN.
5/12/2006Shawn TribeNewman on liturgical tradition
5/15/2006Shawn TribeCardinal Castrillon Hoyos says indult includes all 1962 sacraments
5/16/2006Shawn TribeThe Teaching Role of the Sacred Liturgy
5/17/2006Shawn TribeCatholic England: Pugin, Newman, the new Catholic aristocracy and classical liturgics
5/19/2006Shawn TribeBook Review: Prayer - The Spirituality of the Christian East, Fr. Thomas Spidlik
5/20/2006Shawn TribeOn Rood Screens and Iconostases: A Quick Look
5/22/2006Shawn TribeRe-translating the Roman Missal - Liturgiam Authenticam: "Both this Congregation and the Bishops’ Conferences are bound to follow its directives."
5/24/2006Shawn TribeStratford Caldecott's new book
5/25/2006Shawn TribeA brief history of the cassock...
5/25/2006Shawn TribeCNS STORY: Bishops to vote on new Order of Mass in English
5/26/2006Shawn TribeCurial shuffle
5/26/2006Shawn TribeThe Reform of the Reform: Duc in altum
5/27/2006Shawn TribeYet another Papal talk on Tradition
5/29/2006Shawn TribeArchbishop Ranjith on Fr. Lang and Ad Orientem
5/29/2006Shawn TribeA Ban on Kneeling? Some Catholics Won't Stand for It - Los Angeles Times
5/29/2006Jeffrey TuckerWhat I learned at the Episcopal Church
5/30/2006Shawn TribeThe Use of Incense
5/30/2006Shawn TribeSancta Liturgia: Theoretical Missal Project Via The New Liturgical Movement
5/31/2006Shawn TribeBook Review: Ambrosianum Mysterium
6/1/2006Shawn TribeThe Cafeteria Is Closed: Feeling the heat ?
6/1/2006Shawn TribeCNS STORY: Pope says art at Vatican Museums shows church's faith in God's beauty
6/1/2006Shawn TribeCD/DVD Review: UVA 2005 Conference
6/2/2006Shawn TribeSt. Cobh's Cathedral: saved from needless renovation
6/3/2006Shawn TribeLos Angeles Lay Catholic Mission | June 2006 | Step Into It , by Allyson Smith
6/4/2006Jeffrey TuckerRare Latin Mass A Return to Ritual
6/6/2006Shawn TribeCatholic World News : Rome losing interest in reconciliation with SSPX?
6/7/2006Shawn TribeJune Adoremus Bulletin
6/8/2006Shawn TribeQuebec scrambles to save its churches
6/8/2006Shawn TribeThe Fathers, the Youth and the Sacred Liturgy: Moving Beyond Gimmicks
6/10/2006Matthew AldermanThe Second Annual Anglican Use Conference, Scranton, June 2006: A View from the Floor
6/10/2006Matthew AldermanThe Second Annual Anglican Use Conference, Scranton, June 2006: A View from the Floor
6/11/2006Shawn TribeAnnual Pilgrimage of Tradition in France
6/11/2006Shawn TribeInterview of Cardinal Ricard with Apcom, May 31, 2006
6/12/2006Matthew AldermanOur Lady, Queen of the English Martyrs
6/12/2006Shawn TribeCardinal George: Will the real Vatican II stand up please?
6/13/2006Shawn TribeFSSP North American Ordinations
6/13/2006Shawn TribeGregorian Chant: an Overview
6/14/2006Matthew AldermanMore on St. Saviour's
6/14/2006Shawn TribeCNS STORY: Conference: Priest facing east at Mass won't ensure focus on Jesus
6/15/2006Shawn TribeUS Bishops Debate on Mass translations
6/15/2006Shawn TribeReport on the 2006 RICL Conference: Looking Again at the Liturgical Reform
6/15/2006Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPCorpus Christi at Blackfriars
6/16/2006Shawn TribeU.S. Bishops Approve New Mass Translation
6/16/2006Shawn TribeCritical Mass: Found (!!!) in Translation
6/18/2006Shawn TribeA couple of pre-conciliar pictures from St. Peter's Basilica..
6/19/2006Shawn TribeAd orientem and Versus Populum: re-thinking our terminology to reflect sacred realities
6/21/2006Shawn TribeBishop Fernando Rifan says traditionalists must show perfect communion with Pope, tradition
6/23/2006Shawn TribeCNS STORY: Pope's pallium noticeably different from ones he'll give archbishops
6/27/2006Shawn TribeA Change of Tune in the Vatican – And Not Only in the Secretariat of State
6/29/2006Shawn TribeL.A. in L.A.: Liturgiam Authenticam in Los Angeles
6/29/2006Shawn TribeThe Re-enchantment of the Liturgy: a mutual venture
6/30/2006Shawn TribePugin church restored to former glory
6/30/2006Shawn TribeInterview of Bishop Ranjith by La Croix
6/30/2006Shawn TribeArchbishop Burke, Bishop Rifan comment: Will classical liturgy aid reunion with Eastern Orthodox?
6/30/2006Jeffrey TuckerIs there really continuity here?
6/30/2006Shawn TribeCarpe Diem: The new edition of the Missale Romanum
7/1/2006Matthew AldermanChrist the King Seminary, La Crosse, Wisconsin
7/2/2006Shawn TribeFT May 2006: "Sacred Spaces & Other Places"
7/2/2006Matthew AldermanBertram Grosvenor Goodhue in Cuba
7/3/2006Shawn TribeSynod on the Eucharist: The Pope Has the Last Word
7/3/2006Jeffrey TuckerWhy Gregorian Chant?
7/4/2006Shawn TribeTranslation of Le Figaro article, "Pope's collaborator praises the Mass in Latin"
7/6/2006Shawn TribeThe Appropriate Scale and Decoration of Churches
7/7/2006Shawn TribeA brief look at liturgical language
7/7/2006Fr. Thomas KocikN.Z. Bishops' Plan: For the Birds?
7/8/2006Shawn Tribe'Being church': manipulating language to change meaning
7/8/2006Shawn TribeFSVF & Riaumont Ordinations
7/9/2006Shawn TribeCatholic Sacred Music in the 20th Century
7/10/2006Shawn TribeArchbishop Burke's "promotion"
7/10/2006Shawn TribeCNS STORY: At Mass in Valencia, pope uses what tradition says is Holy Grail
7/11/2006Shawn TribeCatholic News Agency: Liberal Christianity is disintegrating, says Catholic columnist
7/11/2006Shawn TribeSign of Peace
7/12/2006Shawn TribeReport on the Ever Directed to the Lord Conference, Oct. 2005, Oxford
7/13/2006Jeffrey TuckerIt's "Passer Invenit" Weekend
7/14/2006Shawn TribeSummer 2006 Issue of Sacred Music
7/14/2006Shawn TribeRatzinger’s New Team Trains in the Holy Office
7/16/2006Shawn TribeFessio on Benedict: Inside the Vatican
7/17/2006Shawn TribeLiturgical arts: the role of colour?
7/19/2006Jeffrey TuckerMissa Pro Maximiliano
7/20/2006Shawn TribeF.E. Brightman, Eastern Liturgies
7/21/2006Jeffrey TuckerFasten your seat belts: Maestro Bartolucci speaks
7/21/2006Jeffrey TuckerLatin Liturgy Association
7/23/2006Shawn TribeBenedict XVI's Address on Sacred Music
7/23/2006Shawn TribeVox Clara reviews U.S. bishops' proposals for wording in Mass prayers
7/25/2006Shawn TribeThe Sarum Missal in English
7/25/2006Shawn TribeCNS STORY: Vatican official: Kneeling expresses meeting Jesus in the Eucharist
7/26/2006Shawn TribeAncient Psalms manuscript found in Irish Bog
7/26/2006Shawn TribeWhat about Latin? Anglo parishioners at Oklahoma church vent frustrations to bishop
7/26/2006Arlene Oost-ZinnerResponse to criticism of Mass text in "ancient languages"
7/26/2006Shawn TribeSacred Architecture Journal: Issue 11, 2006
7/27/2006Shawn TribeChronicle of an Amsterdam Bishop's unintentional "Last Will" - an FSSP Parish.
7/27/2006Shawn TribeLiturgical Dance
7/28/2006Shawn TribeNew Liturgical Movement Stirring in the Church
7/29/2006Shawn TribeOn the Origins and Development of Vestments. Part I: Origins
7/30/2006Shawn TribeReflections on the Spanish document
7/30/2006Shawn TribeTwo titles relating to the revival of Ritual in Anglican Britain
7/31/2006TCR MusingsWhy the Tridentine Mass Should Become Universal Again?
7/31/2006Shawn TribeOn the Origin and Development of Vestments. Part II: Development and Future
8/1/2006Shawn TribeThe matter of weekday holydays
8/3/2006Shawn TribeDr. Lauren Pristas - a few more articles
8/4/2006Shawn TribeOur Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church
8/5/2006Shawn TribeA Critique of "Mysterious Liturgy" in the Spokane, WA. Diocesan Paper
8/6/2006Arlene Oost-ZinnerChant in Mainstream Press
8/7/2006Shawn TribeReview: Book on the Use of York
8/9/2006Shawn TribeThomas Aquinas and the Liturgy
8/10/2006Shawn TribeThe Politics of Liturgical Music
8/11/2006Shawn TribeArinze Speaks at Christendom College on Benedict and the Liturgy
8/15/2006Shawn TribeA Liturgical Reading Plan
8/15/2006Shawn Tribe"Heresy of Formlessness" from Ignatius Press - Liturgy
8/17/2006Jeffrey TuckerIs Chant Just Too Hard for Regular Parishes?
8/18/2006Shawn TribeTe Deum laudamus!: Assumption 2006: Photo Post 1
8/19/2006Jeffrey TuckerTeens on Rock Music in Church: Blech!
8/23/2006Shawn TribeThe Rule and the Catechism
8/24/2006Shawn TribeDVD of Pontifical Mass at St. Eugene, Paris, France
8/29/2006Jeffrey TuckerPrayer is the Occupation
8/30/2006Jeffrey TuckerThe changing needs of the Communio and Introit, new and old rites
8/31/2006Jeffrey TuckerThe English Gradual
9/2/2006Shawn TribeSeptember 2006, Adoremus Bulletin
9/3/2006Shawn TribeMore on co-existence
9/4/2006Fr. Thomas KocikSurvey says... ?
9/4/2006Shawn TribeReview of CIEL 2003: Liturgy, Participation and Sacred Music
9/4/2006Jeffrey TuckerWhen to Sing the Communion Antiphon and Psalms
9/5/2006Shawn TribeSancta Liturgia: Louis Bouyer: Eucharist
9/5/2006Shawn TribeJosef Pieper and Liturgical Life and formation
9/5/2006Shawn TribeBenedict on the Art of saying Mass
9/6/2006Michael E. LawrenceThe Proper Music for Mass: The Chants of the Graduale Romanum Versus "Other Suitable Songs"
9/11/2006Shawn Tribe"The rumours"
9/13/2006Jeffrey TuckerMusic Before Bach
9/13/2006Jeffrey TuckerEven better than reported
9/14/2006Matthew AldermanAn Aside on Gothic Deco
9/15/2006Michael E. LawrenceReform of the Reform in Bavaria
9/15/2006Matthew AldermanIs a New Style of Architecture Possible?
9/18/2006Matthew AldermanA Baroque Student Project from Another Recent ND Alum
9/18/2006Jeffrey TuckerThat new traditionalist institute
9/19/2006Jeffrey TuckerWhat approach is right and best to furthering reform?
9/20/2006Shawn TribeNon-liturgical music in Churches outside the liturgy
9/20/2006Shawn TribeSt. Agnes Amsterdam
9/20/2006Jeffrey TuckerFinding Joy in the Law
9/22/2006Shawn TribeCardinal Hoyos on the SSPX question
9/22/2006Shawn TribeCIEL colloquium explores "the genius of the Roman liturgy"
9/22/2006Jeffrey TuckerMerit to Both Rites
9/23/2006Jeffrey TuckerA new chapter in the history of chant
9/25/2006Shawn TribeA too-forgotten ornament of the altar: the altar frontal
9/26/2006Shawn TribeWYD and the Liturgy
9/26/2006Shawn TribeScriptural Basis of the Mass as Sacrifice
9/26/2006Matthew AldermanA New Church for St. Agnes Parish, New York City
9/27/2006Shawn TribeAltar Frontals and the modern and post-mediaeval Western liturgical understanding
9/30/2006Jeffrey TuckerWhen will it end?
10/1/2006Shawn TribeThe Richness of Benedictine Liturgy: Interview With the President of Pontifical Liturgical Institute
10/3/2006Jeffrey TuckerThe Problem of MCW
10/3/2006Jeffrey TuckerDiscovering the Propers
10/4/2006Jeffrey TuckerMistakes Were Made
10/4/2006Shawn TribeA Report on "Pride of Place: Gregorian Chant in the Liturgy"
10/5/2006Shawn TribeCatholic World News : French cardinal sets conditions for traditionalist group
10/7/2006Jeffrey TuckerThe Madeleine Choir School
10/8/2006Shawn TribeLord, to whom shall we turn?
10/8/2006Michael E. LawrenceFirst the Love, Then the Song
10/9/2006Jeffrey TuckerCatholic Music: The Urgent Need for Honesty
10/9/2006Jeffrey TuckerThe Mystery of the St. Louis Jesuits
10/9/2006Shawn TribeMusic as a Way to Speak of God
10/10/2006Shawn TribeScholasticism, Liturgy and Monasticism
10/10/2006Shawn TribeThe restoration of a chapel
10/11/2006Shawn TribeVatican Sources confirm: Pope will Broaden use of Tridentine Mass
10/12/2006Jeffrey TuckerPater Noster, by Michael Lawrence
10/13/2006Shawn TribeThe Possible Future of the Tridentine Liturgy: An Analysis
10/13/2006Jeffrey TuckerAufer a me: Latin and Neumes for meditation
10/13/2006Shawn TribeThe Ideological re-writing of the Second Vatican Council and Fundamental Misinterpretations
10/17/2006Shawn TribeOctober 2006, Adoremus Bulletin
10/17/2006Matthew AldermanTwo Art Deco Church Facades
10/18/2006Jeffrey TuckerThe Greatest Unison Music
10/18/2006Shawn Tribe30 Days interview with Archbishop Ranjith: an excerpt
10/19/2006Jeffrey TuckerNational Catholic Register on the Classical Form of the Roman Rite
10/20/2006Jeffrey TuckerThe Alleged Gregorian Legend
10/20/2006Shawn TribeGuest Book Review: The Reform of the Roman Liturgy
10/20/2006Shawn TribeA new study on AWN Pugin
10/21/2006Matthew AldermanWho is Tradition?
10/23/2006Shawn TribeMathematics and Liturgical Art
10/24/2006Shawn TribeCIEL 2006, Part 2: The Papers
10/24/2066Shawn TribePost Synodal Exhortation on the Mass/Eucharist
10/25/2006Shawn TribeCatholic World News : French clerics oppose restoration of Latin Mass
10/29/2006Jeffrey TuckerThe Continuity Revolution Continues
10/29/2006Matthew AldermanIndult on NPR Tomorrow Afternoon
10/31/2006Shawn TribeOn the relevance of Latin in the Liturgy: a Jewish perspective
11/1/2006Shawn TribeQuo Primum, Papal Authority and the Sacred Liturgy
11/3/2006Shawn TribePremonstratensian Rite Chant
11/3/2006Jeffrey TuckerMS vs MCW
11/4/2006Shawn TribeCardinal Ricard: The Motu Proprio is Not Signed Yet
11/4/2006Michael E. LawrenceThomas, Tolkien, and Beauty
11/5/2006Shawn TribeA critique of the opposition to the Motu Proprio
11/7/2006Jeffrey TuckerAmen, Dico Vobis
11/7/2006Jeffrey TuckerA now notorious video
11/7/2006Matthew AldermanHoly Trinity Catholic Chapel, Washington Square
11/8/2006Shawn TribeNovember 2006, Adoremus Bulletin
11/9/2006Michael E. LawrenceA Canon Lawyer's Opinion on the Choral Sanctus
11/9/2006Shawn TribeAnother practical CD for chant in the parish
11/9/2006Shawn TribeThe hermeneutic of continuity
11/11/2006Shawn TribeThe Road to Restoration
11/12/2006Jeffrey TuckerLatin, Once a Week, At least
11/12/2006Matthew AldermanMatt (and Others) Talk Tridentine on NPR
11/13/2006Shawn TribeTwo new DVD offerings from Le Barroux
11/13/2006Shawn TribeThe Mass of Saint Pius V: The French Bishops Raise a Shout with the Pope
11/13/2006Shawn TribeJohn Reeves on the emerging Reform of the Reform as typified in Archbishop Burke's archdiocese
11/14/2006Jeffrey TuckerThe Choral Sanctus
11/14/2006Michael E. LawrenceThe Word in Sacred Music
11/14/2006Matthew AldermanCuriosities Uncovered on a Visit to the New York Public Library
11/15/2006Shawn TribeUnoffiicial English transcription of Msgr. Ranjith's Interview on Vatican Radio given on the heels of CIEL's Roman colloquium
11/17/2006Jeffrey TuckerWhat is traditional?
11/18/2006Jeffrey TuckerAnother Treasure from CMAA
11/18/2006Shawn TribeThe Pro Multis, Pro Omnibus debate
11/20/2006Shawn TribeCardinal Arinze tells bishops to change translation of "pro multis"
11/20/2006Shawn TribeArinze's letter on the translation of "Pro Multis"
11/22/2006Shawn Tribe20th Anniversary Mass of Saint Gregory Society
11/23/2006Shawn TribeThe Divine Office - the question of its form and reform
11/23/2006Shawn TribeText of Arinze's speech and views of the London Oratory
11/24/2006Jeffrey TuckerThe Catholic Third Way
11/24/2006Shawn TribeBenedict's short address on Sacred Music
11/24/2006Jeffrey TuckerFr. Lawrence Donnelly Strives for the Ideal
11/24/2006Shawn TribeChants of the Sarum breviary
11/25/2006Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPThe Holy Qurbana in Oxford
11/25/2006Shawn TribeCistercian Rite (Breviarium/Missale Cisterciense): A quick summary
11/25/2006Shawn TribeThe Carmelite Rite: A quick summary
11/26/2006Jeffrey TuckerWhy Chant?
11/26/2006Shawn TribeThe Dominican Rite: A Summary
11/27/2006Shawn TribeRome and Rowan Williams
11/27/2006Shawn TribeArchdiocese of Genoa: on the Motu Proprio
11/27/2006Matthew AldermanLiturgical Thunder from Down Under
11/28/2006Jeffrey TuckerMahrt Speaks
11/29/2006Shawn TribePremonstratensian Rite: A Summary
11/30/2006Shawn TribeCatholic World News : Pope, Orthodox Patriarch join for Divine Liturgy
11/30/2006Shawn TribePatriarch of Constantinople on the Liturgy
12/1/2006Shawn TribeThree Gueranger titles by St. Michael's Abbey Press
12/3/2006Shawn TribeHistory of the Development of the Breviary
12/3/2006Shawn TribeOn the History and Use of Incense
12/3/2006Matthew AldermanLiverpool Anglican Cathedral
12/4/2006Shawn TribeThe Revival and Heritage of English Catholic Architecture
12/4/2006Shawn TribeCatholic World News : Byzantine Catholics decry Lefebvrite inroads in Ukraine
12/5/2006Matthew AldermanLuther at the Movies on Liturgy
12/7/2006Shawn TribePreparing Spiritually for the Reform of the Reform
12/10/2006Shawn TribeAdvent in the Byzantine Church
12/13/2006Shawn TribeBook Review: Cardinal Reflections: Active Participation and the Liturgy
12/14/2006Shawn TribeDecember 2006, Adoremus Bulletin
12/15/2006Jeffrey TuckerChant Wars
12/15/2006Jeffrey TuckerThe Strange World of 1903
12/15/2006Shawn TribeInternet Archive: Details: Liturgical prayer : its history & spirit
12/15/2006Shawn TribeAre all Rose vestment sets created equal? Rose vs. Pink
12/16/2006Shawn TribeThe Italian Intellectual Declaration
12/16/2006Shawn TribeFrench declaration favouring liberalizing of the 1962 Missal
12/18/2006Shawn TribeA little more about the O Antiphons
12/19/2006Shawn TribeCatholic World News : Italian politicians weigh in on Latin liturgy
12/20/2006Shawn TribeReview of Eamon Duffy's book on the Hours
12/23/2006Shawn TribeOn the Incarnation
12/24/2006Shawn TribeMotu Proprio: the ripple effect in the ecclesial pond
12/26/2006Shawn TribePhotos from Assumption Grotto's Midnight Mass
12/26/2006Shawn TribeA call for a shift away from a vocabulary of polemic and inaccuracy
12/27/2006Shawn TribeRenovated 'Catholicism'
12/28/2006Shawn TribeReform of the Roman Breviary
12/28/2006Shawn TribeSmaller parishes and the reform of the reform
12/29/2006Shawn TribeMotu Proprio and Post-Synodal Exhortation
12/30/2006Shawn TribePolish declaration in support of Classical Liturgy
12/31/2006Shawn TribeArchbishop Burke in Detroit
1/1/2007Shawn TribeDVD Review: St. Francis de Sales Oratory
1/2/2007Shawn TribeSacred art history through its proper lens: the liturgy
1/4/2007Shawn TribeA Rant in the Loggia?
1/4/2007Shawn TribeThe traditionalists obtain "their" mass
1/5/2007Jeffrey TuckerWilde for Catholicism
1/5/2007Michael E. LawrenceBook Review: Cluny: In Search of God's Lost Empire
1/6/2007Shawn TribeEpiphany Declaration Published: English Speaking Writers and Intellectuals Join Chorus of International Support for possible Papal Motu Proprio
1/8/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe Psalm Problem, and one solution
1/8/2007Shawn TribeWestern liturgical rites
1/8/2007Matthew AldermanSome Remarks on a New Catholic University Chapel of Unfortunate Design
1/9/2007Shawn TribeThe Reform of the Roman Office by Laszlo Dobszay (for the NLM)
1/10/2007Jeffrey TuckerLorenzo Candelaria
1/10/2007Shawn TribeThe ironic resistance to liturgical change
1/10/2007Shawn TribeAnother contribution from Prof. Laszlo Dobszay for the NLM
1/12/2007Shawn TribeA check on new bishops
1/13/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe Mystery and Majesty
1/13/2007Shawn TribeBook Review: Holy Image, Hallowed Ground: Icons from Sinai
1/14/2007Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPA Liturgical Gem in Oxfordshire
1/14/2007Shawn TribeThe Dumb Ox Commentary Series
1/14/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe Image of Beautiful Chant
1/15/2007Michael E. LawrenceFulfilling Vatican II with the Traditional Mass
1/17/2007Michael E. LawrenceA Proposal to Reform the Role of the Cantor at Mass
1/17/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe Art of Gregorian Music
1/17/2007Matthew AldermanSome Hypothetical Additions to St. Thomas More Chapel, Yale Student Center
1/18/2007Shawn Tribe[UPDATED] German Manifesto supporting 'Tridentine' liturgy
1/18/2007Shawn TribeMartin Mosebach interview on Motu Proprio
1/19/2007Shawn TribeFunction and Training: Historical Models of the Church Musician
1/19/2007Shawn TribeCuria resists Papal Policies Italian Magazine Says
1/20/2007Shawn Tribe"Horizontalism … Does Damage to Catholic Faith and Worship"
1/22/2007Shawn TribeA couple of items from the Germans
1/22/2007Michael E. LawrenceCantors: Some Concluding Thoughts
1/24/2007Shawn TribeSchools of Spirituality, by Cardinal George
1/25/2007Shawn TribeVenice and the faith and piety of the Italy of old (and new)
1/25/2007Matthew AldermanMartin Travers Alert
1/26/2007Jeffrey TuckerWhat To Do About Musical Illiteracy?
1/27/2007Shawn TribeCatholic Priest Reflects on the Beauty of the Anglican Mass
1/28/2007Shawn TribeTwo views from Rome on the Motu Proprio; one more rational and one more emotional
1/29/2007Jeffrey TuckerNew Times, New Means of Training
1/29/2007Shawn TribeBritish declaration in support of the liberalization of the 1962 Missale Romanum
1/29/2007Fr. Thomas KocikIcelandic, anyone?
1/30/2007Michael E. LawrenceA Thought About Sacred Music
1/31/2007Shawn TribeOn Living the Liturgy
2/1/2007Shawn TribeArchbishop proposes ‘new missal for new mission’
2/1/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe Age of Dom Johner - Again
2/2/2007Shawn TribeA forgotten "liturgical" art?
2/3/2007Shawn TribeGregorian Chant: not just music, but sung theology
2/5/2007Shawn TribeThe Houses of Worship That Hallow New York
2/5/2007Shawn TribeInterview with Cardinal Hoyos
2/5/2007Jeffrey TuckerWhy all the instruments in Medieval images?
5/7/2007Shawn TribeRenowned documentary on monastic life makes US debut
2/8/2007Shawn TribeTwo stories
2/8/2007Shawn TribeAnother Interview with Cardinal Castrillon de Hoyos
2/10/2007Shawn TribeFirst budget parish re-design
2/12/2007Shawn TribeGuest Piece by Dr. Alcuin Reid: A Review of "The Celebration of Mass" (1964) by Rev. J.B. O'Connell
2/13/2007Shawn TribeIntroit for Sexagesima Sunday
2/14/2007Shawn TribeMissale Cisterciense: Pre-1647
2/15/2007Shawn TribeFebruary 2007, Adoremus Bulletin
2/15/2007Matthew AldermanRites and Wrongs of Passage
2/17/2007Shawn TribeOne reason why liturgical forms do matter
2/18/2007Shawn TribeThe Saint Gregory Society
2/19/2007Shawn TribeA few thoughts on Father Farfaglia's recent column
2/21/2007Shawn Tribe"IT IS THE HOLY FATHER WHO WILL DECIDE" - Ranjith
2/21/2007Shawn TribeInterviewing the Abbot: The Liturgy and Tradition
2/23/2007Shawn TribeTwo Reviews pertaining to English Catholicism
2/24/2007Shawn TribeByzantine Divine Office in One Volume
2/26/2007Jeffrey TuckerFixing Music in Catholic Worship
2/26/2007Shawn TribeAd orientem
2/28/2007Shawn TribeDon’t bore the faithful, says Cardinal Arinze
3/1/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe Alabama Workshop
3/1/2007Shawn TribeCNS STORY: English-speaking liturgists design multimedia education project
3/3/2007Shawn TribeDeclining Mass attendance and church buldings
3/4/2007Shawn TribeFr. Jay Scott Newman on "Turning Towards the Lord"
3/5/2007Shawn TribeBishop Alfeev on Music as Prayer
3/8/2007Shawn TribeDr. Alcuin Reid responds to Andrew-Cameron Mowat, SJ, in the Tablet
3/9/2007Jeffrey TuckerRepeat 10 times: The Ictus does not receive Stress
3/9/2007Shawn TribeMsgr. Schimitz's talk on the Motu Proprio and the Centrality of the Liturgy
3/10/2007Shawn TribeThe Dilemma of the Convert
3/12/2007Michael E. LawrenceThe Feast of St. Gregory the Great: Why Sing the Mass?
3/12/2007Shawn TribeCatechism in Images
3/12/2007Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPBoy Bishop of Westminster
3/13/2007Shawn TribeSome quick highlights from Sacramentum Caritatis
3/13/2007Shawn TribeReflections on the response to Sacramentum Caritatis; The Motu Proprio's Role
3/14/2007Jeffrey TuckerWinter Sacred Music online
3/14/2007Shawn TribeEven more on translation.
3/15/2007Jeffrey TuckerIs sacred music too much to ask?
3/15/2007Shawn TribeA detailed explanation of the Ambrosian rite and San Simeon Piccolo
3/16/2007Shawn TribeGreat cathedrals are 'catechism in stone', says architect
3/16/2007Matthew AldermanA Pontifical Mass Coram Summo Pontifice
3/16/2007Shawn TribeChanges are on the way : Dr. Alcuin Reid reviews "Ever Directed Towards the Lord"
3/16/2007Shawn TribeSome images you haven't seen before from "Into Great Silence"
3/17/2007Shawn TribeEnglish reaction to Sacramentum Caritatis
3/18/2007Jeffrey TuckerImproperie: The Medieval Practice
3/19/2007Shawn TribeLatin in typical parish liturgy
3/19/2007Shawn Tribe"Sacramentum Caritatis" and Liturgical Beauty
3/20/2007Jeffrey TuckerBetter no music than bad music
3/21/2007Shawn TribeFurther notes on the Ambrosian rite
3/21/2007Jeffrey TuckerChant only in Lent?
3/21/2007Matthew AldermanWestminster Cathedral, You're Bringing Me Down
3/22/2007Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPLenten Array in the Sarum Use
3/23/2007Shawn TribeA Review of Msgr. Gamber's Classic Study by Dr. Alcuin Reid
3/24/2007Shawn TribeThe lost language of worship
3/25/2007Shawn TribeMarch Adoremus Bulletin
3/25/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe Cantor as Insufferable Liturgical Dictator
3/26/2007Jeffrey TuckerHow will the Motu Proprio affect Catholic liturgical culture?
3/27/2007Shawn TribeThe Sacred Liturgy as a Centre of Christian Life
3/30/2007Shawn TribeCNS on the Motu Proprio: a link and commentary
4/3/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe 38th anniversary of the new rite
4/3/2007Shawn TribeOrigin and Use of the Paschal Candle
4/5/2007Fr. Thomas KocikAssisting "in choro": Its relevance to the "reform of the reform"
4/5/2007Shawn TribeCatholic World News : At Chrism Mass, Pope reflects on priest's vestments
4/6/2007Shawn TribeChristopher Pearson: Liturgy's rite of passage
4/7/2007Shawn TribeThe Source of Disunity in the Church Today
4/9/2007Jeffrey TuckerWho Botched Catholics Hymns and Why?
4/10/2007Jeffrey TuckerThat Joshua Bell Incident
4/11/2007Michael E. LawrenceChristus Factus Est: Tenebrae at Mater Ecclesiae
4/13/2007Matthew AldermanA Counter-Proposal for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles
4/14/2007Shawn TribeThe Hermeneutic of Rupture: The Great Threat of Today
4/15/2007Shawn TribeAd Orientem, but not the East?
4/15/2007Shawn TribeFUMARE: The Next Great Threshold of the Liturgical Renewal
4/17/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe birthplace of modernity (in the good sense)
4/17/2007Michael E. LawrenceA Shift Toward the Center?
4/19/2007Michael E. LawrenceBach: Enemy of Gregorian Chant?
4/20/2007Shawn TribeWidespread praise for 'dignified and joyful' new Mass translation
4/20/2007Jeffrey TuckerIt's not all about us
4/21/2007Shawn TribeThe Telegraph: The orientalist of Letchworth
4/21/2007Jeffrey TuckerThat instructional film on the Mass
4/21/2007Michael E. LawrenceA Sad Story Out of Boston
4/22/2007Jeffrey TuckerLiturgical dialectics?
4/23/2007Shawn TribeMagister on Romano Amerio
4/24/2007Jeffrey TuckerFr. Skeris on Fr. Schuler
4/24/2007Shawn TribeMore on the new angle of attack on the Church's liturgical (and theological) tradition
4/25/2007Shawn TribeThe Place of Custom and Tradition
4/26/2007Shawn TribeUCAN: Changes in liturgy since Vatican II ‘mixed bag of results,’ Vatican worship official says in interview - Catholic Online
4/27/2007Michael E. LawrenceCommas Visible and Invisible
4/28/2007Shawn TribeThe Attack Against the Classical Rite: A Clarifying and Unitive Moment?
4/29/2007Jeffrey TuckerBrowbeating the faithful into mediocrity
4/30/2007Michael E. LawrenceWill We Ever Be Happy?
5/3/2007Shawn TribeSome Propositions
5/4/2007Shawn TribeThe Catholic Herald - Msgr. Schmitz and the ICRSS
5/4/2007Jeffrey TuckerMP hysteria hits Slate
5/6/2007Shawn TribeChristopher Pearson: Amassing cause for change
5/10/2007Jeffrey TuckerGetting Out of the Missalette Rut
5/10/2007Shawn TribeThe Catholic Herald - Alcuin Reid piece
5/11/2007Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPGrand Marian Procession
5/12/2007Shawn TribeThe Pope’s talk in the Cathedral of São Paolo
5/13/2007Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPPugin on Prayer at the Heart of Reform
5/13/2007Matthew AldermanUnity by Inclusion: A Brief Note
5/15/2007Matthew AldermanBeauty and Her Sisters
5/16/2007Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPUnderstanding Pugin in his Context
5/17/2007Jeffrey TuckerViri Galilaei
5/22/2007Shawn TribeMore from the London Oratory
5/24/2007Jeffrey TuckerA Different Kind of Heroic Priest
5/24/2007Michael E. LawrenceA Sure and Certain Hope
5/25/2007Michael E. LawrenceVigil of the Solemnity of Memorial Day
5/27/2007Shawn TribeThe (Byzantine) Feast of Pentecost
5/28/2007Jeffrey TuckerNew Poll: Religious Public, Appalling Ignorance
5/28/2007Jeffrey TuckerTradition as a source of unity and continuity
5/30/2007Jeffrey TuckerBad liturgy drives people away; embracing our heritage draws them back
5/30/2007Michael E. LawrenceIs it worth it?
5/31/2007Fr. Thomas KocikRuminations on rhythm
5/31/2007Shawn TribeInstitute of Christ the King Press Release
5/31/2007Michael E. LawrencePentecost Sermon: Worship in Spirit and in Truth
6/3/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe Freedom to Love Our Heritage
6/5/2007Shawn TribeA view into the Life of the Institute of the Good Shepherd and a commentary on Minor Orders
6/7/2007Shawn TribeThe two sides of the question of liturgical reform
6/10/2007Matthew AldermanForgotten Architectural Styles II: The American Polish Cathedral Style
6/11/2007Jeffrey TuckerNew Springtime in Kalamazoo
6/14/2007Shawn TribeLiving the Examined (Catholic) Life
6/19/2007Shawn TribeLiturgical Language
6/20/2007Shawn TribeA few more ICRSS ordination pictures
6/21/2007Matthew AldermanFrom Of the Atmosphere of a Church, 1947
6/21/2007Shawn TribeArticle in Crisis Magazine on the Anglican Use Provision
6/22/2007Shawn TribeBonfire of the Vanities: The beauty of the Roman liturgy
6/23/2007Shawn TribeConcelebration and unconsecrated wine at ordinations in the Roman Rite
6/23/2007Shawn TribeFr. Dwight Longenecker's Latin Questions
6/25/2007Jeffrey TuckerColloquium Photos
6/26/2007Jeffrey TuckerYet More Photos of Colloquium
6/26/2007Shawn TribeBenedict and the Mass
6/28/2007Jeffrey TuckerMore and More Images from Colloquium
6/30/2007Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP"Plain Fare..."
6/30/2007Shawn TribeA Modern Roman Rite Priest reports on Classical Roman Rite Training
7/5/2007Jeffrey TuckerFasten your seatbelts: stunning interview here
7/8/2007Jeffrey TuckerQuestion about fluidity from Extraordinary to Ordinary
7/9/2007Shawn TribeCardinal Hoyos on the Motu Proprio
7/9/2007Shawn TribeClarifying Some Seeming Misunderstandings about the Motu Proprio
7/10/2007Shawn TribeDom Christopher Lazowski on Summorum Pontificum
7/11/2007Shawn TribeRestoring a Church tradition
7/11/2007Shawn TribeOn Not Missing (or Avoiding) the Correctives in the Motu Proprio: Lessons for "Two Sides"
7/11/2007Michael E. LawrenceThe Latin Mass Document: Fact and Fiction
7/11/2007Shawn TribeOn the Use of a Hieratic Liturgical English
7/12/2007Shawn TribeSSPX leadership reaction
7/12/2007Matthew AldermanForgotten Architectural Styles IV: Lecce, the Florence of Apulia
7/13/2007Shawn TribeAlcuin Reid in The Catholic Herald
7/14/2007Shawn TribeReform or Return? An Interview with Rev. Thomas M. Kocik
7/15/2007Shawn TribeThe Abbots of Fontgombault and Barroux speak on the MP
7/15/2007Shawn TribeAlcuin Reid on National Australian Radio
7/18/2007Shawn TribeOff the Cuff Thoughts On Culture
7/19/2007Shawn TribeThree works of the Henry Bradshaw Society
7/20/2007Shawn TribeSaint Louis Catholic: Archbishop Burke on Summorum Pontificum
7/21/2007Shawn TribeToward a Culture of Leisure, Liturgy and Life
7/22/2007Shawn TribeParallels in the New Liturgical Revival and the Catholic Revival in England: Another 'Second Spring'?
7/22/2007Michael E. LawrenceThe Church Musician As Artist
7/24/2007Michael E. LawrenceThe Second Spring: Fr. Cipolla on Summorum Pontificum
7/25/2007Jeffrey TuckerDon't Reform the Reform, Says a Folk Musician
7/26/2007Michael E. LawrenceOn Practicing as a Work of Praise
7/29/2007Jeffrey TuckerMusicians:Think and Pray Before You Strum
8/1/2007Michael E. LawrenceThe Almighty, the Maker of All Ears: Reflections on the Eucharistic Prayer
8/2/2007Shawn TribeBenedict XVI's liturgical armistice
8/4/2007Shawn TribeCatholic Culture : Dossier on the Motu Proprio of Benedict XVI: Summorum Pontificum cura
8/4/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe Psalm Problem Provisionally Solved
8/4/2007Michael E. LawrenceNow is the Acceptable Time
8/5/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe Motu Proprio Musical Frenzy
8/8/2007Michael E. LawrenceOn Some Musical Differences between the Extraordinary and Ordinary Forms of the Mass
8/9/2007Shawn TribeProf. Laszlo Dobszay on Four Words of the Roman Canon: Fides Cognita, Nota Devotio
8/11/2007Shawn TribeThe Tragic Flaw of Tolkien's 'Denethor' in Diocesan Liturgical Life: The Difference Between Stewardship and Kingship
8/15/2007Shawn TribeFSSP First Masses
8/16/2007Shawn TribeHistory of the Dominican Liturgy, 1946-1969 [The Pre-Conciliar Reforms - Part 1]
8/17/2007Michael E. LawrenceSurprised by Beauty: Reflections on the Assumption Mass in Camden
8/20/2007Fr. Thomas KocikRefreshing bluntness
8/20/2007Nicola De' Grandi"Extraordinary form" of the Ambrosian Rite? - first part
8/20/2007Michael E. LawrenceA Walk Through a Museum and a Walk Through the Park
8/21/2007Shawn TribeHistory of the Dominican Liturgy, 1946-1969 [The Pre-Conciliar Reforms - Part 2]
8/21/2007Matthew AldermanA Liturgical Curiosity
8/21/2007Nicola De' Grandi"Extraordinary form" of the Ambrosian Rite? - second part
8/22/2007Michael E. LawrenceBehold, I Stand at the Door and Knock
8/22/2007Shawn TribeLiberality, the Basis of Culture
8/22/2007Jeffrey TuckerWelcome to Town, the Real World
8/24/2007Shawn TribeThe Catholic Herald on Pugin
8/25/2007Shawn TribeHistory of the Dominican Liturgy, 1946-1969 [The Pre-Conciliar Reforms - Part 3]
8/27/2007Shawn TribeInstitut St. Philipp Neri - Assumption
8/27/2007Jeffrey TuckerDobszay and the most underrated book on liturgy of our times
8/27/2007Shawn TribeRenovations and Counter-Renovations
8/31/2007Shawn TribeHistory of the Dominican Liturgy: Section Two: Conciliar Adaptions, 1962-1965 [Part 1]
9/2/2007Jeffrey TuckerIs your liturgy boring?
9/2/2007Michael E. LawrenceWhat Should Our Priorities Be?
9/4/2007Michael E. LawrenceA Parish Priest's Pithy Perusal of Latin and Ad Orientem
9/4/2007Shawn TribeRifan: Bring in traditionalists to save dying parishes, urges bishop
9/6/2007Michael E. LawrenceShe Never Gets Old
9/6/2007Jeffrey TuckerChant: Stage Two
9/7/2007Shawn TribeHistory of the Dominican Liturgy: Section Two: Conciliar Adaptions, 1962-1965 [Part 2]
9/7/2007Shawn TribeThe Canadian Lectionary: Spin vs. Reality
9/9/2007Michael E. LawrenceExpectans expectavi Dominum: Mahrt on Offertories with Unusual Endings
9/10/2007Shawn TribeExcerpts from Pope's Remarks to Heiligenkreuz; Meditation upon the Liturgy
9/11/2007Jeffrey TuckerCrux et Cithara
9/12/2007Jeffrey TuckerSummer Issue of Sacred Music online
9/12/2007Shawn TribeMagister on the Pope's liturgy and Master of Ceremonies
9/12/2007Shawn TribeTo Restore All Things in Christ
9/13/2007Jeffrey TuckerProtect your people, by the sign of the Holy cross, from the attacks of all enemies
9/14/2007Jeffrey TuckerSummorum Pontificum: An Act of Extraordinary Humility
9/14/2007Shawn TribeMutually working out the Liturgical Good
9/15/2007Shawn TribeSept. 14th Images from Blackfen [UPDATED]
9/15/2007Shawn TribeInterview with Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, on Summorum Pontificum
9/19/2007Shawn TribeHistory of the Dominican Liturgy, 1946-1969. Part III: Post-Conciliar Accomodations
9/20/2007Jeffrey TuckerStop the Insanity, says Damian Thompson
9/20/2007Michael E. LawrenceSome thoughts on Mozart
9/20/2007Michael E. LawrenceThe Latin Mass: For People with A.D.D.
9/21/2007Michael E. LawrenceRuminations from a Drive to the Supermarket: Offering Our Bodies as a Living Sacrifice of Jubilation
9/24/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe formation of the musical conscience
9/25/2007Jeffrey TuckerChant, chant, chant
9/25/2007Shawn TribeThe Roman liturgy in the Native American Missions?
9/26/2007Jeffrey TuckerThat great book by Dobszay
9/26/2007Michael E. LawrenceSt. Thomas Aquinas on the Signs of the Cross in the Roman Canon
9/28/2007Shawn TribeInterview with the Founder of the Fraternitas Christi Sacerdotis et Beatae Mariae Reginae
9/29/2007Shawn TribeMotu Proprio? Great! But where does that leave the Reform of the Reform?
10/1/2007Shawn TribeFurther Reflections upon the Reform of the Reform in the Post-Motu Proprio World; and the Nature of the Reform of the Reform explored in that Context
10/2/2007Shawn TribeNLM Guest Article: The Liturgical Kiss of Peace
10/2/2007Michael E. LawrenceWilliam Mahrt and Gregorian Chant
10/3/2007Shawn TribeRupture Notes: Constructing Liturgies
10/3/2007Jeffrey TuckerA note about the uncomprehending
10/4/2007Shawn TribeThe Law of Faith and the Law of Prayer: A Preview Chapter from Laszlo Dobszay's New Book
10/6/2007Jeffrey TuckerChant: The History of Private Life
10/10/2007Michael E. LawrenceResurrecting the Cult of the Dead
10/11/2007Matthew AldermanNew Edition of Dappled Things Out!
10/13/2007Shawn TribeNLM Guest Piece: Lest We Forget; The Problem of 'Alternative' Liturgical Movements
10/13/2007Jeffrey TuckerIn the name of all that is Holy, this is not music
10/14/2007Jeffrey TuckerMore attention for the St. Ann Choir
10/15/2007Michael E. LawrenceFr. Bartoloma's Mass (Updated with Sermon)
10/16/2007Joseph ShawLiturgical music in England
10/17/2007Shawn TribePriests' opposing views on Usus Antiquior
10/17/2007Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Solemn Mass: Preparation of the Chalice
10/17/2007Shawn TribeA Modest Proposal to Modern Rite Parish Priests: Use Black Vestments this All Souls Day
10/18/2007Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Solemn Mass: The Gospel
10/18/2007Jeffrey TuckerMaking a Liturgical Desert Bloom
10/19/2007Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Solemn Mass: The Offertory
10/20/2007Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Solemn Mass: The Canon to Communion
10/21/2007Shawn TribePremonstratensians in England
10/23/2007Shawn TribeGuest NLM Piece: The Place of Lectio Divina in the Liturgical Life
10/23/2007Shawn TribeA Critique of a recent piece on the Shrine of the Holy Whapping [UPDATED]
10/24/2007Jeffrey TuckerOrganic Musical Development in Salve Regina
10/25/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe Pope on Sacred Music, yet again
10/26/2007Shawn Tribe"Ordinary" and "Extraordinary": A Discussion about Interpretive Keys to their Meaning
10/27/2007Shawn TribeInterview with the new Papal MC
10/27/2007Michael E. LawrenceOn a Conducting Legend, Musical Excellence, Hard Work--and Catholic Mediocrity
10/29/2007Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPHistory of the Dominican Liturgy, 1946-1969 (Complete)
10/29/2007Joseph ShawThe Fraternity of St Peter in Reading, England
10/31/2007Shawn TribeSolemn Pontifical Mass of Bishop Peter J. Elliott, Australia
10/31/2007Jeffrey TuckerWhat you must know about carpets in Church
11/4/2007Shawn TribeCardinal Danneels on the Liturgy: A Commentary
11/5/2007Shawn TribeRanjith: Some Bishops and Cardinals in Rebellion
11/6/2007Jeffrey TuckerDoes the Music Really Matter?
11/7/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe problem of Catholic Musical illiteracy
11/7/2007Shawn TribeLiturgical year end reminds us that this world isn't our final home
11/7/2007Jeffrey TuckerThe Threefold Judgement
11/8/2007Shawn TribeA Brief Survey and Analysis of Post-Conciliar Liturgical Philosophies: Part 1 of 2
11/8/2007Michael E. LawrenceAn Early Christmas Present from Olivier Messiaen
11/12/2007Fr. Thomas KocikHeaven on Earth
11/14/2007Michael E. LawrenceFr. Manuppella on the Sacred Music of the Mass
11/14/2007Shawn TribeMsgr. Gordon Read gives a Canonical Reading of Summorum Pontificum
11/15/2007Shawn TribeTwo Articles by Sandro Magister: Article 1, On Romano Amerio
11/16/2007Shawn TribeFather U. M. Lang on Christian Latin as a Liturgical Language
11/16/2007Michael E. LawrenceTime for a Moratorium on Midnight Mass Variety Shows
11/17/2009Shawn TribePurple, Violet and Vestments
11/18/2007Arlene Oost-ZinnerThe language of church musicians
11/19/2007Shawn TribeMore Summorum Pontificum News ... From Harrisburg, PA.
11/20/2007Shawn TribeMediator Dei's Relevance for the Modern Day
11/22/2007Shawn TribeAvoiding Balkanization within the Liturgical Forms
11/24/2007Shawn TribeOne Canonist's Preliminary Thoughts on the Controversial Matter of Certain Modern Liturgical Practices and the Usus Antiquior
11/27/2007Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPFr Kerper's discovery of the Extraordinary Form
11/28/2007Jeffrey TuckerExplaining ad orientem to folks in the pews
11/28/2007Shawn TribeA Baltimore Catechism on Latin in the Liturgy
11/29/2007Shawn TribeBook Review: Ever Directed Towards the Lord
11/29/2007Joseph ShawFr John Saward at the Oxford Newman Society
11/30/2007Shawn TribePiero Marini in Paris: A Report for the NLM on the launch of 'Cérémoniaire des papes'
12/1/2007Shawn TribeLiturgical Books: Four Reviews
12/2/2007Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPThe Dominican Rite and the "Last Gospel"
12/4/2007Jeffrey TuckerCeteris Paribus: proving the principle or undermining it?
12/4/2007Shawn TribeFr. Anthony Symondson on The Holiness of Beauty
12/7/2007Shawn TribeThe Nature and Social Implications of the Liturgical Act
12/7/2007Shawn TribeDr. Alcuin Reid reviews Piero Marini's "A Challenging Reform"
12/7/2007Jeffrey TuckerWhy Bishops (and Priests) Don't Take Music Seriously
12/11/2007Shawn TribeThe Battle for the Hermeneutic of Vatican II
12/14/2007Jeffrey TuckerHelen Hull Hitchcock on "Sing to the Lord"
12/20/2007Shawn TribeBenedict XVI: The Liturgical Pope?
12/21/2007Shawn TribeNew Springtime - A Case for the 'Good' Books
12/28/2007Shawn TribeAdorning God's Altar: Some Thoughts upon Floral Ornamentation on a traditionally oriented Altar
12/30/2007Michael E. LawrenceMusical Rubrics and the Missa de Angelis
1/2/2008Shawn TribeBook Review: Sacred Then and Sacred Now
1/2/2008Michael E. LawrenceA Short Primer on Hymn Playing
1/3/2008Shawn TribeVestments as Signs of Continuity
1/9/2008Shawn TribeAbbot Zielinski: Sacred Music in the Mind of the Church
1/11/2008Shawn TribeCardinal Arinze on the Language of the Liturgy
1/14/2008Shawn Tribe"Thus orienting the attitude and disposition of the entire assembly..."
1/15/2008Shawn TribeNecessary Conversations: Amy Welborn and Fr. Rob Johansen
1/16/2008Jeffrey TuckerFirst Round of Sacred Music Archives
1/16/2008Jeffrey TuckerMonsignor Schuler on old and new forms of the Roman Rite
1/16/2008Shawn TribeNot exactly ‘ad orientem’? Or is it?
1/19/2008Shawn TribeDr. Alcuin Reid: "A subtle but decisive liturgical reform being enacted..."
1/20/2008Shawn TribeThe Cautionary End of the Spirit of Vatican II
1/22/2008Jeffrey TuckerContinuity of old and new
1/23/2008Shawn TribeThe Vernacular Option for the Lessons; A Call for Discussion
1/24/2008Jeffrey TuckerIs chant for snobs, elites, courts, and other exploiters?
1/25/2008Shawn TribeBringing Verticality and Presence back to Free-standing Altars
1/25/2008Gregor KollmorgenThe Pallium - History and Present Use
1/26/2008Jeffrey TuckerMusic and the Snob Question
1/27/2008Shawn TribeRanjith on Kneeling for Communion during the liturgy and Communion on the Tongue
1/31/2008Shawn TribeFr. Aidan Nichols: A grand vision for the English Catholic Church
2/1/2008Shawn TribeEvangelizing for a new liturgical movement
2/1/2008Shawn TribeTwo reprints of the Rationale Divinorum Officiorum
2/1/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Rite Sacraments I: Penance
2/2/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Rite Sacraments II: Viaticum
2/2/2008Michael E. Lawrence"When I Play a Fugue, I Can Hear Bach Talking to God"
2/2/2008Gregor KollmorgenAppareled Amices, Dalmatic Collars and Argentinian News from the Fraternitas Christi Sacerdotis et Beatae Mariae Reginae
2/3/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Rite Sacraments III: Extreme Unction
2/5/2008Shawn TribeDr Alcuin Reid on the Reform of the Good Friday Prayer
2/6/2008Nicola De' GrandiThe Ambrosian Lent I: an introductory overview
2/6/2008Fr. Thomas KocikWorth (Re-)reading
2/7/2008Gregor KollmorgenNew Archbishop of Munich III - the Enthronement
2/8/2008Shawn TribeFeb. 2008 Adoremus Bulletin
2/8/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPHow to Sing Dominican Chant I: Notation
2/10/2008Nicola De' GrandiAmbrosian Lent II: Forty days?
2/10/2008Shawn TribeGeorge Weigel reviews Marini's "A Challenging Reform"
2/10/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPHow to Sing Dominican Chant III: An Example
2/11/2008Shawn TribeReview by Dr. Alcuin Reid of "The Mass of All Time" by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
2/11/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Rite Use of Flabella
2/13/2008Shawn TribeExcerpts from Rutler's Review of Marini
2/14/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Day that "O Sacrum" is published
2/17/2008Gregor KollmorgenPope Benedict on Masses with multitudes, large numbers of concelebrants, and true and active participation
2/17/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe amazing achievement of Solesmes
2/18/2008Shawn TribeLiturgical Variations in the Most Unlikely of Places: The Paten
2/18/2008Jeffrey TuckerHappy Anniversary Graduale Romanum
2/20/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Rite Lent I: Ash Wednesday
2/20/2008Matthew AldermanThe Death and Burial of the Prince Grand Master, Part I: Announcements of the Death, the Lying-in-State and the Sealing of the Coffin
2/21/2008Shawn TribeFr. Fessio on the Ancient and Modern Liturgy
2/21/2008Gregor KollmorgenAnother Interview with Archbishop Ranjith: "Communion in the hand needs to be revisited"
2/22/2008Gregor KollmorgenAnother Requiem for Cardinal Stickler
2/23/2008Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPMedieval Baldachinos in Rome
2/23/2008Jeffrey TuckerPoints to consider when reforming music
2/24/2008Gregor KollmorgenThe Motu Proprio as a Text for Priests - Experiences of a Parish Priest
2/25/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Rite Lent II: Holy Thursday
2/26/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Rite Lent III: Good Friday
2/27/2008Shawn TribeValle Adurni on the Sarum use
2/28/2008Shawn TribeAn Inside View of the new Ordinary of Lansing, MI.: Bishop Earl Boyea
2/28/2008Jeffrey TuckerA Critique of Sing to the Lord
2/28/2008Jeffrey TuckerCatholics losing to other groups, says new study
2/28/2008Gregor KollmorgenA New Priest in 1951 - Part II
2/29/2008Shawn TribeModern Art and the Liturgy: The New Italian Lectionary prompts the Debate
2/29/2008Shawn TribeA Brief Recounting of the Early History and Later Development of the Martyrology
3/1/2008Shawn TribeEarly and Mediaeval Irish Ecclesiastical Art
3/4/2008Shawn TribeTwo bits of news from the Canons of St. John Cantius
3/6/2008Shawn TribeLaetare Mass in Brescia Italy
3/6/2008Shawn TribeMinneapolis parish’s “progressive” liturgies being brought into line
3/7/2008Shawn TribeJuventutem news: International Meeting in Bern, Switzerland
3/7/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPThe Dominican Rite Easter Vigil before Pius XII
3/9/2008Shawn TribeTraditional Catholic Architecture... in a Catholic High School
3/9/2008Shawn TribeThe Last Images: Dom Gerard Calvet
3/9/2008Michael E. LawrenceOn the Origins and the Purpose of the Sequence
3/10/2008Shawn TribeResponses to Margaret Barker by Dr. Susan Parsons of the Society for St. Catherine of Siena
3/11/2008Shawn TribeTulsa World: A return to chant
3/12/2008Gregor KollmorgenLenten Veils
3/12/2008Jeffrey TuckerEnchanting book on chant
3/13/2008Shawn TribeCardinal Medina Estévez interviewed by Petrus
3/14/2008Michael E. LawrenceYet another reason not to get a digital organ
3/14/2008Jeffrey TuckerWere the Catholic people happy about the abandonment of the old Mass?
3/15/2008Shawn TribeThe Uselessness of Divine Contemplation: Monasticism, liturgy and apostolic engagement
3/18/2008Jeffrey TuckerHow to Plan Music for Mass: Step One
3/19/2008Shawn TribeBenedict XVI proclaims that baroque is back - Catholic Herald Online
3/19/2008Jeffrey TuckerWhere should the choir be?
3/19/2008Michael E. LawrenceExagerrated Reverence: #1 Enemy of Good Vocal Production
3/20/2008Jeffrey TuckerWhen it is chant and when it is not
3/21/2008Shawn TribeRed vestments, Black vestments; Two Liturgical Forms, Two Liturgical Colours
3/22/2008Gregor KollmorgenInterview with Msgr. Guido Marini, the Papal MC
3/22/2008Jeffrey TuckerChanting Monks Head to Top
3/24/2008Shawn TribeDescription and Images of the Solemn Papal Liturgy in the Usus Antiquior
3/24/2008Jeffrey TuckerThat Winter issue of Sacred Music
3/25/2008Shawn TribeFr. Joseph Fessio speaks to the NLM about the Usus Antiquior and the Reform of the Reform
3/25/2008Gregor KollmorgenMy people, what have I done to you?
3/27/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe choir loft question
3/27/2008Jeffrey TuckerWhat is Quasimodo Sunday?
3/27/2008Gregor KollmorgenInterview with Cardinal Castrillón on the Motu Proprio - updated
3/29/2008Michael E. LawrenceOn the Importance of Beauty in the Liturgy
3/30/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Pope on community worship and the Golden Calf
4/2/2008Gregor KollmorgenPapal Mass for John Paul II
4/2/2008Shawn TribeThe use of the "asterisk" in Papal Masses
4/3/2008Shawn TribeAn open NLM debate: Development in Catholic Architecture and Art
4/5/2008Shawn TribeInteresting new titles
4/5/2008Shawn TribeFr. Rutler on William F. Buckley, Jr.
4/6/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPThe Burial Of Christ Crucified in Jerusalem
4/7/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe magic and mystery of Lully's Liturgical Music
4/10/2008Shawn TribeZenit interviews Bishop Rifan of Campos; the Full Translation
4/11/2008Jeffrey TuckerAdoremus Bulletin, April, online
4/12/2008Shawn TribeThe Roman Rite in the Algonquian and Iroquoian Missions
4/14/2008Jeffrey TuckerA relunctant and much-qualified defense of "Long Live the Pope"
4/14/2008Shawn TribePoll Finds Millennials Resemble Pre-Vatican II Catholics in Attitudes, Practices
4/15/2008Jeffrey TuckerIs chant just so Western?
4/15/2008Shawn TribeFr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. on the liturgy
4/16/2008Jeffrey TuckerWashington Post on the music wars
4/17/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Catholic Songbook, for all time
4/17/2008Gregor KollmorgenPapal Mass, Nationals Park, Washington
4/17/2008Jeffrey TuckerMusic for the D.C. Mass: The End of an Era, and the Beginning of Something New
4/18/2008Jeffrey TuckerCatholic Music: Hope or Despair?
4/19/2008Jeffrey TuckerNPR on Music for the Pope
4/21/2008Gregor KollmorgenA New Development in Papal Liturgy - Maybe
4/22/2008Fr. Thomas KocikThe limits of mutual enrichment
4/24/2008Jeffrey TuckerShould we sing the prayer before meals?
4/25/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPThe Old "Habit" of Dominican Prelates
4/26/2008Gregor KollmorgenAn Interesting Suggestion for the Easter Liturgy
4/27/2008Gregor KollmorgenPriestly Ordinations at the Vatican [2 Updates]
4/27/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPThe Dominican Sacrae Theologiae Magister
4/27/2008Jeffrey TuckerSinging and Central Planning
4/28/2008Jeffrey TuckerTruly Inclusive Music
4/28/2008Shawn TribeLiturgical Vernacular: Still a Language Set Apart?
4/28/2008Michael E. LawrenceRe-Thinking Music History
4/28/2008Fr. Thomas KocikAthanasius Contra Mundum?
4/30/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPNew on Dominican Saints
5/1/2008Gregor KollmorgenImportant Assertions by Cardinal Castrillón
5/1/2008Shawn TribeDr. Alcuin Reid on the Transfer of Holy Days of Obligation
5/1/2008Shawn TribeMore on the English Bishops and Ecclesia Dei
5/1/2008Matthew AldermanThe Sensa: Venice's Marriage of the Sea
5/1/2008Jeffrey TuckerGlory and Praise Revisionism
5/1/2008Matthew AldermanFurther Remarks on the Ascension-Day Custom of the Blessing or Marriage of the Sea
5/2/2008Shawn TribeA Church as it Should Be: Studies of the Cambridge Camden Society
5/2/2008Jeffrey TuckerReduce Blood Pressure
5/3/2008Shawn TribeThe Processions of Sarum and the Western Church
5/5/2008Jeffrey TuckerIn Praise of Gloria XV
5/6/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Rite Compline I
5/6/2008Jeffrey TuckerInterview with the Pope's Brother
5/6/2008Jeffrey TuckerMary Berry Obit in Times
5/7/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Compline II: The Processions
5/7/2008Shawn TribeNews from Poland
5/8/2008Michael E. LawrenceVirgil Fox's last concert
5/8/2008Jeffrey TuckerA Hero of the Century
5/8/2008Gregor KollmorgenCardinal Castrillón: Tradition Without Contestation
5/8/2008Gregor KollmorgenA New Church for the Institute of Christ the King in Gabon
5/9/2008Jeffrey TuckerBenedict XVI on music and hope: English translation
5/9/2008Shawn TribeMore Exploration of Re-enchanting the Parish Sanctuary [UPDATED]
5/10/2008Shawn TribeTeenagers and Ad Orientem
5/13/2008Michael E. LawrenceSaving the 1962 Missal from 1962
5/14/2008Shawn TribeAn interesting letter on the liturgy from an Australian Bishop
5/14/2008Jeffrey TuckerWhy is chant making a big comeback?
5/14/2008Gregor KollmorgenThe Pope on the Liturgy as Cosmic Praise [Updated]
5/15/2008Shawn TribeCardinal Noe on the "Smoke of Satan" and L'Osservatore Romano on the new Roman personal parish
5/15/2008Gregor KollmorgenOsservatore Romano on New FSSP Rome Parish - An Example for Dioceses the World Over
5/16/2008Gregor KollmorgenPrayer to Our Lady of Sheshan
5/16/2008Jeffrey TuckerTrinity Sunday and Chant Associations
5/16/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Rite Mass at San Buenaventura Mission
5/17/2008Gregor KollmorgenFSSP Seminary Excursion to Reichenau, Rheinau and Landsberg [Updated]
5/18/2008Gregor KollmorgenThe Pope in Genoa [Update]
5/18/2008Jeffrey TuckerMary Berry's "Plainchant for Everyone"
5/20/2008Shawn TribeMeasuring and Implementing the Reform of the Reform: Prudence but not Meagreness
5/21/2008Gregor KollmorgenNicola Bux: The Liturgy is the Manifestation of the Sacred Reality of God
5/21/2008Jeffrey TuckerNew and Old
5/21/2008Jeffrey TuckerWhat about these mysterious times called the 1960s?
5/22/2008Jeffrey TuckerThat Chant CD
5/22/2008Gregor KollmorgenIngrao: The Pope Limits Concelebrations
5/22/2008Gregor KollmorgenCorpus Christi in Rome
5/23/2008Gregor KollmorgenMore from Corpus Christi in Rome
5/23/2008Michael E. LawrenceSome meandering reflections on Jeffrey Tucker and Gustav Mahler: Not for the humor-impaired
5/24/2008Shawn TribeAbbé Claude Barthe surveys Catholic France nearly one year after the Motu Proprio
5/25/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPProstration on the Forms in the Dominican Rite
5/25/2008Shawn TribeInaugural Juventutem Mass held in Sydney
5/26/2008Shawn TribeReport on Sancta Missa Workshop, May 19-23, Chicago
5/28/2008Jeffrey TuckerChant for Children
5/29/2008Matthew AldermanThomas Aquinas Chapel Update
5/29/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Mansion of the Past Reopened
6/1/2008Jeffrey TuckerSing Te Deum laudamus
6/4/2008Gregor Kollmorgen"Baroque Cinema" Restored to Il Gesù, Rome
6/5/2008Jeffrey TuckerSpring 2008 Sacred Music online for free
6/5/2008Jeffrey TuckerUpgrading Musical knowledge
6/8/2008Jeffrey TuckerIn praise of newbies
6/9/2008Matthew AldermanTridentine News from Tallahassee, Florida
6/10/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Use of the Capuce
6/11/2008Jeffrey TuckerIsraeli Hebrew and Catholic Chant
6/13/2008Shawn TribeUSCCB: Dramatic debate, cliffhanger result on liturgy
6/14/2008Shawn TribeRequirement for Seminary Training in the Usus Antiquior?
6/14/2008Shawn TribeTwo accounts of Today's Pontifical Mass in London
6/15/2008Jeffrey TuckerSilly Songs with Father
6/16/2008Shawn TribeWhat Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos Said about the Usus Antiquior's Presence in Parishes
6/16/2008Shawn TribeFull text of Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos address to the Latin Mass Society
6/17/2008Matthew AldermanAn Unfortunate New Project: Saskatoon Cathedral
6/18/2008Gregor KollmorgenBishop Serratelli on "The Language of the Liturgy: The Value of the New Translations"
6/20/2008Shawn TribeSacred Art in Crisis: Zenit interviews Fr. U. Michael Lang
6/23/2008Gregor KollmorgenTornielli: Agreement between Holy See and Lefebvrians - the Countdown [UPDATE]
6/25/2008Jeffrey TuckerFour Masters of Catholic Music
6/25/2008Jeffrey TuckerImage Gallery of the Musical Side of the NLM
6/26/2008Gregor KollmorgenDevelopment in Continuity - the Full Interview with Mgr. Marini
6/26/2008Michael E. LawrenceThe Tyranny of the Organ
6/27/2008Jeffrey TuckerMusic for the Soul, US release on Tuesday
6/28/2008Gregor KollmorgenMagister on the Marini Interview
6/28/2008Michael E. LawrenceThe Kingdom of Heaven is Like Gregorian Chant Rhythm
6/29/2008Shawn TribeFr. Neil Roy's Review of Marini's A Challenging Reform
6/29/2008Jeffrey Tucker“Pastoral Musicians” Embrace Chant?
6/29/2008Gregor KollmorgenPapal Mass for Saints Peter and Paul - the Homily
7/2/2008Jeffrey TuckerA New Model of Musicianship
7/2/2008Shawn TribeOxford's martyrs to be honoured with a plaque
7/4/2008Gregor KollmorgenInterview with Abbot of Heiligenkreuz - "We do this in Benedictine serenity"
7/5/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPThe Dominican Venia and Kissing the Scapular
7/5/2008Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPPreaching through the Beauty of Music
7/6/2008Jeffrey TuckerFather Samuel Weber tells it like it is
7/7/2008Gregor KollmorgenFr Gómez Jaubert: The Motu Proprio as a Right of the Faithful
7/8/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Struggle for Ideals in Liturgical Music
7/9/2008Jeffrey TuckerWhat were the musical intentions of Vatican II?
7/10/2008Matthew AldermanAnglican Rumblings: A Pastoral Provision in England's Green and Pleasant Land?
7/10/2008Matthew AldermanAnglican Reunion: Optimism and Sobriety
7/10/2008Shawn TribeDr. Alcuin Reid reviews Dr. Laurence Hemming's, Worship as a Revelation
7/12/2008Shawn TribeThe Reform of the Reform: Quo Vadis?
7/12/2008Fr. Thomas KocikThe Reform of the Reform: What Can We Do NOW?
7/14/2008Matthew AldermanFurther Thoughts on the Projected Saskatoon Cathedral
7/14/2008Shawn TribeInitial Report form Fota Liturgical Conference, Ireland
7/14/2008Shawn TribeTraditions at World Youth Day?
7/15/2008Matthew AldermanA Hypothetical Counter-Proposal for the Cathedral of the Holy Family, Saskatoon
7/18/2008Gregor KollmorgenPapal Mass in Sydney Cathedral [Update]
7/20/2008Jeffrey TuckerWhat am I getting out of Mass?
7/21/2008Matthew AldermanA Second Hypothetical Proposal for Saskatoon Cathedral
7/21/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Pope's New Youth Mass
7/21/2008Michael E. LawrenceOn Loudness and Deafness
7/22/2008Gregor KollmorgenMore from the recent ICRSS Ordinations
7/22/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Double Life of William Byrd
7/23/2008Shawn TribeAlcuin Reid reviews Britt's Dictionary of the Psalter
7/23/2008Gregor KollmorgenSt. Liborius - Traditional Processions and a Flabellum
7/25/2008Jeffrey TuckerChant Watching
7/28/2008Jeffrey TuckerFantastic interview with Stift Heiligenkreuz monk
7/28/2008Shawn TribeThe Manner of Receiving Holy Eucharist: Some Considerations
7/28/2008Jeffrey TuckerPlainsong Must Return to Our Parishes
7/28/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPThe Pax Instrument
7/28/2008Gregor KollmorgenSt. Marienstern Monastery
7/29/2008Jeffrey TuckerShould a Parish Impose Uniformity in Music?
7/30/2008Matthew AldermanSt. Michael's, Auburn: A Case-Study in Pseudo-Traditional Architecture
7/31/2008Michael E. LawrenceLord, In Your Mercy, Incline Not Your Ear Unto Our Prayer
8/1/2008Jeffrey TuckerICEL, Copyright, and a Creative Commons Future
8/2/2008Jeffrey TuckerFr. Paul and his St. Peter's Singers
8/5/2008Michael E. LawrenceThe Misuse of Power and Copyright
8/5/2008Gregor KollmorgenNicola Bux on the Ars Celebrandi
8/6/2008Shawn TribeNLM Interview with Dr. Alcuin Reid on Fr. Adrian Fortescue and the Upcoming New Edition of the Ceremonies
8/6/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Sociology of the Chant Movement
8/10/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPBlessed Sacrament Dominican Solemn Mass (First Photos)
8/11/2008Matthew AldermanChesterton's "A Defense of Heraldry," and the Knack of Thinking Symbolically
8/11/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Mass, Translated at Last
8/12/2008Shawn TribeRevival and Traditional Creativity within the Liturgical Arts as part of a New Liturgical Movement
8/14/2008Jeffrey TuckerMusic for Real Parishes
8/14/2008Gregor KollmorgenThe Holy Sepulchre of Görlitz
8/15/2008Shawn TribeThe Pope on the Revelatory Power of Beauty in Art and Music
8/15/2008Gregor KollmorgenThe Assumption in Maria Vesperbild with Archbishop Ranjith
8/16/2008Jeffrey TuckerPolyphonic Propers, Chanted Ordinary
8/17/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Solemn Mass at Holy Rosary Church, Portland OR (8/10/08)
8/22/2008Jeffrey TuckerNPM Carefully editing Pius XII
8/24/2008Gregor KollmorgenRanjith: We Have to Muster the Courage to Correct Course [Updated]
8/28/2008Jeffrey TuckerA Recommended Catholic Publication
8/28/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Spirit of Summorum
8/31/2008Jeffrey TuckerHow to deal with the hymn police
9/1/2008Michael E. LawrenceCatholicism's Rhetoric Problem
9/2/2008Shawn Tribe35th Anniversary of J.R.R. Tolkien's Death: The Liturgical Thoughts of a Prominent Literary Catholic
9/2/2008Jeffrey TuckerDominican Liturgical Books
9/9/2008Gregor KollmorgenPapal MC Explains Changes in Papal Liturgy to French
9/10/2008Jeffrey TuckerThere is no such thing as a "Gathering Song"
9/11/2008Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPArchi-Liturgical Culture Wars by Aidan Nichols OP
9/13/2008Shawn TribeApostolic Journey to France. Address by the Holy Father to the world of Culture
9/13/2008Jeffrey TuckerAn Act of Tolerance
9/14/2008Jeffrey TuckerNo More Roadblocks
9/16/2008Jeffrey TuckerSi Ambulavero
9/17/2008Gregor KollmorgenThe Ancient Roman Rite and Secularization
9/17/2008Jeffrey TuckerCan the Catholic Church Be a Patron of the Arts Again?
9/18/2008Shawn TribeFr. Anthony Symondson Questions the Borromean Revival
9/18/2008Michael E. LawrenceSingability and Sensibility: The Music of Kevin Allen
9/19/2008Shawn TribeCritical Review of Rosemary Hill's Recent Biography of AWN Pugin: God's Architect
9/23/2008Michael E. LawrenceThe insomniac's guide to organ improvisation
9/23/2008Shawn TribeOur "differing needs" are not all that matter
9/23/2008Shawn TribeEmber Days: Explanation and Two Proposals [UPDATED]
9/27/2008Shawn TribeAnnales Ecclesiae Ucrainae: The Greek Deacon of the Papal Mass
9/29/2008Gregor KollmorgenMsgr Gänswein on the Pope and the Liturgy
9/30/2008Joseph ShawCatholic Houses in Oxfordshire
10/1/2008Shawn TribeThe History and Forms of the Christian Altar. Part 1: The Early Christian and Early Roman Forms
10/1/2008Gregor KollmorgenHermeneutic of Liturgical Continuity at Work
10/1/2008Jeffrey TuckerBreaking up the music mafia
10/3/2008Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP"Perfect Cheadle"
10/3/2008Shawn TribeFr. Scott Haynes reflects on the 50th Anniversary of De Musica Sacra
10/4/2008Gregor KollmorgenNew ICRSS Apsotolate in Grenoble
10/4/2008Shawn TribeFr U.M. Lang on Cardinal Giuseppe Siri: The Splendour of Liturgical Ceremonial and its Relationship to the Faith
10/5/2008Shawn TribeThe 4th Annual NLM All Souls Appeal; Priests: Wear Black
10/5/2008Michael E. LawrenceA Time to be Silent and a Time to Speak: Is it okay to talk over the organ prelude?
10/6/2008Shawn TribeThe Carthusian Liturgy by a Carthusian Monk (Originally Published in 1940-1, in Magnificat: A Liturgical Quarterly)
10/7/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Heroic Generation
10/11/2008Shawn TribeRe-Learning the Keeping of Feast Days and Festivals
10/12/2008Shawn TribeEcclesiastical Vesture: The Cappello Romano or 'Saturno'
10/15/2008Shawn TribeCatholic World News :Vatican Rumors Point to Struggle over the Liturgy
10/16/2008Shawn TribeThe History, Development and Symbolism of the Antependium, Altar Frontal, or "Pallium Altaris"
10/16/2008Jeffrey TuckerHow admirable are these songs
10/18/2008Jeffrey TuckerBirthday Lecture for Graduale Romanum 1908
10/22/2008Jeffrey TuckerLet's get serious
10/23/2008Jeffrey TuckerWhat to do when the liturgy committee goes for the throat
10/24/2008Shawn TribeOfficial Images from the 20th Anniversary Celebrations of the FSSP in Rome
10/25/2008Shawn TribeBenedict's Preface to the Ratzinger Opera Omnia: What is and is he not saying about Liturgical Orientation?
10/26/2008Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPExtraordinary Form at Blackfriars Oxford - Photos
10/28/2008Shawn TribeResponse of the Cardinal President of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” to certain questions
10/28/2008Jeffrey TuckerTo be Young and Singing
10/29/2008Jeffrey TuckerWhat English Propers Should We Sing?
10/29/2008Gregor KollmorgenGuido Marini on Papal Liturgy under Benedict XVI
11/1/2008Shawn TribeAll Souls and Black Vestments: A Reminder
11/2/2008Shawn TribeUnused or Unseen Papal Vesture and Vestments
11/3/2008Jeffrey TuckerAnother 1908 Graduale Romanum
11/4/2008Jeffrey TuckerFr. Scorched Earth
11/4/2008Gregor KollmorgenArchbishop Raymond Burke on Pope Benedict's Reform of the Reform
11/4/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPLiturgical Colors in the Ancient Dominican Rite
11/5/2008Shawn TribeThe Liturgical Year Narrated by Benedict XVI
11/6/2008Deborah MorlaniThe Sacred Liturgy: The Neglected Foundation to Building the Culture of Life
11/8/2008Shawn TribeReclaiming the Sacristy as a Place of Prayer and Preparation
11/10/2008Jeffrey TuckerWhy Stasis in Ordinary Form Music?
11/10/2008Shawn TribeSolemn Pontifical Mass, Denver
11/11/2008Shawn TribeIntroducing the Use of Esztergom and the Monumenta Ritualia Hungarica
11/13/2008Shawn TribeThe Long Awaited Release of FSSP Training DVD and a Review
11/13/2008Jeffrey TuckerMother Cabrini and the Parable of the Talents
11/14/2008Matthew AldermanSt. Benedict's Chapel - A New Church in the Virginia Tidewater
11/15/2008Jeffrey TuckerSupport Your Local Organ Recital
11/16/2008Nicola De' GrandiThe new Ambrosian Lectionary and the Extraordinary Form of the Ambrosian Rite
11/16/2008Gregor KollmorgenHomily of Cardinal Castrillón on the 20th Anniversary of the FSSP
11/16/2008Shawn TribeFr. Thompson Receives the Dominican "Sacrae Theologiae Magister"
11/16/2008Jeffrey TuckerMore Chant Instruction
11/16/2008Jeffrey TuckerA Serious Issue on the Revised Grail Psalter
11/17/2008Arlene Oost-ZinnerAn Apostolate In Our Midst
11/19/2008Jeffrey TuckerThree Paths to Sacred Music
11/19/2008Shawn TribeReconnecting the Threads of Sacred Art, Theology and Liturgy: Abbot Michael John Zielinski
11/20/2008Jeffrey TuckerWinter issue of Sacred Music
11/22/2008Shawn TribeBeauty, the Liturgy and Liturgical Practice: It's Centrality and Teaching Value (And Why it is Not Aestheticism)
11/24/2008Jeffrey TuckerCore Questions about the Psalter
11/25/2008Gregor KollmorgenA Manifesto For A Return To Monastic Tradition: Details From the German Trappists
11/27/2008Shawn TribeNLM Interview with Julian Chadwick, Chairman of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales
11/29/2008Shawn Tribe1st Vespers of Advent: St. Peter's Basilica
11/29/2008Shawn TribeA Lost Work of Amalarius of Metz: A Title of the Henry Bradshaw Society
11/30/2008Shawn TribeOne More Image from the First Vespers of Advent
12/1/2008Jeffrey Tucker"Praise and Worship" Music in Church
12/2/2008Matthew AldermanAn Intriguing Solution to Northeast Church Closures and Southeast Church Construction
12/2/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Truth about Veni, Veni, Emmanuel
12/4/2008Jeffrey TuckerAn Open Letter to Praise and Worship Musicians
12/5/2008Shawn TribeFuneral Orders and Offices of the Byzantine Rite
12/6/2008Shawn TribeSt. Nicholas Day
12/7/2008Shawn TribeThe Liturgical Colour of Rose: A Consideration
12/9/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Problem with Options
12/10/2008Deborah MorlaniPro-Life News Site Lists the Liturgy as the First Priority in Building the Culture of Life
12/11/2008Shawn TribeMore Ad Orientem in the Modern Liturgy
12/13/2008Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Rite at Anchorage Cathedral
12/15/2008Jeffrey TuckerHardcopy of "Letter to Praise and Worship Musicians"
12/16/2008Jeffrey TuckerExcommunication News from Phoenix
12/16/2008Jeffrey TuckerMissing issues now posted
12/18/2008Shawn TribeAlcuin Reid Reviews Dominus Est
12/18/2008Shawn TribeIreland's 15th Century Magi Cope: Hidden, Re-Discovered, Restored
12/18/2008Jeffrey TuckerPay for Training, Not Music
12/20/2008Jeffrey TuckerGrail Psalms: A Path Forward
12/24/2008Jeffrey TuckerPeople Look East
12/26/2008Jeffrey TuckerThe Church's Open Musical Society
12/26/2008Jeffrey TuckerWhat does it mean for music to become sacred?
12/26/2008Jeffrey TuckerClosed Musical Societies
12/26/2008Jeffrey TuckerSacred Music and the New Evangelism
12/28/2008Jeffrey TuckerMusic Without Borders
12/31/2008Shawn TribeIl Tempo Interviews Msgr. Guido Marini
1/1/2009Shawn TribeCharacters of the Early Usus Antiquior and Reform of the Reform Movement: Don Siro Cisilino, San Simeon Piccolo and Venice
1/2/2009Jeffrey TuckerWhat is going on at Mount St. Mary's?
1/3/2009Jeffrey TuckerRice's Simple Choral Gradual
1/8/2009Matthew AldermanIf the Lord Does Not Call the Feast
1/8/2009Thomas KocikBenedict XVI on Liturgical Orientation: Salient Quotes
1/9/2009Shawn TribeSolemn Mass in Virginia: A Hopeful Sign of the New Liturgical Movement
1/10/2009Shawn TribeRoman Professor, Priest and member of Papal Liturgical Office speaks on Benedict's New Liturgical Movement
1/12/2009Matthew AldermanThings Mean Things
1/13/2009Shawn TribeLiturgical Variations: The Fraction in the Mozarabic Liturgy
1/15/2009Jeffrey TuckerCopyright, profit, and liturgical music
1/16/2009Arlene Oost-ZinnerAfter the Chant Intensive
1/18/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Importance of Inclina Domine
1/20/2009Joseph ShawInterview with Fr John Saward on the restoration of SS Gregory & Augustine
1/21/2009Jeffrey TuckerEnglish Propers in the Usus Antiquior?
1/29/2008Shawn TribeDr. Alcuin Reid on Our Approach Now to the SSPX Question
1/30/2009Deborah MorlaniThe Sacred Liturgy: The First School of the Faith
1/30/2009Gregor KollmorgenNicola Bux and Salvatore Vitiello on the Revocation of the SSPX Excommunication: an Act of Real Ecumenism
1/31/2009Shawn TribeHigh Fashion in the Church: The Place of Church Vestments in the History of Art from the Ninth to Nineteenth Century
1/31/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Gregorian Missal
2/2/2009Jeffrey TuckerReligion and Royalties on Ritual Texts
2/5/2009Matthew AldermanThe Modern Baroque of Armando Brasini
2/5/2009Deborah MorlaniDefending the Church's Teachings with Actions
2/5/2009Shawn TribeVatican II and Continuity: The Opportunity that Might be Found in the Present Controversy
2/6/2009Matthew AldermanW. Halsey Wood's Jerusalem the Golden
2/7/2009Shawn TribeThe Truth of Beauty
2/9/2009Jeffrey TuckerWhy Are the People the Only Focus?
2/11/2009Gregor KollmorgenMosebach on Why the Pope Had to Do What He Did
2/11/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Hidden Politics of Liturgical Commentary
2/11/2009Deborah MorlaniProminent Rabbi Critiques Response to the Pope
2/11/2009Shawn TribeCardinal Siri and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
2/12/2009Matthew AldermanArthur Brown and St. Mark's, Seattle
2/13/2009Jeffrey TuckerRip up those carpets!
2/13/2009Jeffrey TuckerGuido the Innovator
2/13/2009Jeffrey TuckerWorking Our Way to the High Mass
2/15/2009Jeffrey TuckerEliminating Bad Music
2/16/2009Shawn TribeThe Rebellion Against the Self-Evident
2/18/2009Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPThe Christian Artist
2/20/2009Shawn TribeA Timely Re-Read on a Critique of a Particular, and Popular, Hermeneutic of Vatican II
2/22/2009Jeffrey TuckerWhat does it mean to sing like a Catholic?
2/23/2009Deborah MorlaniTaking a Look at Liturgical Catechesis
2/24/2009Gregor KollmorgenClear Words of Msgr Ranjith on the Flaws of the Postconciliar Liturgical Reforms and the Need for a Reform of the Reform
2/24/2009Shawn TribeRanjith on the Ars Celebrandi
2/25/2009Shawn TribeDr. Alcuin Reid at the Toronto Oratory
2/25/2009Thomas KocikCritiquing the critics
2/27/2009Jeffrey TuckerNeeded: A Forward Look for Sacred Music
2/28/2009Shawn TribeMsgr. Guido Marini Speaks Again on the Liturgy, Its Forms and Its Importance
3/2/2009Jeffrey TuckerMahony on Liturgy
3/2/2009Matthew AldermanAn Unfortunate Artistic Proposal for the Josephinum
3/3/2009Shawn TribeSeasonal and Festal Decoration of Altars and Sanctuaries
3/6/2009Jeffrey TuckerAfter Lent, Party
3/8/2009Shawn TribeUse, History and Development of the "Planeta Plicata" or Folded Chasuble
3/9/2009Jeffrey TuckerSimplified Gradual 1962 (Richard Rice)
3/9/2009Shawn TribeArchbishop Ranjith's Foreword to "True Development of the Liturgy"
3/10/2009Gregor KollmorgenMauro Gagliardi on the Centrality of the Crucified Christ in the Liturgical Celebration
3/10/2009Gregor KollmorgenCardinal Cañizares on Liturgical Reforms, Summorum Pontificum
3/11/2009Gregor KollmorgenAdvance Report on the Papal Letter about the Lifting of the SSPX Excommunications
3/11/2009Gregor KollmorgenAdvance Report on the Papal Letter about the Lifting of the SSPX Excommunications II
3/11/2009Gregor KollmorgenPapal Letter about the Lifting of the SSPX Excommunications - the Letter Itself
3/12/2009Shawn TribeReform in Continuity: Re-approaching the Second Vatican Council
3/13/2009Shawn TribeExploding a Myth: An Assertion About the "Hermeneutic of Continuity"
3/14/2009Gregor KollmorgenPope Benedict on Eucharistic Adoration
3/17/2009Jeffrey Tucker10,000 Scores at CPDL
3/19/2009Shawn TribeCardinal Pell Speaks on the Liturgy and the Lifting of the Excommunications
3/22/2009Shawn TribeThe Bi-Annual Discussion of "Rose" or the Liturgical Colour of Rosacea
3/23/2009Shawn TribeThe New 15th Edition of The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described
3/23/2009Jeffrey TuckerAmy on the Organ
3/24/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Reform is Being Reformed
3/26/2009Matthew AldermanThe Dangers of Architectural Positivism
3/26/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII: Part 1 - The Palm Sunday Blessing and Procession of Palms
3/28/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII: Part 2 - The Masses of Palm Sunday, Holy Tuesday and Spy Wednesday
3/28/2009Jeffrey TuckerTenebrae service in full, English/Latin
3/29/2009Jeffrey TuckerWhy Latin Hymns?
3/30/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII: Part 3 - The Mass of Holy Thursday and the Mandatum
4/1/2009Shawn Tribe1955 Holy Week Revisions
4/3/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII: Part 4.2 - Good Friday, The Adoration of the Cross and the Rite of the Presanctified
4/5/2009Shawn TribeGueranger: The Mystery of Passiontide and Holy Week
4/6/2009Shawn TribeGueranger: The History of Passiontide and Holy Week
4/7/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII: Part 5 - Tenebrae and the Divine Office of the Triduum
4/9/2009Gregor KollmorgenChrism Mass in Rome [Update]
4/10/2009Jeffrey TuckerTenebrae and Holy Thursday, St. John Cantius
4/10/2009Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPTenebrae at Blackfriars Oxford
4/11/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII: Part 6.2 - Holy Saturday and the Blessing of the Font, Litany of the Saints, Mass and Vespers
4/13/2009Jeffrey TuckerGetting from Here to There
4/15/2009Matthew AldermanSt. Monica's, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
4/15/2009Shawn TribeMagister on Benedict's Liturgical Emphases
4/15/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII: Part 7 - The Vigil of Pentecost and the Holy Week Readings
4/16/2009Shawn TribeSantissima Trinità dei Pellegrini: Holy Thursday
4/19/2009Jeffrey TuckerWhat To Do About Tethered Texts
4/20/2009Gregor KollmorgenCardinal Cañizares on Communion Received Kneeling
4/23/2009Shawn TribeAlcuin Reid Reviews Fr. John Baldovin's Critique
4/23/2009Jeffrey TuckerCan Hymns Licitly Replace Propers?
4/23/2009Shawn TribeResults on the Poll on the Language of the Readings in the Usus Antiquior
4/24/2009Jeffrey TuckerFr. Kirby Weighs in: Hymns vs. Propers
4/26/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Proper Place of Propers
4/27/2009Gregor KollmorgenConfessing the Messiah: The Church's Confession of Christ in Jewish-Christian Dialogue - Introduction Pt. I
4/28/2009Gregor KollmorgenConfessing the Messiah: The Church's Confession of Christ in Jewish-Christian Dialogue - Introduction Pt. II
4/29/2009Gregor KollmorgenConfessing the Messiah: The Church's Confession of Christ in Jewish-Christian Dialogue - Bishop Müller's Statement Pt. I
4/30/2009Gregor KollmorgenConfessing the Messiah: The Church's Confession of Christ in Jewish-Christian Dialogue - Bishop Müller's Statement Pt. II
5/1/2009Gregor KollmorgenConfessing the Messiah: The Church's Confession of Christ in Jewish-Christian Dialogue - Bishop Müller's Statement Pt. III
5/1/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Main Objection to Sacred Music
5/2/2009Gregor KollmorgenConfessing the Messiah: The Church's Confession of Christ in Jewish-Christian Dialogue - Bishop Müller's Statement Pt. IV
5/3/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII: Part 8 - The Hours of the Celebration of the Holy Week Liturgies
5/5/2009Gregor KollmorgenCardinal Cañizares Writes About Usus Antiquior and Liturgical Reform
5/5/2009Gregor KollmorgenCatholic Bamberg: The Church of St. Getreu
5/7/2009Shawn TribeThe Mozarabic Rite: The Two Missals
5/7/2009Gregor KollmorgenCardinal of Bologna Restricts Communion in the Hand
5/7/2009Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPThe Theology and Metaphysics of the Gothic Cathedral - part 1
5/7/2009Gregor KollmorgenCatholic Bamberg: Banz Abbey
5/8/2009Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPThe Theology and Metaphysics of the Gothic Cathedral - part 2
5/9/2009Matthew AldermanLiturgical Wedding Crashers
5/9/2009Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPNoble Simplicity and the Liturgiologist Edmund Bishop
5/9/2009Shawn TribeThe Theology and Metaphysics of the Gothic Cathedral - part 3
5/10/2009Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPThe Theology and Metaphysics of the Gothic Cathedral - part 4 & conclusion
5/10/2009Jeffrey TuckerDemographics and Sacred Music
5/11/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII: Part 9 - The Reform of 1955 and the Post-Conciliar Holy Week
5/11/2009Gregor KollmorgenCatholic Bamberg: St. Michael's Abbey
5/12/2009Jeffrey TuckerLast Two Issues of Sacred Music
5/13/2009Jeffrey TuckerA visit with an older priest
5/13/2009Gregor KollmorgenCatholic Bamberg: Vierzehnheiligen
5/14/2009Arlene Oost-ZinnerA Hermeneutic of Rupture?
5/16/2009Gregor KollmorgenPope in the Holy Land: The Church of the Holy Sepulchre
5/19/2009Gregor KollmorgenHymns of St. John Nepomucene
5/20/2009Shawn TribeRussian Orthodox Theologian Weighs in on the Liturgical Reform after Vatican II
5/20/2009Jeffrey TuckerHow Important Is Ceremony?
5/20/2009Jeffrey TuckerChoirs and Microphones
5/22/2009Shawn TribePilgrimage by Photography
5/24/2009Jeffrey TuckerMonsignor Schuler as Practitioner and Prophet
5/25/2009Shawn TribeThe Reform of the Reform: Looking Ahead
5/25/2009Matthew AldermanHarry Clarke, Ireland's Master of Stained Glass
5/26/2009Gregor KollmorgenMore from Montecassino
5/27/2009Gregor KollmorgenCatholic Bamberg: The Cathedral
5/29/2009Shawn TribeAlcuin Reid: We are Lucky this Pope is Ecclesiastically Incorrect
5/29/2009Gregor KollmorgenCatholic Bamberg: The Vestments of Pope Clement II and Other Treasures from the Diocesan Museum
5/30/2009Shawn TribeTwo Reforms Associated with Pentecost: The Vigil and the Octave
6/3/2009Gregor KollmorgenCatholic Bamberg: The Upper Parish Church
6/4/2009Shawn TribeBenedict on the Liturgy: "The Faith is not only thought"
6/5/2009Shawn TribeAnother First Solemn Mass on Pentecost
6/6/2009Thomas KocikTrinity Sunday: Musings
6/7/2009Shawn TribeContinuity, Beauty and Dignity within the Liturgical Arts and their Development
6/8/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Church's Ritual Texts Must Be Freed
6/8/2009Matthew Alderman"Make the Truth Lovable to Them through Beauty"
6/9/2009Gregor KollmorgenFr Lang on Beauty and the Liturgy
6/10/2009Shawn TribeInstallation Mass of Archbishop Robert J. Carlson in St. Louis
6/11/2009Shawn TribeTwo Generations, Two Ecclesiologies: Secretary of Congregation for Catholic Education to Rectors of Pontifical Seminaries
6/11/2009Jeffrey TuckerWhat is unique to Catholic music?
6/11/2009Gregor KollmorgenCorpus Christi 2009 in Rome
6/14/2009Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPOxford Corpus Christi Procession 2009
6/15/2009Shawn TribeContextualizing "Noble Simplicity"
6/16/2009Matthew AldermanJugendstil Vestments from Klosterneuburg
6/17/2009Gregor KollmorgenMore about the Pontifical Mass in Poznań, Poland
6/18/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe State of Catholic Music in the U.S.
6/20/2009Shawn TribeThe Life and Death of Edmund Bishop, English Liturgiologist: An Account by His Contemporary, Dom Hugh Connolly, OSB
6/25/2009Shawn TribeMore on the Divine Office: Private Recitation by the Laity
6/26/2009Shawn TribeCardinal DiNardo, the Book of Divine Worship, and Thoughts on Hieratic English in the Liturgy
6/27/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Awesome Beauty of Silence
6/29/2009Gregor KollmorgenHomily of Papal Vespers on 28 June 2009
6/29/2009Shawn TribeThe Roman Empire, the Early Christian Martyrs and a Thought about the Martyrology
6/30/2009Jeffrey TuckerBridge Building and Sacred Music
7/2/2009Shawn TribePope on the Essential Elements of Priestly Ministry
7/3/2009Jeffrey TuckerA Plea for Sacred Music on the Fourth of July
7/3/2009Jeffrey TuckerWhat is the Organ?
7/4/2009Gregor KollmorgenVespers for the Inauguration of the Newly Restored Pauline Chapel
7/5/2009Jeffrey TuckerMusic by Richard Rice: An Outpouring
7/6/2009Shawn TribeEpiscopal Consecration in Croatia (Byzantine Rite)
7/7/2009Shawn TribeFirst Two Volumes of "Monumenta Ritualia Hungarica" Released
7/8/2009Jeffrey TuckerChant Propers in full for the extraordinary form
7/8/2009Shawn TribeEnglish Translation of the Motu Proprio "Ecclesiae Unitatem"
7/9/2009Shawn TribeNewman, Continuity and Vatican II according to Fr. Ian Ker
7/10/2009Deborah MorlaniHelping the Faithful Believe in the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist
7/12/2009Gregor Kollmorgen2009 Ordinations for the Institute of Christ the King
7/13/2009Shawn TribeRe-Enchanting the Parish Mass: Basic Textual Projects and Resources for the Reform of the Reform
7/13/2009Jeffrey TuckerWho owns Ave Maria?
7/15/2009Gregor KollmorgenSolemn Mass in Grüssau
7/15/2009Shawn TribeDiocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend: "Concerning the Central Placement and Noble Design of Tabernacles..."
7/16/2009Shawn TribeCardinal Newman at Birmingham: His Study (Part 1 of 3)
7/17/2009Shawn TribeCardinal Newman at Birmingham: His Relics (Part 2 of 3)
7/18/2009Shawn TribeTo Manifest Transcendence: A Review of Aidan Nichols'"Redeeming Beauty"
7/19/2009Shawn TribeArchitect Ethan Anthony on Neo-Gothic Architecture Today
7/20/2009Shawn Tribe"Benedict XVI on Church Art and Architecture": Summary of the Papers Delivered
7/20/2009Deborah MorlaniThe Prime Years for Catechesis are in Childhood
7/21/2009Shawn TribeCardinal Newman at Birmingham: Liturgical Items (Part 3 of 3)
7/21/2009Shawn TribeInterpreting Newman’s Beatification: Reactions from Key Figures
7/22/2009Shawn TribePossibilities for the Ciborium Magnum in Neo-Gothic Churches
7/22/2009Matthew AldermanThe Other Modern: An Introduction
7/24/2009Shawn TribeArs Celebrandi as it relates to the Usus Antiquior
7/25/2009Jeffrey TuckerMedia and the Reform Movement
7/27/2009Shawn TribeNew France and Old Québec: Some History and Architecture
7/27/2009Deborah MorlaniPrefect of the CDW: "The future of humanity is in the liturgy"
7/28/2009Shawn TribeFr. Raymond Blake: Rejecting a "Camp" Mentality
7/28/2009Shawn TribeThe "Camp" Mentality in Relation to the Modern Liturgy: An Example Presents Itself
7/29/2009Jeffrey TuckerIncoming Missal, from US Catholic
7/31/2009Shawn TribeThe Other Modern: Louis Comfort Tiffany
7/31/2009Shawn TribeAdoremus Bulletin, August 2009
8/2/2009Shawn TribeLiturgical English and the Hieratic Tradition
8/2/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe "greedy cartel of guitar-strumming copyright hawks"
8/2/2009Thomas KocikOn "Private" Masses
8/2/2009Shawn TribeOn "Gnostic Traditionalism"
8/3/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Roots of the Pay Problem
8/3/2009Shawn TribeTwo Churches of Toronto: St. Paul's Basilica and St. Mary's
8/7/2009Shawn TribeDavid Clayton on the Way of Beauty at Thomas More College, New Hampshire
8/7/2009Shawn TribeThe Third Marquess of Bute: Catholic Convert and Patron
8/8/2009Shawn TribeAnthony Symondson on "Hardman of Birmingham"
8/9/2009Jeffrey TuckerHow to Hire a Parish Musician
8/10/2009Jeffrey TuckerMusic at St. Peter's: The Transformation
8/11/2009Shawn TribeThe Tablet, the LMS, the Usus Antiquior and the Foreword of Archbishop Vincent Nichols
8/13/2009Jeffrey TuckerCreative Commons for Catholics
8/15/2009Shawn TribeThe Vested and Robed Altar - Symbolism of the Antependium
8/16/2009Shawn TribeSaints of the Roman Canon - Part 1: The Communicantes
8/18/2009Shawn TribeCardinal Arinze cautions Asian bishops against false inculturation, liturgical dance
8/19/2009Shawn TribeInterview with Domenico Bartolucci
8/20/2009Deborah MorlaniIgnatius Insight Article on Restoring Ad Orientem
8/21/2009Matthew AldermanCatholic Cleveland: Historic Church Saved, But Others Still in Danger
8/22/2009Shawn TribeTornielli: The "Reform of the Reform" Proposals Approved by the Pope
8/24/2009Shawn TribeIcons: Windows into Heaven and Theology in Paint
8/29/2009Shawn TribeAndrea Tornielli Responds to His Critics
8/31/2009Gregor KollmorgenCelebration Versus Deum Still Applicable Law
9/3/2009Shawn TribeSt. Gregory the Great
9/4/2009Shawn TribeSolemn Mass and Enclosure at Elysburg Carmel
9/5/2009Jeffrey TuckerBring Back Dies Irae
9/7/2009Shawn TribeNew NLM Series: Compendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961
9/8/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 1 - The Basic Structure of the Divine Office
9/8/2009Gregor KollmorgenAnother Strong Reprobation of the Hermeneutic of Rupture by Pope Benedict
9/11/2009Jeffrey TuckerSing: It's Your Responsibility
9/11/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 2 - Some Further Observations on the Medieval Office
9/14/2009Thomas KocikWhat's wrong with this prayer?
9/16/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 3.1 - 1529 versus 1568
9/17/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 3.2 - 1529 versus 1568
9/18/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe People vs. The Trained Elites?
9/20/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Fire is Out
9/22/2009Gregor KollmorgenLiturgical Curiosities: Simultaneous Ordination of 842 Priests in 1952
9/23/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 4 - 1629: The Hymns of Urban VIII
9/24/2009Shawn TribeWill the "Third Rome" Reunite With the "First Rome"?
9/26/2009Shawn TribeOld Testament Righteous: Liturgical Feasts and References, Icons and Mosaics, and the Importance of Biblical Typology
9/27/2009Shawn TribeBenedict XVI on John Henry Newman
9/29/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 5.1 - 1736: The Neo-Gallican Parisian Psalter
9/29/2009Shawn TribeDavid Clayton: The Cosmic Liturgy and the Mind of the Creator
9/30/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Extraordinary Form in Your Parish
10/1/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 5.2 - Further Observations on the Neo-Gallican Liturgy
10/1/2009Jeffrey TuckerVatican II and the Baby Boom
10/2/2009Deborah MorlaniThe New English Translation of the Roman Missal: An Important Step in Building the Culture of Life
10/3/2009Shawn TribeFurther Questions about the Symbolism of Unbleached Beeswax Candles
10/5/2009Jeffrey TuckerGuidelines for the Publication of Liturgical Books
10/6/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Ageless Story
10/6/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 6.1 - The Divine Office in the Tridentine Church
10/7/2009Deborah MorlaniThe Holy Rosary: Directed Toward the Sacred Liturgy
10/8/2009Shawn TribeNLM Interview with Ethan Anthony, President of Architectural Firm HDB/Cram and Ferguson
10/8/2009Shawn TribeSolemn Mass in the Presence of a Greater Prelate in Wrocław, Poland
10/9/2009Shawn TribeRelics of St. Thérèse at the Oxford Oratory
10/10/2009Jeffrey TuckerTreasure, Lost and Discovered
10/11/2009Jeffrey TuckerWhat Beauty Means for Liturgy
10/12/2009Shawn TribeThe Mozarabic Rite: Introductory Rites and Lessons
10/12/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 6.2 - The Age of Revolutions
10/13/2009Shawn TribeSolemn Mass in the Carmelite Rite, Aylesford, 1960
10/14/2009Jeffrey TuckerChant is a truly missionary, evangelical song
10/14/2009Shawn TribeDVD Shows the Abbey and Life of the Canons Regular of the Mother of God, Lagrasse, France
10/16/2009Jeffrey TuckerMust the liturgy embrace rock?
10/17/2009Shawn TribeThe Byzantine Altar
10/19/2009Gregor KollmorgenOfficial Images of Yesterday's Pontifical Mass in St. Peter's
10/19/2009Jeffrey TuckerTheology and Rock, Redux
10/19/2009Shawn TribeIn Utroque Usu: "A Deeper Understanding of the Traditions of the Roman Liturgy"
10/20/2009Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Nuns of Marbury, Alabama
10/20/2009Gregor KollmorgenPersonal Ordinariates for Anglicans Entering the Catholic Church
10/20/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 6.3 - The First Liturgical Movement
10/21/2009Shawn TribeThe Recent Annoucement Pertaining to Anglicans and the Liturgical Situation
10/22/2009Jeffrey TuckerReorient Those Altars Now
10/23/2009Gregor KollmorgenInterview with Msgr. Guido Pozzo, Secretary of PCED
10/23/2009Jeffrey TuckerScribes, Printers, and Digital Media
10/23/2009Shawn TribeBulgarian Orthodox Express Desire for "Quick Restoration" of Communion
10/24/2009Shawn TribeNews from the Monastery of Norcia
10/27/2009Gregor KollmorgenCardinal Cañizares on the Supreme Importance of the Liturgy
10/28/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 7.1 - The Breviary Reforms of St. Pius X
10/29/2009Jeffrey TuckerA Commentary on All Saints Propers
10/29/2009Shawn Tribe5th Annual All Souls Appeal: Using Black Vestments
10/30/2009Shawn TribeAlcuin Reid in the Herald: On the Compendium Eucharisticum
10/30/2009Jeffrey TuckerWhat the Vatican Singing Norms Imply
10/31/2009Jeffrey TuckerWomen and Chant
11/3/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 7.2 - The Breviary Reforms of St. Pius X (Continued)
11/4/2009Shawn TribeOfficial Report from the Roman Summorum Pontificum Conference
11/5/2009Shawn TribeMartin Mosebach and Others Appeal to Benedict on Sacred Art and Music
11/8/2009Jeffrey TuckerLeaving Before Mass Ends
11/9/2009Gregor KollmorgenApostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Cœtibus Published
11/9/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 7.3 - The Breviary Reforms of St. Pius X (Continued)
11/11/2009Shawn TribeCustoms of Martinmas, the Feast of St. Martin of Tours
11/11/2009Shawn TribeThe Boston School of Artists: The Last Link to the Great Tradition of Figurative Art
11/12/2009Jeffrey TuckerIs Chant a Necessity or Luxury?
11/14/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Other Side of the Transition
11/15/2009Shawn TribeNewman on Rites and Ceremonies
11/16/2009Shawn TribeContemplative Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, Lanherne, Cornwall, UK
11/17/2009Shawn TribeAdvent Variations
11/17/2009Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPAll Souls Requiem, Blessed Sacrament Parish, Seattle WA
11/18/2009Gregor KollmorgenPope Benedict on Faith, Art, Beauty and the Liturgy
11/18/2009Shawn TribeCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568-1961: Part 7.4 - The Breviary Reforms of St. Pius X (Continued)
11/19/2009Shawn TribeMsgr. Guido Pozzo, the Motu Proprio and the Reform of the Reform: An Interview in L'Homme Nouveau
11/19/2009Shawn TribeMore on Pope Benedict's Catechesis on Faith, Art, Beauty and the Liturgy
11/20/2009Jeffrey TuckerHow Should Catholics Market Catholicism?
11/20/2009Jeffrey TuckerA Parish Without Gregorian Chant is a Tragedy: Dan Schutte
11/21/2009Shawn TribeZenit Launches Spirit of the Liturgy Column
11/22/2009Shawn TribeArchitectural Imagination: Russian Churches
11/23/2009Shawn TribeSt. Clement of Rome
11/23/2009Fr. Thomas KocikThanksgiving Day Mass? No, thanks
11/25/2009Shawn TribeThomas More College Answers Pope Benedict’s Call to Follow the “Way of Beauty”
11/26/2009Shawn TribeCustoms of Advent: The Advent Wreath
11/28/2009Shawn TribeCardinal Newman Meditation for the First Sunday of Advent: Worship, A Preparation for Christ’s Coming
11/29/2009Jeffrey TuckerAccounting for the rise of the old Latin Mass
11/29/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe People Not in the Pews
12/2/2009Shawn TribeAdvent Customs: St. Barbara's Branches (Barbarazweige) on December 4th
12/3/2009Shawn TribeLiturgy, Beauty and Truth
12/3/2009Jeffrey TuckerBonfire of the Missalettes
12/7/2009Nicola De' GrandiAmbrosian Rite Vespers, Part I: The Rites of the Light
12/9/2009Shawn TribeThe Tree of Jesse
12/10/2009Shawn TribeGaudete Sunday and Liturgical Rose
12/13/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Commanding Heights of Sacred Music
12/13/2009Jeffrey TuckerShould Catholics Copy the Megachurches?
12/13/2009Jeffrey TuckerA Short Reflection on the O antiphons
12/15/2009Shawn TribeQuatuor Tempora: Advent Embertide this Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
12/16/2009Gregory DiPippoThe Golden Mass of Ember Wednesday
12/17/2009Shawn TribePontifical Midnight Mass (Premonstratensian Rite) from Tongerlo Abbey, Belgium, 1955
12/17/2009Jeffrey TuckerCommunion Chant: Anticipation of Christmas
12/19/2009Shawn Tribe"Saturday of the Twelve Lessons": Ember Saturday
12/20/2009Shawn TribeFaithfulness in God Points to Christ
12/20/2009Jeffrey TuckerThe Place of the People
12/21/2009Jeffrey TuckerAve Maria: The Offertory Chant
12/22/2009Matthew AldermanCD Review: Louis Vierne, Messe Solennelle
12/24/2009Matthew AldermanA Floridian Gem: St. Edward, Palm Beach
12/24/2009Shawn TribePapal Homily of the Midnight Mass
12/25/2009Shawn TribeUrbi et Orbi: The Pope's Christmas Message
12/26/2009Gregory DiPippoStation Churches of the Christmas Season
12/28/2009Shawn TribeStandards, Funalia or Candelabra Magna
12/28/2009Gregory DiPippoStation Churches of the Christmas Season - Part 2
12/30/2009Shawn TribeThe Monastic Vocation: Some Random Thoughts
12/31/2009Shawn TribeHow to Properly or Improperly Wear a Conical Chasuble
12/31/2009Gregory DiPippoStations of the Christmas Season - Part 3
1/1/2010Nicola De' GrandiAmbrosian Rite Vespers, Part II: the Psalmody
1/2/2010Jeffrey TuckerThe Introit is Not "We Three Kings"
1/2/2010Gregory DiPippoIn Memoriam - Fr. Franck Quoex
1/5/2010Shawn TribeEpiphany Customs and Blessings
1/5/2010Nicola De' GrandiVigil of the Epiphany in the Ambrosian Rite
1/6/2010Nicola De' GrandiEpiphany in the Ambrosian Rite
1/6/2010Shawn TribeClergy Conference in Rome: Address of Msgr. Guido Marini, Papal Master of Ceremonies
1/7/2010Nicola De' GrandiChristophory in the Ambrosian Rite
1/7/2010Shawn TribeClergy Conference in Rome: Solemn Pontifical Mass (Usus Antiquior) in the Lateran Archbasilica with Cardinal Prefect of CDW
1/8/2010Gregor KollmorgenGrüssau Abbey
1/10/2010Arlene Oost-ZinnerThere's no debating taste when it comes to music at Mass
1/12/2010Shawn TribeLassus Scholars Director Offers Her Perspective on Recent Rome Conference
1/12/2010Shawn TribeThe Life, Work and Ambitions of Abbé Franck Quoëx, 1967-2007
1/13/2010Shawn TribeCardinal Prefect of CDW on Liturgy as the Source and Summit, the Wider Application of Summorum Pontificum, on Continuity and a New Liturgical Movement
1/13/2010Jeffrey TuckerIn Defense of an Actual Translation
1/14/2010Gregor KollmorgenThe Almuce
1/14/2010Gregory DiPippoThe Gospels of the Epiphany - Part 1
1/15/2010Gregor KollmorgenMilestone Allocution of Pope Benedict on Truth and Unity
1/15/2010Jeffrey TuckerDoubts About the Three-Year Cycle
1/16/2010Shawn TribePius Parsch on the Divine Office as Liturgical Prayer (and a Poll)
1/18/2010Matthew AldermanThe Other Modern: St. Pierre de Chaillot, Paris
1/20/2010Jeffrey TuckerIgnorance: The New Tradition?
1/20/2010Matthew AldermanThe Other Modern: Renovating the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains, Cincinnati
1/21/2010Jeffrey TuckerWhere are the Books of Propers?
1/23/2010Gregory DiPippoThe Gospels of the Epiphany - Part 2
1/25/2010Shawn TribeCeremonial Details of the Pontifical Mass in the Rite of Lyons - Part I: Mass of the Catechumens
1/28/2010Jeffrey TuckerThe Secret Life of Church Musicians
1/28/2010Jeffrey TuckerIntroduction to Msgr. Marini's Address
1/29/2010Matthew AldermanNew Illustration from Matthew Alderman
1/29/2010Jeffrey TuckerIntroduction to Msgr. Marini's Address: Second Draft
1/31/2010Shawn TribeSome Notes on the Origins and Character of Pre-Lent (Septuagesima, Sexagesima, Quinquagesima)
2/1/2010Gregory DiPippoThe Station Churches of Septuagesima
2/3/2010Shawn TribeThe Sacred Liturgy: The Neglected Foundation to Building the Culture of Life
2/3/2010Jeffrey TuckerCan Music Really Be Sacred?
2/5/2010Jeffrey TuckerICEL Approves Buying and Selling but not Charity?
2/5/2010Arlene Oost-ZinnerThe Priest as Mediator: A Conversation with Rev. Allan J. McDonald
2/6/2010Shawn TribeFr. Mauro Gagliardi on the Lectionary: English Edition
2/6/2010Shawn TribeHillenbrand Lecture by Dr. Denis McNamara: Gothic Architecture and the Inheritance of the Temple
2/7/2010Shawn TribeThe Question of the Septuagesima Season and the Modern Roman Liturgy: Possible Enrichment?
2/8/2010Arlene Oost-ZinnerCritics of the Vernacular Shouldn't Read This
2/8/2010Deborah MorlaniThe Role of Mothers in a New Liturgical Movement
2/9/2010Shawn TribeThe History of Prinknash Abbey Incense and Incense-Making
2/10/2010Gregor KollmorgenThe Latin Gesture of Benediction: A History in Images and a Plea for a Return
2/10/2010Arlene Oost-ZinnerTheology of the "Crumbs"
2/10/2010Shawn TribeLenten Suggestions: Lectio Divina, the Divine Office, Fasting and More
2/10/2010Jeffrey TuckerThe Struggle for Sacred Music: Some Postconcilar Forgotten History
2/12/2010Shawn TribeJohn Newton in the Catholic Herald: A New English Translation? Amen To That
2/12/2010Arlene Oost-ZinnerNew Translations: It's Still English!
2/14/2010Matthew AldermanBurying the Alleluia: Burning Strawmen, Mourning Choirboys
2/14/2010Matthew AldermanBurial of the Alleluia at Our Lady of the Atonement Parish, San Antonio, Texas
2/15/2010Gregor KollmorgenImportant Clarifications from Ecclesia Dei
2/15/2010Gregory DiPippoCardinal Biffi's Critique of the New Ambrosian Lectionary - An Assessment
2/16/2010Jeffrey TuckerLiturgical Musicians: Do We Act Like Children?
2/16/2010Shawn TribeContemporary Representational Sacred Art: Some Proposed Issues and Solutions (1 of 2)
2/17/2010Shawn TribeContemporary Representational Sacred Art: Some Proposed Issues and Solutions (Part 2 of 2)
2/20/2010Gregory DiPippoA Member of the Ambrosian Congregation Responds to Cardinal Biffi – An Assessment
2/20/2010Shawn TribeRussian Iconographer, Fr. Gregory Krug, 1908-1969
2/21/2010Shawn TribeDavid Clayton: How the Form of the Iconographic Tradition Relates to the Catholic Worldview
2/24/2010Shawn TribeEmbertide during Lent: Historical, Liturgical and Scriptural Considerations
2/24/2010Shawn TribeBook Notice: Benedict XVI and the Sacred Liturgy
2/26/2010Jeffrey TuckerOpening the Time Capsule
2/27/2010Shawn TribeStational Churches of Lent: Ember Saturday after the First Sunday in Lent
2/27/2010Gregory DiPippoAn Exhortation for Lent, by My Father
2/28/2010Shawn TribeSt. Leo the Great on the Transfiguration
3/1/2010Shawn TribeStational Churches of Lent: Monday after the Second Sunday in Lent
3/2/2010Gregor KollmorgenSt. Lawrence, Nuremberg
3/2/2010Jeffrey TuckerWhat Liturgy Did Vatican II Desire?
3/2/2010Shawn TribeThe Roman Stational Churches: An Explanation and Historical Consideration
3/2/2010Arlene Oost-ZinnerIs an Aesthetic Experience Essential?
3/3/2010Shawn TribeJournalist John Allen Jr. Speaks with Msgr. Guido Marini
3/3/2010Matthew AldermanTAC in America Requests Ordinariate; and Other Anglican News
3/4/2010Shawn TribeStational Churches of Lent: Thursday after the Second Sunday in Lent
3/4/2010Matthew Alderman"They're Always There"
3/4/2010Gregory DiPippoThe Consecration of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary - Some Preliminary Photos
3/5/2010Jeffrey TuckerThe Remarkable Don Roy
3/6/2010Shawn TribeFr. Mauro Gagliardi on "The Priest and the Canon of the Mass"
3/6/2010Gregory DiPippoThe Consecration of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary Chapel - An Account of the Ceremonies (Part 1)
3/7/2010Jeffrey TuckerLiturgy and the Words We Use
3/8/2010Shawn TribeStational Churches of Lent: Monday after the Third Sunday in Lent
3/9/2010Shawn TribeStational Churches of Lent: Tuesday after the Third Sunday in Lent
3/9/2010Nicola De' GrandiA Taste of the Glorious Marcian Rite of Venice
3/10/2010Shawn TribeBenedict Speaks on Continuity, New Development and Tradition within the Church
3/10/2010Gregory DiPippoThe Consecration of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary Chapel - An Account of the Ceremonies (Part 2)
3/11/2010Shawn TribeContinuing Debate Surrounding the Modern Ambrosian Lectionary
3/12/2010Shawn TribePope Continues to Discourse on Continuity and Forms of Reductionism
3/12/2010Jeffrey TuckerCan Catholics Begin to Care about Music?
3/12/2010Jeffrey TuckerShould We Confront the Purveyors of Bad Music?
3/13/2010Shawn TribeBook Review: The Development of the Liturgical Reform
3/14/2010Shawn TribeSolemn Mass (Usus Antiquior) in the Pantheon Commemorates Giovanna of Savoy
3/15/2010Shawn TribeStational Churches of Lent: Monday after the Fourth Sunday in Lent
3/15/2010Jeffrey TuckerMore on Applegate
3/15/2010Gregory DiPippoThe Consecration of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary Chapel - Part 3
3/16/2010Shawn TribeDutch Archbishop on Interior Life, Continuity of the Priesthood
3/17/2010Shawn TribeStational Churches of Lent: Wednesday after the Fourth Sunday in Lent
3/17/2010Jeffrey TuckerThe Musical Hope of the New Missal
3/18/2010Shawn TribeStational Churches of Lent: Thursday after the Fourth Sunday in Lent
3/19/2010Shawn TribeSacred Architecture Conference in Washington DC to Explore Themes of Continuity and Development
3/19/2010Shawn TribeDuncan Stroik in the Wall Street Journal
3/20/2010Shawn TribeReform of the Reform/In Utroque Usu Communities: Interview with theMissionarii Franciscani Verbi Aeterni
3/21/2010Shawn TribeThe Coptic Orthodox Divine Liturgy
3/22/2010Gregor KollmorgenThe Wounded Liturgy by Bishop Marc Aillet
3/23/2010Nicola De' GrandiLiturgical Colours for Lent in the Ambrosian Tradition
3/23/2010Jeffrey TuckerMusic at Ave Maria
3/24/2010Gregor KollmorgenThe Extraordinary Form Conquers More and More of the Souls of the Franciscans of the Immaculate
3/24/2010Shawn TribeZenit Interview With Theologian and Liturgist Father Nicola Bux
3/26/2010Jeffrey TuckerThe Altar of Repose
3/26/2010Jeffrey TuckerFive Problems, Five Solutions
3/27/2010Nicola De' GrandiThe "Sabbatum in Traditione Symboli" in the Ambrosian tradition
3/28/2010Shawn TribeFFI Ordinations by Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life in Florence
3/29/2010Shawn TribeThe Passion of Benedict XVI
3/29/2010Shawn TribeLong Applause for New York Prelate Who Defends Pope
4/1/2010Shawn TribeThe Papal Mass of Maundy Thursday, St. John Lateran
4/2/2010Shawn TribeCelebration of the Passion of Our Lord from the Vatican Basilica
4/3/2010Jeffrey TuckerThe Troubles of the Catholic World
4/3/2010Shawn TribeThe Easter Vigil from the Vatican Basilica
4/3/2010Nicola De' GrandiEaster in the Ambrosian Rite - Part I
4/4/2010Nicola De' GrandiEaster in the Ambrosian Rite - Part II
4/5/2010Shawn TribeA Nice Specimen of 20th Century Liturgical Movement Vestment Work
4/5/2010Nicola De' GrandiEaster in the Ambrosian Rite - Part III
4/7/2010Shawn TribeThe Passion of Pope Benedict. Six Accusations, One Question
4/7/2010Jeffrey TuckerTwo Stories of Discovery
4/9/2010Shawn TribeDavid Clayton: Praying with Sacred Images
4/9/2010Jeffrey TuckerThe Book that Explains it All
4/10/2010Shawn TribeKnights of Malta Conference Liturgies, Merton College, Oxford
4/11/2010Jeffrey TuckerIn Defense of Non-Singing Congregations
4/12/2010Shawn TribeInteresting Liturgical Commentaries from Office for the Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff on Vatican Website
4/14/2010Shawn TribeA Modest Proposal: Speaking About Beauty within the Sacred Liturgy
4/14/2010Shawn TribeA Former Hindu Man Details the Evangelical Power Beauty and the Catholic Tradition
4/16/2010Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPSan Giorgio in Brancoli (Lucca)
4/16/2010David ClaytonHow the Form of Baroque Painting Affects Prayer
4/16/2010Jeffrey TuckerOne Hundred Years of People's Catholic Music
4/18/2010Shawn TribeArchbishop Bernard Longley at Oxford Oratory
4/19/2010Shawn TribeMonastic Silence
4/20/2010Jeffrey TuckerIs Copyright Necessary for Liturgical Discipline?
4/22/2010Jeffrey TuckerMore commentary on the Grail Psalms
4/23/2010David ClaytonThe Icons of Sr Petra Clare
4/24/2010Jeffrey TuckerBreakthrough on the Grail and Other Issues
4/24/2010Shawn TribeBehind the Scenes Photos from Washington
4/25/2010Shawn TribeAbbaye Saint-Joseph de Clairval, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, France
4/25/2010Shawn TribeFull Text of Bishop Edward Slattery's Homily
4/26/2010Shawn TribeThe Mozarabic Rite: The Offertory to the Post Sanctus
4/27/2010Shawn TribeDietrich von Hildebrand on the Spirit of Continuity in the Liturgy
4/27/2010Jeffrey TuckerCantores in Ecclesia in Rome
4/27/2010Jeffrey TuckerWhat's So Great About a Procession?
4/28/2010Shawn TribeHoly Father Addresses Vox Clara Committee
4/30/2010Shawn TribeApril 2010 Adoremus Bulletin
4/30/2010David ClaytonGeometric Patterned Art at the Cappella Palatina in Sicily
5/1/2010Jeffrey TuckerSacred Music at Ave Maria University
5/2/2010Shawn TribeLessons from a Temporary Altar Arrangement: The Altar and Noble Beauty
5/3/2010Shawn TribeThe Sculptural Work of Fr. Felix Granda
5/4/2010Shawn TribeThe Way of Beauty
5/7/2010David ClaytonThe Museum of Russian Icons, Clinton, Massachusetts
5/8/2010Jeffrey TuckerSacred Music Moves South
5/8/2010Shawn TribeRussian Spirituality in Rome
5/9/2010Shawn TribeOn Rogation Days
5/10/2010Shawn TribeThe First Solemn Mass of a Newly Ordained Diocesan Priest and His Thoughts on Mutual Enrichment
5/10/2010Shawn TribeThe Future Liturgy of an Anglican Ordinariate: Considerations by Bishop Peter Elliott
5/12/2010Jeffrey TuckerThe Liturgical Problem of Campus Ministry
5/14/2010Shawn TribeCraftsmanship and Continuity in the Liturgical Arts
5/15/2010Shawn TribeThe Future Liturgy of an Anglican Ordinariate: Why not Sarum?
5/16/2010Shawn TribeThe New Missal: Disaster or Opportunity? [Updated]
5/17/2010Shawn TribeThe Future Liturgy of an Anglican Ordinariate: Four Forms - The Roman Liturgical Books and the English Missal
5/17/2010Shawn TribeThe Breviary, iPhone and iPad
5/18/2010Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPMedieval Version of the Salve Regina
5/18/2010Jeffrey TuckerFaith and Music: Partners in Our Times
5/19/2010Arlene Oost-ZinnerA Guide for the Perplexed on the New Translation on the Mass
5/20/2010Shawn TribeThe Future Liturgy of an Anglican Ordinariate: Bearing the Image of the Book of Common Prayer
5/21/2010David ClaytonTiepolo's Immaculate Conception
5/21/2010Jeffrey TuckerCatholic Music: Behind the Curve
5/21/2010Jeffrey TuckerVeni Sancte Spiritus
5/21/2010Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPThinking about Inculturation
5/23/2010Shawn TribePentecost Variations
5/23/2010Matthew AldermanGerman Gothic: A Model for New Church Construction
5/25/2010Shawn TribeOfficial Photos from 2010 Pèlerinage de Chartres Pentecôte
5/25/2010Shawn TribeCarl Olson and Moyra Doorly Engage in Friendly Debate on Ignatius Insight
5/26/2010Jeffrey TuckerThe Byrd Festival and the Greatness of Byrd
5/28/2010Jeffrey TuckerSing a New Song, Please
5/28/2010David ClaytonFra Angelico and the Gothic
5/29/2010Shawn TribeItems of Interest in the May and June 2010 Adoremus Bulletin
6/2/2010Shawn TribeRemember the Martyrs and Martyrology
6/3/2010Shawn TribeOpus Anglicanum, or English Work
6/4/2010David ClaytonThe Characteristics of Fresco
6/4/2010Fr. Thomas KocikThe Reform of the Reform? Not Yet
6/5/2010Jeffrey TuckerWhen Sheep Attack
6/5/2010Shawn TribeThe Ciborium
6/8/2010Matthew AldermanOne, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic: Marks of the Church Building as well as the Church Herself
6/9/2010Shawn TribeReview of "Dominus Est" by Dr. Manfred Hauke
6/9/2010Shawn TribeZENIT: Promoting Worship With the Traditional Mass
6/10/2010Gregor KollmorgenZwiefalten Abbey
6/16/2010Arlene Oost-ZinnerIrrelevance and Tradition
6/22/2010Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPTrue Beauty versus Aestheticism
6/22/2010Shawn TribeRetro Tablum: The Origins and Role of the Altarpiece in the Liturgy
6/23/2010Shawn TribeU.K. Cathedrals: Southwark
6/25/2010David ClaytonAre Reproductions Legitimate Art?
6/25/2010Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPMediæval Bishops & their Mitres
6/27/2010Shawn TribeAvoiding Mere Ritualism and Mere Activitism
6/29/2010Matthew AldermanFive Things Any Parish Can Do to Improve Sacred Space
7/2/2010Shawn TribeReview of "Heaven and Earth in Little Space: The Re-Enchantment of Liturgy"
7/5/2010Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPCommentary on the 'Great Cape'
7/6/2010Shawn TribePugin the Glazier: A Review by Fr. Anthony Symondson, S.J.
7/7/2010Arlene Oost-Zinner"An Interior Reconciliation in the Heart of the Church"
7/8/2010Shawn TribeJuly/August 2010 Edition of Adoremus Bulletin
7/9/2010David ClaytonBernini and Baroque Sculpture
7/9/2010Shawn TribeObservance of Liturgical Norms and "Ars Celebrandi"
7/12/2010Shawn TribeThe Debate About Continuity or Rupture in the Documents of the Second Vatican Council
7/12/2010Shawn TribeFota III: Reports from the Third Liturgical Conference in Cork, Ireland on Benedict XVI and Sacred Music
7/14/2010Shawn TribeFota III: Report on the Final Day of the Third Liturgical Conference in Cork, Ireland on Benedict XVI and Sacred Music
7/16/2010Gregor KollmorgenCardinal Cañizares Interview on Three Years of Summorum Pontificum: Full Text
7/16/2010David ClaytonSpanish Polychrome Sculpture, Ancient and Modern
7/19/2010Gregory DiPippoRaphael in the Sistine Chapel - A Unique Exhibition in London
7/21/2010Shawn TribeExcerpts from Archbishop Burke's Homily at the Fota Liturgical Conference
7/23/2010David ClaytonJust How Golden is the Golden Section?
7/26/2010Shawn TribeAn Interview with Monsignor Nicola Bux
7/26/2010Shawn TribeArchbishop Ranjith at Work in Colombo
7/27/2010Matthew AldermanLawrence Klimecki Interviews Matthew Alderman on Art and Architecture
7/27/2010Shawn TribeThomas More College Establishes Mediaeval Style Guilds
7/28/2010Matthew AldermanRalph Adams Cram and Our False Inevitability
7/30/2010Fr. Thomas KocikWhat's in a Name?
7/30/2010Gregory DiPippoDon Stefano Carusi on the Holy Week Reform of 1951-56: A Brief Assessment
8/3/2010Shawn TribeCDW Secretary Writes Preface to Italian Edition of "The Mass and Modernity" by Fr. Jonathan Robinson
8/3/2010Matthew AldermanNo Secrets, Only Christ
8/4/2010Shawn TribeThe Delights of the Divine Office and Lay Life: Further Meditations
8/5/2010Shawn TribeBr. Stephen on "The Other Anglican Patrimony"
8/6/2010David ClaytonBaroque Sacred Art Exemplified
8/6/2010Shawn TribeSt. Leo the Great on the Transfiguration
8/8/2010Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of the Fourteen Holy Helpers
8/9/2010Matthew AldermanReligion Columnist Terry Mattingly on Church Renovations
8/11/2010Gregor KollmorgenPreface of Msgr. Burke to Canonical Commentary on Summorum Pontificum
8/17/2010Gregor KollmorgenProcessions in Spain for the Assumption and the Mystery of Elche
8/18/2010Shawn TribeFr. Samuel F. Weber: Childhood Memories of Learning Chant and Praying the Divine Office
8/20/2010Shawn TribeSir J. Ninian Comper and the Sisters of Bethany
8/24/2010Gregor KollmorgenNew Traditional Carmelite Foundation in Brazil
8/27/2010Arlene Oost-ZinnerMusical Choices and Mitigating Circumstances: A Sincere Plea
8/27/2010Shawn TribeFr. George Rutler on the New Translation, on Liturgists and on Ad Orientem
8/27/2010Matthew Alderman"Eucharistic Reductionism" and Avoiding Past Mistakes
8/30/2010Gregor Kollmorgen"Benedict XVI has dared to do it."
9/3/2010David ClaytonThe Symbolism of the Content in Gothic Art
9/7/2010Shawn TribeFr. Anthony Symondson on the Westminster Cathedral Centenary Exhibition
9/9/2010Shawn TribeClerical Dress in the City of Rome in the 19th Century (Part 1 of 2)
9/10/2010Shawn TribeClerical Dress in the City of Rome in the 19th Century (Part 2 of 2)
9/10/2010David ClaytonThe Gothic - Duccio to Van Eyck
9/15/2010Shawn TribeThe Paintings of Fr. George William Rutler
9/15/2010Shawn TribeLiturgical Creativity and Narcissism
9/17/2010Shawn TribeShould We Paint God the Father?
9/18/2010Gregor KollmorgenPapal Mass at Westminster Cathedral
9/19/2010Shawn TribeVIS: Benedict on Newman
9/20/2010Shawn TribeFr. Anthony Symondson for the Catholic Herald: Mosaic Matters
9/21/2010Gregor KollmorgenThe Heart of Catholic Germany (Part I)
9/22/2010Shawn TribeMass in Honour of Blessed John Henry Newman, University Church, Dublin
9/22/2010Shawn TribeMass of Thanksgiving at the Birmingham Oratory
9/29/2010Shawn TribeLessons of Customs and Traditions Found in St. Wenceslas' Feast and Carol
9/29/2010Shawn TribeCustoms of Michaelmas
9/30/2010Shawn TribeThe Holy Father on Matilda of Hackeborn: "The liturgy is a great school of spirituality"
10/4/2010Shawn TribeTwo Year Patristic Lectionary for the Divine Office
10/5/2010Shawn TribeAbbé Claude Barthe on the New Liturgical Movement
10/5/2010Shawn TribeRádio Renascença: Fr. Joseph Santos and the Rite of Braga
10/7/2010Deborah MorlaniThe Holy Rosary: Directed Toward the Sacred Liturgy
10/8/2010Matthew AldermanOn the Size of Altars
10/8/2010David ClaytonPelicanus Periculosus?
10/12/2010Shawn TribeBishop Slattery Speaks to TAC Students on the Sacred Liturgy and the Hermeneutic of Discontinuity
10/15/2010David ClaytonIs There a Place for the Celtic Style Today?
10/18/2010Shawn TribeMartin Mosebach on "The Old Roman Missal: Loss and Rediscovery"
10/19/2010Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568 - 1961: Part 8.1 - The Gallican Psalter of St. Jerome
10/21/2010Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568 - 1961: Part 8.2 - The New Psalter of Pius XII and Card. Bea
10/22/2010Shawn TribeFr. Anthony Symondson Reviews Volume Three of The Collected Letters of AWN Pugin
10/24/2010Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568 - 1961: Part 9.1 - The Simplified Rubrics of 1955
10/25/2010Shawn TribeThe Papal Mass and the Altar and Ciborium of Westminster Cathedral
10/27/2010Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568 - 1961: Part 9.2 - An Assessment of the 1955 Simplified Rubrics
11/1/2010Matthew AldermanNew Romanesque Church Planned for Virginia Parish
11/3/2010Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568 - 1961: Part 10.1 - The Reform of 1960
11/8/2010Shawn TribeThe Call of Beauty: Excerpts from Benedict XVI's Homily at La Sagrada Familia
11/9/2010Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568 - 1961: Part 10.2 - The Matins Lessons in the Reform of 1960
11/10/2010Shawn TribePope Addresses Italian Bishops on Sacred Liturgy as Perennial Source of Education in the Faith
11/12/2010David ClaytonHeart to Heart
11/15/2010Gregor KollmorgenThe German Choral Dialect and a Jewel on the Rhine: St. Valentine, Kiedrich
11/15/2010Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St. Josaphat at the Vatican
11/16/2010Shawn TribeCardinal Biffi Critiques the Postconciliar "Spirit" of Vatican II
11/19/2010David ClaytonHalo! Halo!
11/22/2010Shawn TribeOn Littleness and Liturgy (A Meditation on Anglicanorum Coetibus and Related Matters by Author Claudio Salvucci)
11/24/2010Shawn TribeCustoms of Advent: The Advent Wreath
11/26/2010David ClaytonWhere Can Catholics Go to Learn Icon Painting?
11/30/2010Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary, 1568 - 1961: Part 10.3 - The Reform of Local Calendars in 1961
12/1/2010Gregor KollmorgenInterview with Ecclesia Dei Secretary on Three Years of Summorum Pontificum
12/3/2010Gregor KollmorgenInterview with Ecclesia Dei Secretary - Full Text
12/9/2010Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPPontifical High Mass at Holy Cross Priory, Leicester
12/10/2010David ClaytonBalancing the General and the Particular
12/13/2010Shawn TribeBook Review by Dr. Alcuin Reid: Liturgical Essays of Yves Congar
12/14/2010Gregor KollmorgenAn African Bishop on Summorum Pontificum, Mutual Enrichment, and the Reform of the Reform
12/14/2010Shawn TribeBeauty and the Liturgical Rite
12/17/2010David ClaytonGold, Glaze or Scumble: Creating or Destroying the Illusion of Space
12/31/2010David ClaytonRelief Carving - Painting in Shadow
1/2/2011Shawn TribeReprint: The Life, Work and Ambitions of Abbé Franck Quoëx, 1967-2007
1/3/2011Matthew AldermanWhy the "Other Modern" is Important
1/12/2011Shawn TribeDom Columba Marmion on the Interior and Exterior Dimensions of Divine Worship
1/13/2011Matthew AldermanA Curiosity: Frank Lloyd Wright's Son and Los Angeles Cathedral
1/17/2011Shawn TribeAn Excerpt from Bishop Athanasius Schneider's Roman Paper: A Syllabus?
1/18/2011Shawn TribeNoble Simplicity as Expressed Through Cistercianesque Sobriety: One Variant (Updated)
1/18/2011Matthew AldermanModernism and the Other Modern: A Cautionary Tale
1/24/2011David ClaytonWhere Can Catholics go to Study Naturalistic Painting?
1/24/2011Shawn TribeSome Pillars of a New Liturgical Movement (And For Catholic Life and the Parish Generally)
1/25/2011Shawn TribeInstallation of an Archbishop in the Philippines
1/25/2011Shawn TribeDom Mark Daniel Kirby, OSB: On the Psalmody of the Divine Office
1/25/2011Shawn TribeComplete Text of Athanasius Schneider's Proposals for a Correct Reading of the Second Vatican Council
2/1/2011Gregor KollmorgenA Papal Nuncio on Bishops Resisting Summorum Pontificum
2/2/2011Shawn TribeCandlemas: Some Theological and Historico-Liturgical Notes
2/3/2011Shawn TribeThe Sub Tuum Praesidium
2/4/2011David ClaytonCreating an Icon of a Modern Saint
2/7/2011Matthew Alderman"When Drab is a Favorite Color"
2/10/2011Shawn TribeSighcula Sighculorum
2/11/2011David ClaytonThe Icons of Irina Gorbunova-Lomax
2/14/2011Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPRound Churches in the Roman Tradition
2/15/2011Gregor KollmorgenNew Deacons for the ICRSS
2/15/2011Fr. Thomas KocikThe Modern Liturgical Reform – An Alternative History, Reviewed
2/16/2011Gregor KollmorgenCardinals Amato and Ranjith Taking Possession of Their Titular Churches in Rome
2/17/2011Shawn TribeThe Feast of All the Neomartyrs of Russia
2/20/2011Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPTruth, Goodness, and Beauty in Architecture
2/21/2011Shawn TribeA Good Editorial About Comments and Comboxes
2/23/2011Fr. Thomas KocikThe End of Orientation
2/25/2011Shawn TribeReprinted: Geoffrey Webb, The Liturgical Altar
3/7/2011Shawn TribeSome Lenten Considerations
3/8/2011Shawn TribeFr. George Rutler: Why We Need Lent
3/10/2011Shawn TribeSacred Art of Leonard Porter
3/10/2011Shawn TribeNLM Reprint: Use, History and Development of the "Planeta Plicata" or Folded Chasuble
3/11/2011David ClaytonThe Quincunx - a Geometric Form of Christ in Majesty
3/21/2011Shawn TribeTime Drawn Into Eternity Conference: Papers of Bishop Elliott and Fr. Van der Putten, FSSP
3/24/2011David ClaytonCan We Learn to Read the Book of Nature Today?
3/28/2011Shawn TribePhotos from Mass at the High Altar of York Minster
3/30/3011Shawn TribeThe Iconography of San Clemente
3/30/2011Shawn TribeThe Iconography of San Clemente
3/31/2011Gregory DiPippoAn Important Liturgical Reform of the Eighth Century
4/1/2011David ClaytonCreating an Icon of a Modern Saint by Aidan Hart
4/2/2011Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of Saint Mary of Egypt
4/4/2011Gregory DiPippoDivine Liturgy Celebrated in Rome by the New Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
4/5/2011Shawn TribeBeauty in the Liturgy: Interview with Msgr. Guido Marini
4/5/2011Shawn TribeConverted by Beauty: President of the College of St. Mary Magdalen
4/6/2011Shawn TribeThe Anglican Ordinariate and the Reform of the Reform
4/8/2011David ClaytonCovenantal Proportion as a Design Principle
4/9/2011Shawn TribePassiontide: An Image, A Poll and A Meditation
4/11/2011Shawn TribeAidan Nichols: The Ordinariates, the Pope, and the Liturgy
4/11/2011Gregory DiPippoThe Story of Susanna in the Liturgy of Lent
4/11/2011David ClaytonThe Icon of New Martyr Elizabeth: Postscript
4/15/2011David ClaytonFaces by Matthew James Collins
4/18/2011Shawn TribeThe Italian Debate About Continuity, Rupture and the Second Vatican Council
4/21/2011Gregor KollmorgenThe Other Modern: St. Augustinus, Berlin
4/21/2011Shawn TribeGueranger on the Mass of Holy Thursday and the Stripping of the Altars
4/22/2011Shawn TribeImages from the Papal Liturgy of Good Friday
4/27/2011Gregory DiPippoIcons by Fabergé at the Vatican Museums
4/29/2011Shawn TribeThe Italian Debate About Continuity... Continued
5/5/2011Shawn TribeRupture, Continuity and Council - The Italian Debate Continues and Extends
5/5/2011David ClaytonMore About the Eighth Day
5/6/2011Shawn TribeChurch's Liturgy Goes Beyond Conciliar Reform
5/6/2011Gregory DiPippoRome Restores the Counter-Reformation
5/9/2011Gregor KollmorgenVIII Centenary of the Consecration of the Cathedral of Santiago [UPDATE]
5/13/2011Shawn TribeOn Universae Ecclesiae: Part I - Some Analysis and Commentary
5/16/2011David ClaytonCosmic Onions? What Has Still Life Got To Do With the Liturgy?
5/17/2011Shawn TribeOn Universae Ecclesiae: Part II - Further Commentary and Considerations
5/19/2011Shawn TribeBrief Meditations on the Sacred Liturgy
5/20/2011Shawn TribeCardinal Burke Says Liturgy Must Shift Focus Away From Self and Back to God
5/20/2011Shawn TribeAlcuin Reid Commentary on Universae Ecclesiae
5/21/2011Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPMore photos and thoughts on the new Roman Missal in English
5/24/2011Shawn TribeM.C. of Archdiocese of Miami on Beauty in the Life of the Church
5/26/2011Shawn TribeJoan Lewis Interviews Cardinal Wuerl on the Ordinariate in America
5/26/2011Shawn TribeMore From the London Oratory -- And Revisiting Festivity
5/27/2011David ClaytonChanging Appearances to Communicate to Different People
5/27/2011Shawn TribeMonk of Le Barroux Enters Rupture Debate
5/30/2011Henri Adam De VilliersThree Curious Litanies for Rogation Days in the Old Use of Paris
5/30/2011Gregory DiPippoRoman Conference on Summorum Pontificum - Day 2
5/30/2011Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Rite Candle Lighting
5/31/2011Shawn TribeRome and Sacred Music
6/2/2011Gregory DiPippoRoman Conference on Summorum Pontificum - Day 2 (continued)
6/3/2011Shawn TribeCardinal Burke and the ICRSS Make Pilgrimage to Lourdes
6/6/2011Shawn TribeA Coalition For Beauty?
6/6/2011Shawn TribeTime For a Papal Motu Proprio on Sacred Music?
6/7/2011Shawn TribeAltar and Orientation: Central to a New Liturgical Movement
6/9/2011Shawn TribeFr. Christopher Smith on Praise and Worship Music Within the Sacred Liturgy
6/14/2011Shawn TribePèlerinage de Chartres: The Official Photo Album
6/14/2011Shawn TribeBishop Peter Elliott on the Liturgical Usage(s) of the Anglican Ordinariate
6/15/2011David ClaytonHow the Artistic Liturgical Traditions Complement Each Other
6/16/2011Gregory DiPippoThe Octave of Pentecost: A Proposal for Mutual Enrichment
6/16/2011Shawn TribeTucker on Magister
6/17/2011Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPCurrent Status of the Dominican Rite: A Summary
6/17/2011Shawn TribeA New Entry in the Rupture and Continuity Debate: Enrico Maria Radaelli
6/20/2011Shawn Tribe"The Attractive Power of Liturgical Beauty"
6/20/2011Shawn TribeContemplation of Beauty by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
6/21/2011Shawn TribeNewman on the Ordo de Tempore
6/23/2011Shawn TribePope Benedict on the Psalms: "The Book of Prayer Par Excellence"
6/29/2011Shawn TribeSt. Leo the Great on Ss. Peter and Paul
6/30/2011Gregory DiPippoThe Octave of Corpus Christi
7/1/2011David ClaytonA Leaf from the Book of Nature
7/6/2011Matthew AldermanFr. Aidan Nichols on the Ordinariate Liturgy
7/7/2011Shawn TribeExecutive Director of ICEL to CMAA Colloqiuium
7/11/2011Shawn TribeMonsignor Andrew Burnham: What is Anglican Liturgical Patrimony?
7/11/2011Shawn TribeBook Review: Canticum Clericorum Romanum
7/12/2011Matthew AldermanAnother Regrettable Cathedral for California?
7/13/2011Shawn TribeThe Glagolitic Missal - Missale Romanum Slavonico Idiomate
7/14/2011David ClaytonAidan Hart on Diversity Within Iconography - An Artistic Pentecost
7/19/2011Shawn TribeBook Review: Work of Human Hands: A Theological Critique of the Mass of Paul VI, Anthony Cekada
7/19/2011Shawn TribeICRSS Ordinations in Florence
7/20/2011Shawn TribeThe Beauty that Beckons
7/22/2011David ClaytonSome Thoughts About Art Criticism That Might Encourage Constructive Dialogue
7/29/2011Shawn TribeOn the Liturgical Movement and on a New Liturgical Movement
8/2/2011Gregor KollmorgenFirst Pontifical Mass at Elysburg Carmel
8/2/2011Shawn TribeByzantine Frescoes of the Ancient Philosophers
8/9/2011Shawn TribeA Brief History of Watts and Co. of London
8/10/2011Gregory DiPippoThe Feasts of Saint Lawrence
8/11/2011David ClaytonTwo Hearts Beat as One - An 'Original Copy' of the Sacred Heart Image
8/15/2011Gregory DiPippoOn the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
8/15/2011Shawn TribeOf Sacrifice and the Sacrament: A Historical and Contemporary Challenge for the (New) Liturgical Movement
8/16/2011David ClaytonHow Do We Revive the Gothic Tradition Without Creating Pastiche?
8/16/2011Fr. Thomas KocikForm Following Function
8/17/2011Shawn TribeFirst Solemn Mass of a New Priest
8/19/2011Shawn TribeEastern Churches Review: The Origins of the Iconostasis
8/19/2011Shawn TribeFr. Christopher Smith on Seminarians and the Usus Antiquior
8/22/2011Shawn TribeEastern Churches Review: On the Origins of the Iconostasis (Part 2 of 3)
8/23/2011Shawn TribeSaints of the Roman Canon - Part 2: The Nobis Quoque
8/25/2011Shawn TribeThoughts on the Canadian Edition of the Revised Roman Missal
8/30/2011Jeffrey TuckerThe Integration of Liturgy and Music
8/31/2011Gregory DiPippoThe Saints of the Ambrosian Canon (Part 1)
9/1/2011Shawn TribeBenedict XVI: The Path of Beauty
9/1/2011Jeffrey TuckerCommon Confusions in the Debate about Mass Propers
9/2/2011David ClaytonShould Theology Govern the Process of Painting as well the Product?
9/2/2011Gregory DiPippoThe Saints of the Ambrosian Canon (part 2)
9/5/2011Jeffrey TuckerA Future for English Chant
9/6/2011Shawn TribeDietrich von Hildebrand on the Rhythm, Scope and Primacy of the Sacred Liturgy
9/9/2011David ClaytonFloored by John Quincy Adams and his Quilt Designs
9/12/2011Gregory DiPippoThe Golden Legend on the Ambrosian Rite
9/13/2011Shawn TribeCatholic Life in the Ivy League: Memories of Yale University and St. Mary's, New Haven
9/14/2011Shawn TribeThe Holy See and the SSPX Meet Today [UPDATED]
9/15/2011Jeffrey TuckerThe Musical Transition to the New Missal
9/15/2011Fr. Thomas KocikBook Review: The Restoration and Organic Development of the Roman Rite
9/16/2011David ClaytonThe Importance of Seeing Paintings in Context
9/17/2011Jeffrey TuckerFr. Guy Nicholls on Chant and Mass Propers
9/19/2011Shawn TribeAthleta Patriae: A Tribute to Professor László Dobszay (1935-2011)
9/20/2011Fr. Thomas KocikThe Reform of the Reform: Style Over Substance?
9/21/2011Shawn TribeAn Other Modern Binding: A 1924 Latin-French Missal for the Laity
9/22/2011Jeffrey TuckerBoston's Example to the Nation: the BACS
9/23/2011Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.POrdination of Fr. Lawrence Lew OP - Vestments, Chalice & Artworks
9/23/2011David ClaytonThe Psalms and the Evangelisation of the Culture
9/26/2011Shawn TribeUsus Antiquior Conference at Thomas Aquinas College
9/27/2011Shawn TribePatriarch Gregorios III, Letter on the Liturgy
9/28/2011Shawn TribeExclusive Preview: "Marini's Conciliarist Manifesto" by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski
10/4/2011Shawn TribeMagister: Not All Bishops Are of Good Will
10/5/2011Jeffrey TuckerThe Future of Catholic Music Is Bright
10/5/2011Shawn TribeReprint: On the Use of Unbleached Beeswax Candles for Masses for the Dead
10/6/2011Shawn TribeDom Mark Daniel Kirby on the Propers of the Mass - Council and Continuity Conference, Phoenix
10/6/2011Shawn TribeThe Sources and Shape of the Carthusian Liturgy
10/7/2011David ClaytonFull Metal Jacket - Does a Cover Add to or Detract from the Holiness of an Icon?
10/7/2011Shawn TribeFr. Christopher Phillips on the Ordinariate Liturgy - Council and Continuity Conference, Phoenix
10/10/2011Shawn TribeInterview with Dr. Alcuin Reid in Deutsche Tagepost: The Council, Organic Development, Rupture and Continuity
10/11/2011Shawn TribeReprint: On the Use of Black Vestments for Masses for the Dead
10/12/2011Shawn TribePapal Vespers in a Carthusian Monastery and the Pope on Monasticism
10/12/2011Shawn TribeCatholic Life After the Ivy League: Memories of St. John the Evangelist, Stamford
10/14/2011David ClaytonIs There a Place for Modern Art in Our Churches?
10/17/2011Shawn TribeMsgr. Andrew Burnham: The Liturgical Patrimony of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham and the Reform of the Reform
10/17/2011Shawn TribeFr. George Rutler on the Shorter Form of the Modern Lectionary
10/18/2011Shawn TribeFurther Developments Noted in the "Italian Debate" about the Council, Rupture and Continuity
10/18/2011Jeffrey TuckerWill the New Translation Be Granted Its Full Voice?
10/19/2011Shawn TribeTwo Shepherds
10/20/2011Shawn TribeThe High Altar in the Abbey of Our Lady of Tongerlo (1858-2011): Part 1
10/21/2011David ClaytonHalo Shapes: Round or Triangular?
10/24/2011Shawn TribeAn NLM Proposal for the Internal Design and Layout of the Roman Missal of the Ordinary Form
10/24/2011Jeffrey TuckerNew Missal, New Inspiration
10/25/2011Shawn TribeMary Willan Mason on the Musical Legacy of Her Father and the Canons Regular
10/26/2011David ClaytonFr Thomas Kocik's Talk at Thomas More College
10/27/2011Jeffrey TuckerFirst Exposure to Chant
10/28/2011Gregory DiPippoThe Legends of Saints Simon and Jude
10/31/2011Shawn TribeBishop Slattery on the EF, Ad Orientem and the New Translation
11/1/2011Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of All Saints - 2011
11/1/2011Shawn TribeAn Ordination at the London Oratory
11/2/2011Shawn TribeFor All Souls Day: The "Hymnus ad Exequias Defuncti" of Prudentius
11/4/2011Shawn TribeAll Saints and All Souls IV
11/7/2011Gregor KollmorgenSiena Cathedral
11/8/2011Shawn TribeThe Mozarabic Rite: "Canon" to Communion and Dismissal
11/9/2011Shawn TribeCatholic Life After the Ivy League: The Church of Our Saviour, NYC
11/15/2011Jeffrey TuckerDown to the Wire on New Missal
11/16/2011Shawn TribeNLM Quiz no. 8: The Answer and Some Commentary on the Mozarabic Trial by Fire
11/17/2011Shawn TribePope: Pray the Divine Office
11/18/2011David ClaytonSociety of Catholic Artists
11/21/2011Shawn TribeAmerican Indian Requiem Masses from the Book of the Seven Nations
11/21/2011Shawn TribePreparations for Advent: It's Time
11/22/2011Shawn TribeThe High Altar in the Abbey of Our Lady of Tongerlo (1858-2011)
11/23/2011Fr. Thomas KocikThanksgiving Homily, Catholic Style
11/24/2011Shawn TribeThe Phillipian Fast in the Byzantine Rite
11/24/2011Shawn TribeExhibition Review: Representing the Divine, Leonardo da Vinci - Painter at the Court of Milan
11/25/2011David ClaytonA Carved Gospel Book Cover By Andrew Gould and Jonathan Pageau
11/28/2011Shawn TribeArchbishop of Ottawa Confers Minor Orders at FSSP Seminary
11/28/2011Jeffrey TuckerTwo Stories About the New English Missal on NPR
11/29/2011Shawn TribeCardinal Burke's Thoughts on Mutual Enrichment
11/29/2011Jeffrey TuckerThe Next Step for Reformers
11/30/2011Shawn TribeFellay: “We cannot accept the Preamble as it is”
11/30/2011Shawn TribeHistorical Usages and Details as Seen Within a Painting from Todi Cathedral
12/2/2011Shawn TribeThe Indispensable Role of the Family in the New Liturgical Movement
12/2/2011David ClaytonThe Apocryphal Gospels as a Source of Imagery
12/7/2011Shawn TribeOn Rose Vestments
12/9/2011David ClaytonWhy Are Some Icons and Gothic Faces Green?
12/12/2011Gregory DiPippoThe Station Churches of Advent
12/13/2011Shawn TribeFrom the City of Kings: Baroque Architecture in Peru
12/14/2011Shawn TribeJewish Convert on Gregorian Chant and Ad Orientem
12/15/2011Shawn TribeLessons from the Book of Exodus on the Centrality of the Liturgy and Orthopraxis
12/16/2011David ClaytonCherubim, Cherubs and Putti
12/19/2011Gregory DiPippoA Medieval Liturgical 'Commentary' on the O Antiphons
12/20/2011David ClaytonEvery Artist Should Buy and Read this Book: Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting, by Aidan Hart
12/21/2011Shawn TribeOne Month Out: Reactions to the Revised English Translation of the Roman Missal
12/21/2011Shawn TribeWhere Have All the Catholic Writers Gone?
12/22/2011Gregory DiPippoA Medieval Liturgical 'Commentary' on the O Antiphons - Part 2
12/22/2011Shawn TribeDom Alcuin Reid on Praying the Christmas Liturgy
12/23/2011Shawn TribeLatin Revival?
12/27/2011Shawn TribeCardinal Ranjith: "The time has come..." Powerful Letter on the Usus Antiquior and Reform of the Liturgical Reform
12/27/2011Shawn TribeDon Stefano Carusi on the Raison d'Etre of the Institute of the Good Shepherd
12/28/2011Shawn TribeMsgr. Valentin Miserarchs Grau: "The rampant wave of false and truly dreadful liturgical music in our churches..."
12/29/2011Shawn TribeDon Giuseppe Vallauri: The Silent Prayers of the Roman Liturgy
1/2/2012Jeffrey TuckerTop Ten Things I’ve Learned about Sacred Music
1/2/2012Henri Adam De VilliersPublication of the Date of Easter on the Day of the Epiphany
1/3/2012Jeffrey TuckerMidnight Mass, St. George Cathedral, Southwark, London
1/3/2012David ClaytonShould An Icon Be Veiled?
1/4/2012Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPOn the Vesture of Deacon and Subdeacon in the Dominican Rite
1/4/2012Shawn TribeAntiphons in the Roman Missal vs. the Roman Gradual
1/5/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Ancient Origins of the Nativity Scene - Part 1
1/6/2012Shawn TribeEpiphany Customs and Blessings (NLM Reprint)
1/6/2012Shawn TribeFIUV in Rome: Mass and Homily of Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos in St. Peter's Basilica
1/6/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Byzantine Blessing of Water on the Vigil of the Epiphany
1/10/2012Shawn Tribe"Orienting" the Sacred Liturgy
1/11/2012Shawn TribeMissa Cantata at Broughton Hall
1/12/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Ancient Origins of the Nativity Scene - Part 2
1/13/2012David ClaytonWood Carvings by Johannes Kirchmayer
1/13/2012Shawn TribeMagister on the Neocatechumenal Way Liturgy
1/16/2012Matthew AldermanBenedictine Altar Arrangement
1/16/2012Matthew AldermanA "Conference Room Tomb" outside Turin
1/17/2012Shawn TribeAnglican Ordinariate in England Celebrates 1st Anniversary at St. James, Spanish Place
1/18/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Two Feasts of St. Peter's Chair
1/18/2012Jeffrey TuckerThe Entrance Defines Space and Time
1/19/2012Shawn TribeSuperior of Spanish Priestly Society on the Promotion of the Usus Antiquior
1/23/2012Jeffrey TuckerThe Musical Shape of the Liturgy
1/23/2012Shawn TribeFour Missals Reviewed (Part 1 of 3)
1/24/2012Deborah MorlaniThe Sacred Liturgy: The Neglected Foundation to Building the Culture of Life
1/26/2012Shawn TribeCrisis Magazine on the Vatican II Hymnal
1/26/2012Shawn TribeFour Missals Reviewed (Part 2 of 3)
1/26/2012Shawn TribeA Review of "The Dorchester Review"
1/27/2012David ClaytonMurals by John Singer Sargent at the Boston Public Library
1/27/2012Shawn TribeFour Missals Reviewed (Part 3 of 3)
1/30/2012Shawn TribeReview: Two Editions of the CTS New Sunday Missal
1/31/2012Shawn TribeImplement the Motu Proprio: A Bishop Speaks
1/31/2012Shawn TribeCardinal Koch: “The Crisis of the Church is Above All a Crisis of the Liturgy”
2/2/2012Shawn TribeNLM Reprint: Historical Notes on Candlemas
2/6/2011Shawn TribeAuthor Amy Bonaccorso on the EF, OF and the Sacred Liturgy Generally
2/7/2012Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.PLost in Wonder, Love, and Praise
2/7/2012Shawn TribeNLM Reprint: Some Notes on the Origins and Character of Pre-Lent (Septuagesima, Sexagesima, Quinquagesima)
2/8/2012Jeffrey TuckerIs the Job Market Improving for Catholic Musicians?
2/9/2012Gregory DiPippoNLM Reprint: The Station Churches of Septuagesima
2/10/2012David ClaytonInterpreting the Content of Rembrandt's Holy Family
2/11/2012Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPCandlemas at Holy Rosary in Portland OR: Dominican Rite
2/14/2012Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.PSt Andrew's Cathedral, Glasgow
2/15/2012Shawn TribeBishop Athanasius Schneider Ordains New IBP Priest
2/16/2012Shawn TribeLenten Observances in the Vein of a New Liturgical Movement
2/16/2012Shawn Tribe"Pastoral Liturgy" Re-considered
2/17/2012Shawn TribeIntroducing Chant into the Domestic Church
2/20/2012Shawn TribeInterview with Prior of Monastère Saint-Benoît, Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon
2/22/2012Shawn TribeDom Prosper Gueranger on Ash Wednesday
2/22/2012Jeffrey TuckerWhat Can Singers Do for Lent?
2/23/2012Gregory DiPippoPope Benedict XVI On the Decorations of St. Peter's Basilica
2/23/2012Shawn TribeLumen Christi Missal: An Ordinary Form Book for the Pew
2/28/2012Shawn TribeDino Marcantonio, St. Germanus and Turning Eastward
3/1/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Station Churches of the Ember Days of Lent
3/2/2012Gregor KollmorgenLenten Veils
3/2/2012David ClaytonThe Institution of the Eucharist by Guisto
3/3/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Ember Saturday of Lent at Sarum and St. Peter's
3/6/2012Henri Adam De VilliersChriste Qui Lux es et Dies - An Ancient Hymn for Compline during Lent
3/6/2012Shawn TribeReview: The Roman Breviary in English and Latin, Baronius Press
3/6/2012Jeffrey TuckerIf A Commission Spoke, What Should It Say?
3/7/2012Shawn TribeCardinal Cañizares on Moderating the Use of Concelebration
3/12/2012Shawn TribeDominican Rite at St. Vincent Ferrer, New York City
3/13/2012Jeffrey TuckerThe Musical Shape of the Liturgy
3/16/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Samaritan Woman in the Liturgy of Lent
3/21/2012Shawn TribeDon Nicola Bux Personally Appeals to the SSPX: "This is the appropriate moment..."
3/22/2012Shawn TribeIn Defense of Bells: Their Use and History in the Roman Liturgy
3/23/2012David ClaytonThe Mass Portrayed in Raphael's Crucifixion
3/28/2012Shawn TribeOf Bees, the Exsultet, a Paschal Candle (and Pius XII)
3/29/2012Fr. Thomas KocikClassical Tradition: Not What Some Might Imagine
4/2/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Station Churches of Holy Week
4/3/2012Shawn TribeFirst Chrism Mass of UK Ordinariate at St. James, Spanish Place
4/5/2012Shawn TribeA Liturgical Meditation on (and for) the Triduum
4/5/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Ambrosian Mass of Holy Thursday
4/5/2012Henri Adam De VilliersA Common Heritage of East and West on Maundy Thursday
4/6/2012Shawn TribeHistoric Photos from Rome for Good Friday -- and Revisiting the History of the Folded Chasuble
4/9/2012David ClaytonBaroque Naturalism and Baroque Classicism Compared
4/11/2012Shawn TribeOn Liturgical Art and Its Quality and Beauty
4/16/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Station Churches of the Easter Octave
4/17/2012David ClaytonThe 'Fiveness' of Mary - Is It Genuine?
4/18/2012Matthew AldermanStephen Dykes Bower: A Modern Master Architect Revealed
4/19/2012Shawn TribeEastern Churches Review: On the Origins of the Iconostasis (Part 3 of 4)
4/24/2012Shawn TribeEastern Churches Review: On the Origins of the Iconostasis (Part 4 of 4)
4/26/2012Shawn TribeNews from the St. Colman's Society for Catholic Liturgy
4/30/2012Gregory DiPippoThe FSSP's Roman Pastor on Tradition in the Modern Church
5/1/2012David ClaytonA Traditional Western Icon - From the Rheinau Psalter
5/2/2012Matthew AldermanThe Cathedral: A Home for the Liturgy of the Hours
5/4/2012David ClaytonShould an Artist Copy from Photographs?
5/8/2012Shawn TribeOther Modern: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Bilthoven, The Netherlands
5/10/2012Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P50th Anniversary of the Canonization of St Martin de Porres
5/10/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Pope's Letter on the Translation of 'Pro Multis'
5/11/2012David ClaytonHow Do We Develop the Cultural Sensiblities of Children?
5/15/2012Shawn TribeRare Video Footage of the Pontifical Liturgy According to the Rite of Lyons
5/16/2012Shawn TribeFr. Uwe Michael Lang on Vernacular Translations
5/16/2012Shawn TribeSolemn Pontifical Mass, Feast of St. Joan of Arc, Paris
5/18/2012David ClaytonThe Traditional Symbolism of Four
5/21/2012Shawn TribeCrisis on the EF and the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem
5/22/2012Gregory DiPippoSubdiaconal Ordination at the Russicum
5/23/2012Shawn TribeAttempts to Revive Gregorian Chant?
5/23/2012Shawn TribeFirst Mass of a New Young Priest
5/25/2012David ClaytonPaul Jernberg: The Logos of Sacred Music
5/29/2012Shawn TribePentecost: Opera Familia Christi, Rome
5/30/2012Shawn TribeChartres Pilgrimage 2012: Official Photos
5/30/2012Shawn TribeCardinal Burke at the London Oratory
6/1/2012Shawn TribePentecost: The Grandest Octave?
6/4/2012Shawn TribeLiturgical Developments for the Anglican Ordinariate: The Customary of Our Lady of Walsingham
6/5/2012Shawn TribeParallels to Dynamic Equivalence - Circa 1903
6/6/2012Shawn TribeSt. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal for the Extraordinary Form
6/8/2012David ClaytonThe Transfiguration as a Symbol of the Liturgy and Our Participation in Christ's Glory
6/15/2012Gregory DiPippoA Liturgical Curiosity for the Feast of the Sacred Heart
6/18/2012Shawn TribeSolemn Pontifical Mass, Dublin
7/2/2012Shawn TribeSolemn Mass at the Cathedral of the Madeleine for the Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul
7/6/2012Shawn Tribe"The Reform of the Roman Rite" by Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth
7/8/2012Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPLiturgical Colors in the Dominican Rite
7/9/2012Jeffrey TuckerHow to Criticize Liturgical Music
7/10/2012Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.PEngraved Glass Door at St Birinus'
7/12/2012Shawn TribeOfficial Photographs of Pontifical Mass, Fota Liturgical Conference
7/13/2012David ClaytonPolychrome 16th-century Gothic Sculpture - How Could We Learn to Sculpt in this Style Today?
7/16/2012Shawn TribeReport on the Papers Delivered at the 5th Fota International Liturgy Conference (Part 1)
7/17/2012Shawn TribeReport on the Papers Delivered at the 5th Fota International Liturgy Conference (Part 2)
7/17/2012Shawn TribeFurther Photos from the FSSP Saint Francis Xavier Mission Trip, Dominican Republic
7/18/2012Shawn TribeFota Liturgy Conference: Summary of the Keynote Address of Cardinal Burke
7/19/2012Shawn TribeThe High Altar in the Abbey of Our Lady of Tongerlo (1858-2011): Part 3
7/20/2012David ClaytonWhy Create New Art or Music When There's Plenty of Good Old Stuff Around?
7/23/2012Shawn TribeNew Calvary Chapel at the London Oratory
7/27/2012David ClaytonRecently Completed Sacred Art
8/2/2012Shawn TribeThe Potentialities of the English Missal for the Ordinariate and the Roman Rite
8/3/2012David ClaytonThe Sculpture of Tilman Riemenschneider by Christopher Blum
8/6/2012Shawn TribeReflections on the Transfiguration
8/6/2012Gregory DiPippoRaphael's Transfiguration of Christ
8/10/2012David ClaytonVirgin Before Giving Birth, While Giving Birth and After Giving Birth
8/15/2012Shawn TribeCBC on Gregorian Chant and the Gregorian Colloquium in Montreal
8/15/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Gospel of the Assumption: A Medieval Allegory
8/17/2012David ClaytonThe Cosmos is Made for Man - How this Affects the Way We Paint It
8/20/2012Shawn TribeSteven Schloeder: "The Myth of the Domus Ecclesiae"
8/24/2012David ClaytonSt John of the Cross and the Artistic Portrayal of the Joyful Pilgrimage
8/31/2012David ClaytonThe Institute of Catholic Culture - An Organisational Model for the New Evangelisation
9/4/2012Jeffrey TuckerMusical Discretion and Power
9/10/2012Shawn TribeThe Private Oratory of Our Lady of Sorrows in an Italian Village
9/14/2012David ClaytonA Traditional Artistic Training Method - How We Can Apply This Today
9/18/2012Shawn TribeTwo Archival Videos from the See of Milan
9/19/2012Jeffrey TuckerSacred Music, Spring 2011
9/21/2012Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.PRekindling the Embers
9/21/2012David ClaytonA Simple Recipe for Artistic Success
9/24/2012Shawn TribeA Latin Renaissance?
9/24/2012Shawn TribeTwo Pieces on Sacred Music
9/25/2012Shawn TribePontifical Low Mass in the Philippines (and Some Quick Thoughts in Preface)
9/26/2012Shawn Tribe"The Musical Life and Aims of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham"
9/27/2012Shawn TribePope: Sacred Liturgy as School of Prayer
10/1/2012Shawn TribeNew FIUV Journal: Gregorius Magnus
10/2/2012Shawn TribePilgrimage in Hungary
10/4/2012Shawn TribeAn Art Curriculum for Catholic Children
10/10/2012Shawn TribeReview: The Collected Letters of A. W. N. Pugin, Volume 4
10/11/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Doctors of the Church in the Liturgy
10/12/2012Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.PLa Naval de Manila
10/15/2012Matthew AldermanA New Monastery in the Midwest
10/16/2012Shawn TribeThe Source and Summit (by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski)
10/16/2012Shawn TribeVarious Examples of Italian Antependia
10/19/2012David ClaytonLessons from Our Lady of Sorrows on our Response to the Suffering of those we Love
10/19/2012Shawn TribeBishop Peter J. Elliott: Benedict XVI and the Liturgy: Vision, Teaching, Action
10/22/2012Shawn TribeOrdinations at Clear Creek Abbey
10/22/2012Matthew AldermanSt. Mary, Mother of God, Washington, D.C.
10/24/2012Shawn TribeExcerpts of a Solemn Mass from Pluscarden Abbey, 1948 -- in Colour
10/25/2012Matthew AldermanMethods of Hearing the Mass
10/6/2012David ClaytonThe Treasury of Ornament: Pattern in the Decorative Arts by Heinrich Dometsch.
10/29/2012Shawn TribeDom Mark Daniel Kirby on The Ordinary Form after "Summorum Pontificum"
10/30/2012Jeffrey TuckerLumen Christi: A New Pew Book for the Ordinary Form
10/31/2012Shawn TribeThe Wall Street Journal on Abbot Suger and Sacred Art
11/1/2012Shawn TribeCardinal Cañizares: " is normal to use the 1962 missal"
11/1/2012Shawn TribeResponsorial Psalms Notated for Organists and Cantors
11/2/2012David ClaytonQuoting the Eminently Quotable - Newman on Veneration of Sacred Images
11/5/2012Shawn TribeThe Roman Una Cum Papa Nostro Pilgrimage: Solemn Pontifical Mass in St. Peter's Basilica
11/6/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of All Saints - 2012: The Martyrs
11/6/2012Shawn TribeAll Souls at Our Lady of Victory, Rochester, New York
11/7/2012Shawn Tribe"Tradition and the New Evangelization"
11/8/2012Shawn TribeThe Martyrologium Americanum: "This cause is beautiful... most beautiful"
11/8/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Octave of All Saints - 2012
11/9/2012David ClaytonSt Winefride's Well, Holywell, North Wales
11/9/2012Matthew AldermanRecent Forays into Ecclesiastical Heraldry
11/13/2012Shawn TribeBook Review - True Reform: Liturgy and Ecclesiology in ‘Sacrosanctum Concilium’, Massimo Faggioli
11/13/2012Matthew AldermanSt. Theresa of Avila, West Roxbury, Massachusetts
11/15/2012Shawn TribeFr. Aidan Nichols on the Ordinariate and the New Evangelization
11/15/2012Shawn TribeChristus Rex Pilgrimage, Australia
11/16/2012David ClaytonUniversality, Noble Accessibility and a Pop Culture that will Save the World
11/19/2012Shawn TribeRequiem for the Departed Souls of the House of Savoy
11/20/2012Shawn TribeClerical Dress in the Vatican
11/21/2012Shawn TribeFr. Christopher Smith on 'Liturgical Reform Between Rupture and Continuity'
11/22/2012Shawn TribeStratford Caldecott: The Book of Revelation as Liturgical Commentary
11/23/2012David ClaytonSend Out the L-Team - Making a Sacrifice of Praise for American Veterans
11/28/2012Shawn TribeCollaboration Leads to New Line of Sanctuary Appointments
11/30/2012David ClaytonFloor Tiles from Cleve Abbey in Somerset, England
12/3/2012Shawn TribeAdvent Customs - It's Not Too Late to Start
12/3/2012Shawn TribeAdvent Customs: St. Barbara's Branches (Barbarazweige), December 4th
12/4/2012Shawn TribeAn Antique Black Chasuble
12/4/2012Shawn Tribe"Sing We Noël!" by Christopher Blum
12/5/2012Shawn TribeFr. Michael-Marie of Marseille
12/5/2012Shawn TribeDuncan Stroik on the Rinascimento Project
12/6/2012Shawn TribeSinterklaas: The Feast of St. Nicholas
12/7/2012Shawn TribeOn the Feast of St. Ambrose of Milan
12/10/2012Shawn TribeThe Liturgical Riches of the Kahnawake (Caughnawaga) Mission
12/13/2012Gregory DiPippoByzantine Christians in Italy: From the Archives of the Istituto Luce
12/17/2012Gregory DiPippoThe Other Major Antiphons for the End of Advent
12/19/2012Shawn TribeAdvent Ember Days
12/20/2012Shawn TribeThe Russian Old Believers
12/21/2012David ClaytonThree Traditional Quincunx Patterns in England
12/21/2012Shawn TribeDom Alcuin Reid on the SSPX Situation
12/25/2012David ClaytonThe Nativity, Our Lord, Our Lady and St Joseph
12/27/2012Matthew AldermanMutual Enrichment, Anglican Patrimony, and the Ordinariate
1/7/2013Shawn TribeSt. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal: Part 1
1/9/2013Shawn TribeSt. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal: Part 2
1/11/2013David ClaytonPsalm Tones for the Vernacular
1/11/2013Shawn TribeHealey Willan Society Releases DVD Giving Intimate Portrait of Willan and His Work
1/14/2013Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Students Reflect on the Liturgy of the Hours
1/14/2013Shawn TribeSt. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal: Part 3
1/16/2013Shawn TribeSt. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal: Part 4
1/17/2013Shawn TribeCañizares: Consequences of "Wild Creativity" vs. Good Liturgical Formation
1/17/2013Matthew AldermanA Disappointment for Bishop Baraga
1/18/2013David ClaytonBeauty Communicates Something Beyond Words
1/21/2013Shawn TribeA Challenge for NLM Readers
1/22/2013Shawn TribeDom Cassian Folsom: "The Great Divorce: An Attempt to Diagnose the Root Cause of Our Liturgical Ills"
1/22/2013Shawn TribeDaniel Mitsui's Our Lady of Walsingham
1/25/2013Shawn TribeArchival Footage from France, 1960
1/28/2013Jeffrey TuckerThe Miraculous Persistence of the Chant Tradition
1/28/2013Shawn TribeSt. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal: Part 5
1/29/2013Shawn TribeBlackfriars, Oxford
1/30/2013Shawn TribeFr. Martial Caron, S.J., on "Plainchant in Caughnawaga"
1/31/2013Shawn TribeSolemn Pontifical Mass in Salzburg for the Feast of St. Sebastian
2/1/2013Gregor KollmorgenDigitalised Manuscripts from the Vatican Library
2/1/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Introduction
2/1/2013David ClaytonWhat Teaches the Greatest Wisdom - Poetry, Prose or Beautiful Art and Music?
2/4/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 1.1: The Blessing of a Corner-stone (1595)
2/5/2013Shawn TribeSt. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal: Part 6
2/6/2013Matthew AldermanChapel Renovation, Jesuit High School, Tampa, Florida
2/6/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 1.2: The Blessing of a Corner-stone (1961)
2/11/2013Shawn TribeBreaking: Pope to Resign; Conclave to be Called Soon
2/11/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.1: The Dedication of a Church (1595, part 1)
2/12/2013Shawn TribeQuo Vadis?: The New Liturgical Movement Post-Benedict XVI
2/12/2013Shawn TribeThe Debate Over the Council Continues
2/13/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.2: The Dedication of a Church (1961, Part 1)
2/15/2013Shawn TribeBenedict XVI: Vatican II as I saw it
2/15/2013David ClaytonQuestion about Fra Angelico's Work for NLM Readers
2/18/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.3: The Dedication of a Church (Part 2)
2/19/2013David ClaytonTrue Knowledge is Being Struck by an Arrow of Beauty that Wounds Man
2/20/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.4: The Blessing of Gregorian Water
2/20/2013Shawn TribeExhibition at St. Vincent Archabbey
2/21/2013Shawn TribeDom Alcuin Reid: "Farewell to a Gentle Liturgical Reformer"
2/22/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.5: The Encomium of the Gregorian Water
2/25/2013Shawn TribeOrgan Accompaniment for Campion Missal and Hymnal
2/26/2013Shawn TribeVatican Radio: "Benedict XVI, the London Oratory and 'musical evangelization'"
2/26/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.6: The Consecration of the Altar (1595)
2/26/2013David ClaytonRussian Statues - Some Answers About Their Status in the Eastern Church
2/27/2013Shawn TribeMsgr. Wadsworth on Benedict XVI: "A Supremely Liturgical Pope"
2/28/2013Shawn TribeSacred Liturgy: Past, Present, and Future
2/28/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.7: The Lustration of the Altar (1961)
3/4/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.8: The Translation of the Relics (1595)
3/5/2013Shawn TribeNLM Exclusive: Bishop Dominique Rey on Sacra Liturgia 2013
3/6/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.9: The Translation of the Relics (1961)
3/6/2013Shawn TribeThe Renaissance of the Mass Propers
3/6/2013Shawn TribeShort Documentary on the Life of Pope Benedict XVI
3/7/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas
3/8/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.10: The Bishop's Address to the People (1595)
3/11/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.11: The Disciplinary Decrees of the Council of Trent (1595)
3/11/2013Shawn TribeLaetare Sunday in Genoa, Italy
3/12/2013Matthew AldermanWounded by Beauty
3/13/2013Shawn TribeQuarant'Ore, London Oratory
3/13/2013Shawn TribeSandro Magister on the New Pope
3/14/2013Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPPope Francis and his Choice of Name
3/14/2013Shawn TribeSt. Francis and the Liturgy
3/15/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.12: The Anointing of the Altar and Consecration Crosses (1595)
3/15/2013Shawn TribeSome Liturgical Thoughts for the NLM Following the Election of Pope Francis
3/18/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.13: The Anointing of the Altar and Consecration Crosses (1961)
3/19/2013Shawn TribeCeremonial Details of Today's Mass of Inauguration
3/20/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.14: The Conclusion of the Dedication (1595)
3/20/2013Shawn TribeNoble Simplicity Revisited - 1
3/21/2013Shawn Tribe"Benedict XVI Put Liturgy Front and Center"
3/22/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 2.15: The Conclusion of the Dedication (1961)
3/22/2013David ClaytonTwo Relief Carvings of the Entry into Jerusalem
3/27/2013Shawn TribeProgress Report from Jeff Ostrowski on Campion Missal
3/29/2013Gregory DiPippoRoman Sacrament Altars, Holy Thursday 2013
3/29/2013David ClaytonThe Suffering and Death of Christ in 15th century Relief Carving
4/2/2013Shawn TribeLiturgical-Catechetical Resources for the Parish
4/4/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 3: The Blessing of Altar Cloths and Ornaments
4/4/2013Shawn TribeHoly Week with the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham
4/5/2013Shawn TribeArticle: "Can Theology and Liturgy be Divorced?"
4/8/2013Shawn TribeThe Sacred Liturgy and the Apostolate
4/9/2013Shawn TribeA Thought for Vestment Makers
4/10/2013Jeffrey TuckerTheories of Why Liturgical Music Died
4/11/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 4.1: The Blessing of a Cemetery (1595)
4/11/2013Gregor KollmorgenSunday Masses in Ratisbon
4/12/2013David ClaytonNew Mosaic, Old Technique
4/15/2013Gregor KollmorgenTriduum in Toledo, Spain
4/16/2013Shawn Tribe"An Icon of the Kingdom of God: The Integrated Expression of all the Liturgical Arts – Part 8: Vestments"
4/17/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 4.2: The Blessing of a Cemetery (1961)
4/18/2013Shawn TribeDino Marcantonio on Sacred Art and Architecture
4/19/2013Shawn TribeOn the Seriousness of Liturgical Affairs
4/22/2013Shawn TribeLiturgical Guidelines for the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham
4/23/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 5.1: The Reconciliation of a Church and Cemetery (1595)
4/25/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 5.2: The Reconciliation of a Church (1961)
4/26/2013David ClaytonSacred Art and the Franciscans
4/30/2013Shawn TribePhotographs from the Pontifical Liturgy According to the Liturgical Books of Lyon
5/1/2013Shawn TribeBishop Rey on Liturgy in the New Evangelization
5/2/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 5.3: The Reconciliation of a Cemetery (1595 & 1961)
5/3/2013David ClaytonAquinas, Augustine, Benedict and Corbon on Seven and Eight in the Psalms and the Liturgy; and the Helical Passage of Time
5/6/2013Gregory DiPippoNLM Quiz no. 15: What Are These Vestments Being Used For? : The Answer
5/7/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 6: The Consecration of a Chalice and Paten (1595 & 1961)
5/8/2013David ClaytonPhotos of the Reception of the First Novice into the Oratory in Formation, Lewiston, Maine
5/9/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 7: The Blessing of Vestments (1595 & 1961)
5/10/2013Shawn TribeAbbot Zielinski on the CDW Office of Art and Architecture
5/13/2013Shawn TribeMgr. Dominque Rey on Sacra Liturgia
5/14/2013David ClaytonHow to Choose a Painting for Catechesis
5/15/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 8: The Blessing of Linens (1595 & 1961)
5/16/2013David ClaytonInterior of the Russian Church in Florence
5/17/2013David ClaytonPhotos of St Andrews Church in Newcastle, Maine - An Unusual Neo-gothic Style
5/20/2013Shawn TribeChartres Pilgrimage: First Images and News from the 'Péle"
5/21/2013Shawn TribeThe Third and Final Day of the Chartres Pilgrimage
5/21/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 9: The Blessing of a New Cross (1595 & 1961)
5/22/2013Shawn TribeMore from Chartres
5/23/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 10: The Blessing of a Pectoral Cross (1595 & 1961)
5/24/2013Shawn TribePentecost Pilgrimage in Río de Janeiro
5/24/2013David ClaytonChristian Sacred Geometry from the Holy Land - Octagons in the Form of a Quincunx
5/24/2013Shawn TribeAn Interview with Fr. Guy Nicholls of the Birmingham Oratory on the Propers of the Mass
5/28/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St. Philip Neri in His Roman Churches
5/28/2013Shawn TribePope Francis and the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum
5/29/2013Shawn TribeSacra Liturgia: Peak at the Liturgical Programme
5/30/2013Gregory DiPippoCorpus Christi at St. Peter's Basilica, 1933
5/31/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 11: The Blessing of an Image of the Virgin Mary (1595 & 1961)
5/31/2013David ClaytonHortus Conclusus - The Garden Enclosed
6/3/2013Charles ColeJames MacMillan and Westminster Cathedral Choir
6/3/2013Jeffrey TuckerBibliography of the Carmelite Rite
6/3/2013Jeffrey TuckerIs There Any Case for Pop Music at Mass?
6/4/2013Gregory DiPippoCorpus Christi Procession at Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini
6/4/2013Jeffrey TuckerThe Bishop of Fréjus-Toulon, Dominique Rey and the “liturgical renewal”
6/4/2013Charles ColeSolemn Profession at Farnborough Abbey
6/5/2013Jennifer DonelsonTransform Your Free-standing Altar!
6/6/2013Jeffrey TuckerSt. Gertrude Reports that Jesus Sang Mass Propers
6/7/2013Gregory DiPippo"They Look Like Warehouses" - The Director of the Vatican Museums on the New Churches of Rome
6/7/2013David ClaytonAn Art School in Florence that Teaches the Naturalistic Tradition that has a Christian Ethos
6/9/2013Jeffrey Tucker"The effect was stunning"
6/9/2013Jeffrey TuckerWhat is a catafalque and why is it used?
6/11/2013Gregory DiPippo60 Minutes on Antoni Gaudí and the Sagrada Família.
6/12/2013Charles ColeWhat is a Baculus Cantoralis and why do you need one?
6/13/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Miraculous Responsory of St. Anthony of Padua
6/13/2013David ClaytonThe Miraculous Responsory of St. Anthony of Padua
6/14/2013Ben YankeFr.Anthony Uy's Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving - Vancouver
6/15/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 11.2: The Crowning of an Image of the Virgin Mary (1961)
6/16/2013Jeffrey TuckerIs the Sign of Peace a Problem?
6/17/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Sign of Peace (part 2) - A Liturgical Commentary Set to Music
6/17/2013Jeffrey TuckerPower Ballads or Hymns?
6/18/2013David ClaytonBeauty Comes in Threes - From Assisi to the Basilica of St Francis of Assisi in Santa Fe
6/18/2013Jeffrey TuckerFive Ways to Ruin the Mass
6/19/2013Jeffrey TuckerMusic of the Ordinary Form (It only took 50 years to stabilize)
6/19/2013Jeffrey TuckerMsgr. Andrew Wadsworth on a Life of Liturgy and Music
6/21/2013Charles ColeExtraordinary Form Requiem Mass in Salt Lake City
6/21/2013Jeffrey TuckerWhat the Requiem Mass Meant to Me
6/21/2013David ClaytonChrist Carrying the Cross - Painting from the Russian school of art in Florence in the Traditional Form
6/22/2013Jeffrey TuckerFr. George Rutler on Liturgical Narcissism
6/24/2013Gregory DiPippoDo the Clothes Make the Priest? Some Debate on Clerical Garb in Greece
6/24/2013Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Nativity of St. John the Baptist
6/25/2013David ClaytonUgliness and Disorder in Parts can Enhance the Beauty of the Whole
6/28/2013David ClaytonBonaventure on Beautiful Representations of Devils, Distortion and Ugliness
6/29/2013Jeffrey TuckerSacred Music is the About the Future: Interview on Vatican Radio
7/1/2013Jeffrey TuckerBehind the Vatican Walls with Fr. Pierre Paul
7/2/2013Ben YankeThe Mass Is Source and Summit of a Catholic Campus
7/2/2013Jeffrey TuckerThe Contribution of Catherine Pickstock to Liturgical Renewal
7/3/2013Gregory DiPippoEverything Sounds Better When Sung by 100 People
7/3/2013Jeffrey TuckerBenediction at St. Isidore, Grand Rapids, Michigan
7/3/2013Jeffrey TuckerThe Transformation of Traditionalism
7/4/2013Charles ColeA beautiful Salve Regina from the Sarum Processional
7/4/2013Ben YankeThe Sung Liturgy
7/5/2013Charles ColeWhat are those strange squiggles in the Graduale Triplex?
7/5/2013David ClaytonWhat Can the Mathematics of Beauty and the Liturgy Offer to Scientists?
7/6/2013Jeffrey TuckerIs Traditionalism Really Transformed?
7/6/2013Jeffrey TuckerEvangelization vs. Copyright
7/7/2013Ben YankeThe Importance of the Sung Scripture in the Liturgy
7/8/2013Jeffrey TuckerHow John Paul II Restored Liturgical Sanity
7/8/2013Jeffrey TuckerThe Mystery of the Missing Offertory
7/9/2013Jeffrey TuckerHow To Keep the Psalm Numbers Clear
7/10/2013Charles ColeSt Philip's School and Downton Abbey
7/11/2013Gregory DiPippoFrom the FOTA VI Liturgical Conference: Cardinal Burke's Homily for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost
7/12/2013David ClaytonGeometric Patterned Art Old and New - Romanesque and Islamic
7/15/2013Gregory DiPippoA Report of the FOTA VI Conference in Cork Ireland, Day 1
7/16/2013Peter KwasniewskiIn Defense of Preserving Readings in Latin
7/17/2013Ben YankeAn NLM exclusive: Interview about Campion Missal, 2nd Edition
7/17/2013Gregory DiPippoA Report of the FOTA VI Conference in Cork, Ireland (Continued)
7/17/2013Charles ColeFortescue, a man of hidden talents
7/18/2013Gregory DiPippoA Brilliant Article on “Tragic Worship”
7/18/2013Peter KwasniewskiPride of Place in the Roman Rite
7/19/2013Gregory DiPippoA Report of the FOTA VI Conference in Cork, Ireland (Conclusion)
7/19/2013David ClaytonWill the Real St Thomas Please Stand Up?
7/19/2013Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.PInspiration from a small Roman basilica
7/20/2013Jeffrey TuckerThe “dangers and limitations of archaeologism” and other matters
7/22/2013Peter KwasniewskiMary Magdalene and the Empty Room
7/23/2103David ClaytonThe Essence of a Catholic Education is a Formation in the Liturgy
7/24/2013Charles ColeThe Armenian Mekhitarists of Venice
7/24/2013Jeffrey TuckerProcession in Peoria, 1932
7/24/2013Jennifer DonelsonYouth and the Attraction to Tradition
7/25/2013Jennifer Donelson"Participation" by Msgr Richard Schuler
7/26/2013Peter KwasniewskiPope Innocent III on the Four Kinds of Marriage (for the Feast of SS. Joachim and Anne)
7/29/2013David ClaytonArticle About the Laocoon - its Provenance and the Impact on Michelangelo, by Matthew James Collins
7/30/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Letter of the Apostolic Commissioner to the FFI - Full Text in English
7/30/2013Jeffrey TuckerThe Tedious Press Narrative of Pope Francis
7/30/2013Peter KwasniewskiPope Francis on the Divine Liturgy: "The center is God..." [UPDATED]
8/1/2013Peter KwasniewskiWhy Do We Care About Beautiful Things?
8/1/2013Gregory DiPippoNLM's 8th Anniversary
8/2/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 11.3: The Blessing of an Image of a Saint (1595 & 1961)
8/3/2013Jeffrey TuckerThe Liturgical Role of Flying Fish Puppets
8/4/2013Jeffrey Tucker“Christ, not the priest and not anyone else, is the centre”
8/5/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 12.1: The Blessing of Sacred Vessels and Ornaments (1595 & 1961)
8/6/2013David ClaytonWhy the Close Study of Mosaics Helps Painters to Learn About Colour
8/6/2013Jeffrey TuckerEvidence of Upheaval in 1964
8/6/2013Peter KwasniewskiDo We Trust the Church's Judgment—Or Our Own?
8/7/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 12.2: The Blessing of a Tabernacle (1595 & 1961)
8/8/2013Jeffrey TuckerAnd that's precisely my point
8/9/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 13: The Blessing of a Reliquary (1595 & 1961)
8/9/2013Jeffrey TuckerSome Perspective on the Election of Francis
8/10/2013Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.PMosaic of St Lawrence from Ravenna
8/11/2013Charles ColeThe Basilica of San Zeno in Verona
8/12/2013Ben YankeReview: Ad Completorium - Compiled by Steven van Roode
8/12/2013Peter KwasniewskiThe Beauty of Holiness: An Appreciation of the Campion Missal
8/13/2013Jeffrey TuckerWhat the Cardinal Electors Heard Before the Conclave
8/13/2013David ClaytonHow A Search for High Quality Paint Brushes Created Chinese Characters that Portray the Gospel
8/14/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 14.1: The Blessing of a Bell (1595)
8/15/2013Charles ColeMusic from the Rite of Braga
8/15/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Holy Belt of the Virgin, a Relic of the Assumption
8/16/2013David ClaytonCopying with Understanding - Modern Work in the Style of the 13th Century School of St Albans
8/16/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 14.2: The Blessing of a Bell (1961)
8/19/2013Peter Kwasniewski"Don't Let the Best Be the Enemy of the Good"
8/19/2013Charles ColeSt Nicholas in Palestine
8/19/2013Ben YankeQ & A with Dom Mark Daniel Kirby on Silverstream Priory
8/20/2013Jeffrey TuckerThe 8 Gregorian Modes: A Tour with Wassim Sarweh
8/20/2013Ben YankeReview: St. Edmund Campion Missal - Second Edition
8/20/2013Jennifer DonelsonYoung Newcomer to the Traditional Latin Mass
8/20/2013Jennifer DonelsonEvelyn Waugh and the State of the TLM in England & Wales
8/22/2013Peter Kwasniewski"Mighty Conquering Warrior": The Queenship of Mary
8/22/2013Jeffrey TuckerMsgr. Charles Pope on Ad Orientem
8/23/2013David ClaytonAltogether Now - How Can We Sing Together When Singing for the Liturgy
8/24/2013Charles ColeA stunning setting of ‘O magnum mysterium’
8/26/2013Gregory DiPippoFr. Bugnini et al. on the “Baptism of the Bells” (Compendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 14.3)
8/27/2013Jennifer DonelsonCarillon Blessing at Holy Transfiguration Skete
8/28/2013Jeffrey TuckerMass Propers, 15th Sunday After Pentecost
8/28/2013Gregory DiPippoCompendium of the 1961 Revision of the Pontificale Romanum - Part 15: Suppressed Blessings (1595 & 1961)
8/28/2013Peter KwasniewskiIn Honor of Saint Augustine, Bishop and Doctor of the Church
8/29/2013Jeffrey TuckerIn Honor of Msgr. Richard J. Schuler
8/30/2013David ClaytonThe Visitation: More Modern Work in the Style of the School of St Albans
8/31/2013Jennifer Donelson“Faith and Tradition”, a new series
8/31/2013Jennifer Donelson“Faith and Tradition” part 1: A Priest’s Heroic Dedication
8/31/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Beatification of Mons. Vladimir Ghika, Priest and Martyr in Romania
9/3/2013Peter KwasniewskiIn the Liturgy, Man is Most Active—and Most Receptive
9/3/2013Jeffrey TuckerMicrophones in Church
9/9/2013Gregory DiPippoFrom Romania: Ceremony in Honor of the Blessed Vladmir Ghika, Priest and Martyr
9/10/2013Peter KwasniewskiTraditional Liturgy and the Shaping of the Self
9/12/2013Jeffrey TuckerA Tribute to the Decision to Be a Priest
9/13/2013Charles ColeAdeste Fideles and other treasures at St Edmund's College, Ware
9/17/2013Peter KwasniewskiContinuity and Discontinuity in Liturgy and Theology
9/17/2013David ClaytonBuckfast Abbey - 20th Century Geometric Patterned Art and Architecture Using Traditional Principles
9/18/2013Jennifer DonelsonThe Priestly Vocation and the Traditional Latin Mass - Faith and Tradition Series
9/19/2013Jeffrey TuckerWhat it means to be an altar server
9/19/2013Charles ColeVerbum caro hic factum est
9/19/2013Jeffrey TuckerThoughts on the Pope's Latest Comments
9/20/2013Jeffrey TuckerVetus Ordo
9/20/2013Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Ember Days of September
9/21/2013Charles ColeA must-read Cardinal Burke interview
9/23/2013Peter KwasniewskiRationalism and Individualism in Catholic Theology
9/23/2013Charles ColeIntroducing the Ordinariate Use
9/24/2013David ClaytonThe Connection Between Buckfast Abbey, Boethius and a Full English Breakfast in Hanwell, west London
9/24/2013Jennifer DonelsonAn Atheist's Conversion to Catholicism, the Traditional Liturgy, and Young Adults - Faith and Tradition Series
9/25/2013Jeffrey TuckerChant Research Today
9/26/2013Peter KwasniewskiCarrying Forward the Noble Work of the Liturgical Movement
9/26/2013Jeffrey TuckerA Tribute to Fr. Frederick William Faber
9/27/2013Gregory DiPippoAnd Now For Something Completely Different...
9/29/2013Charles ColeA beautiful film about the English Martyrs
10/2/2013Peter KwasniewskiSaint Thomas on the Guardian Angels
10/3/2013Jennifer DonelsonA Jesuit in a Post-Summorum World: The Jesuit Charism and Mutual Enrichment - Faith and Tradition Series
10/4/2013Jennifer DonelsonBishop Conley on Beauty, Tradition, Liturgy, and Evangelization
10/4/2013Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPThe Last Gospel in the Dominican Rite
10/7/2013Peter KwasniewskiReview of the 2014 Calendar from the Monks of Norcia
10/7/2013Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPPenance According to the Dominican Rite
10/8/2013Jennifer DonelsonChurch Patronage of the Arts and a Personal Testimony to the Necessity of Beauty - Faith and Tradition Series
10/11/2013Charles ColeOfficial Introduction of Ordinariate Use
10/11/2013Jeffrey TuckerContemplating Liturgical Interiority
10/13/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of the Holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council
10/14/2013Peter KwasniewskiThe Silent Canon: Is Worship Supposed to be Aweful?
10/15/2013David ClaytonIcon carvings - they are exquisitely beautiful but why bother to carve them if we can paint them?
10/16/2013Jennifer DonelsonThe New Liturgical Movement After the Pontificate of Benedict XVI - Dom Alcuin Reid
10/17/2013Jeffrey TuckerThe Diversity of the Chant Tradition
10/18/2013Jennifer Donelson"Chant as Free Culture: The Legacy of Msgr. Schuler's Revolutionary Resistance” - Jeffrey Tucker
10/21/2013Peter KwasniewskiThe Humility of Tradition: In Honor of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter
10/22/2013David ClaytonHow the Domestic Church and Adoration Preserved the Traditional Mass in the Former Soviet Union
10/22/2013Charles ColeStella Splendens - a beautiful CD by six high school girls from Michigan
10/25/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Church of San Miniato al Monte in Florence
10/28/2013Peter KwasniewskiDo We Pray for "the Dead" or for "the Faithful Departed"?
10/28/2013Charles ColeBishop Egan of Portsmouth on the importance of plainchant and Latin
10/28/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Schola Sainte Cécile In Rome
10/31/2013Peter KwasniewskiGuest Article: Remembering the Saints
10/31/2013Jeffrey TuckerLet us celebrate sorrow so that we do not become incapacitated for joy
11/1/2013Jennifer DonelsonStanding on the Shoulders of Giants
11/1/2013Jennifer DonelsonGuitarist Turned Schola Director - FSSP Seminary Faculty Member Recounts Being Mysteriously Moved by Sacred Music
11/3/2013Peter KwasniewskiByzantine Divine Liturgy at Wyoming Catholic College
11/4/2013Peter KwasniewskiOn the Ringing of Bells and Other “Anachronisms”
11/4/2013Peter KwasniewskiAll Souls Procession at Wyoming Catholic College
11/5/2013David ClaytonIs My Taste in Art Reliable?...and How About Yours?
11/5/2013Jennifer DonelsonThe Prayers at the Foot of the Altar - Spiritual Reflection by Msgr. Wadsworth
11/7/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of All Saints - 2013: The Martyrs
11/8/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Octave of All Saints - 2013: The Confessors, and the Resurrection of the Just
11/11/2013Peter KwasniewskiIs Reading More Scripture at Mass Always Better?
11/11/2013Jeffrey TuckerRichard Morris, RIP (May 30, 1942 - September 12, 2013)
11/12/2013David ClaytonExhibition of Drawings of Church Altars from the Late 19th Century in St Vincent Archabbey, Pennsylvania
11/12/2103Jennifer DonelsonCardinal Castrillon Hoyos: "Pope Francis ... has no problem with the old rite..."
11/12/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Traditional Mass and the Christian East: A Series by Joseph Shaw of the Latin Mass Society
11/14/2013Gregory DiPippoCardinal Bartolucci Interviewed on the Liturgical Reform and Sacred Music - An NLM Exclusive
11/15/2013Charles ColeA twentieth century masterpiece: Britten's Missa brevis
11/17/2013Gregory DiPippoDid the Roman Rite Anciently Have Three Readings?
11/18/2013Peter KwasniewskiIndeterminacy and Optionitis
11/18/2013Ben Yanke40 Hours, Mass of Deposition - Assumption Grotto
11/18/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Dedication of Siena Cathedral
11/19/2013Peter KwasniewskiUpdate on the Publication of the Opera Omnia of Thomas Aquinas
11/19/2013David ClaytonHas Pope Francis Saved Western Culture?
11/20/2013Gregory DiPippoIs the Ambrosian Lectionary an Older Form of the Traditional Roman Lectionary?
11/21/2013Peter KwasniewskiSt. Thomas on Praising the Lord in Song (In Honor of St. Cecilia)
11/21/2013Gregory DiPippoA Virtual Visit to the Catacombs (And a Lot of Bad Reportage About It)
11/22/2013Charles ColeHappy Feast day to all Musicians and the people of Vietnam
11/22/2013Gregory DiPippoIs the Ambrosian Liturgy a Source for the Modern Lectionary?
11/26/2013Peter KwasniewskiThe Ongoing Saga of “the Hermeneutic of Continuity”
11/26/2013David ClaytonHow the Sarum Rite Shaped the Art and Architecture of a Country Church in Devon
11/26/2013Ben YankeHow the Sarum Rite Shaped the Art and Architecture of a Country Church in Devon
11/27/2013Peter KwasniewskiEvangelii Gaudium and the Liturgy: First Thoughts
11/28/2013Gregory DiPippoThe End and the Beginning of the Church Year: Guest Article by Dr. Michael Foley
11/29/2013Gregory DiPippoA Note on the Mozarabic "Alleluja" - In Answer to a Reader
11/29/2013Gregory DiPippoDom Alcuin Reid: "Vatican II’s Vision Has Survived A Liturgical Winter"
11/29/2013Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPDominican Rite Requiem Mass in Edinburgh
12/2/2013Gregory DiPippoIs the Medieval Liturgy a Source for the Modern Lectionary?
12/4/2014Peter KwasniewskiIs Your Liturgy Like What Vatican II Intended?
12/5/2013David ClaytonLessons from the Council of Trent, 450 years after it closed
12/5/2013Jeffrey TuckerWhy Reform? Part two of Notre Dame Interview
12/5/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St. Sabbas
12/8/2013Charles ColeWhat is a Carol?
12/9/2013Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Immaculate Conception
12/10/2013Peter KwasniewskiPaul VI: A Pope of Contradictions
12/11/2013Peter KwasniewskiPosition Paper on Communion Under the Species of Bread Alone
12/11/2013Gregory DiPippoSacrosanctum Concilium and the New Lectionary
12/14/2013David ClaytonEvangelii Gaudium - Pope Francis on the Way of Beauty and Sacred Art
12/14/2013Jennifer DonelsonInterview with Cardinal Burke on Summorum Pontificum, Canon 915, Worthy Reception of the Eucharist, and Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation
12/15/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Liturgy, Fifty Years after Sacrosanctum Concilium - An Interview with Dom Alcuin Reid
12/16/2013Peter KwasniewskiPutting Christ at the Center: On the Benedictine Arrangement
12/17/2013David ClaytonIs Pope Francis Really So Down on Sacred Liturgy? I Don't Think So
12/18/2013Gregory DiPippoNew Website Makes Available All of the Documents of the Vatican II Liturgical Commission
12/19/2013Peter KwasniewskiPoint and Counterpoint: Was the Liturgical Reform a Success?
12/19/2013Charles ColeThe Cappella Giulia's 500th Anniversary 1513-2013
12/20/2013David ClaytonThe Traditional Formation of the Artist is a Liturgical Formation for the New Evangelisation
12/21/2013Gregory DiPippoThe Pre-Festal Days of Christmas in the Christian East - Guest Article by Prof. Kyle Washut
12/23/2013Peter KwasniewskiSt. Anastasia and the Second Mass of Christmas
12/23/2013Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Vigil of Christmas
12/24/2013Gregory DiPippoSviata Techera: Christmas Eve with Byzantine Slavs - Guest Article by Prof. Kyle Washut
12/30/2013Peter Kwasniewski"What Is Most Deeply Human": Two Contrasting Approaches to Nostalgia
12/31/2013Charles ColeBenedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music and Divine Worship
1/1/2014Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Rite Solemn Mass of the Ember Wednesday of Advent
1/3/2014Gregory DiPippoA Wedding according to the Use of the Philippine Islands
1/5/2014Jennifer DonelsonExtraordinary Glory: On the Beauty of Nature, Plane Flights, and Obscure Rubrics - Faith and Tradition Series
1/6/2014Peter KwasniewskiWhat is a Mystery?: Epiphany or the Manifestation of the Divine
1/7/2014Gregory DiPippoFlos de Radice Jesse - Christmas Music from Louisville, Kentucky.
1/8/2014Gregory DiPippoA Palestrina Mass in North Carolina - Sunday, January 12th
1/9/2014Peter KwasniewskiFr. Cassian Speaks on Summorum Pontificum at Brompton Oratory
1/10/2014Peter KwasniewskiMuch Discussion These Days on the Novus Ordo Calendar and Its Problems
1/13/2014Gregory DiPippoSome Recent Articles of Interest
1/13/2014Peter KwasniewskiWhy is Vatican II So Vexing?
1/15/2014Ben YankeNicholas Postgate on the Crisis in the Church
1/16/2014Charles ColeFalse Statements attributed to Pope Francis
1/17/2014David ClaytonCreating the Liturgical City From the Comfort of Your Armchair
1/18/2014David ClaytonHow Can a Catholic Artist Succeed in a Secular Art World with Faith Intact?
1/20/2014Peter KwasniewskiThe Danger of Equating Vatican II and the Liturgical Reform
1/21/2014Gregory DiPippoJulian Calendar Epiphany in Rome
1/21/2014Gregory DiPippoBeyond Pius V, by Andrea Grillo - Review by Dom Alcuin Reid
1/22/2014Gregory DiPippoA Wreckovated Church Gets Un-wrecked
1/22/2014Peter KwasniewskiFr. Hunwicke on "The Big Lie" and Moving On
1/24/2014Charles ColeVideo: Pontifical High Mass at Westminster Cathedral in 1950
1/27/2014Peter KwasniewskiWhere Have All the Good Preachers Gone?
1/29/2014David ClaytonCreating a New Icon of An Old Saint - How Can We Do This and Stay in the Tradition?
1/30/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music - Guest Article by Roseanne T. Sullivan
1/30/2014Gregory DiPippoAndrea Grillo Replies to Alcuin Reid's Review of "Beyond Pius V"
1/31/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St. Martina
2/1/2014Gregory DiPippoAlcuin Reid Replies to Andrea Grillo's Critique
2/1/2014Peter KwasniewskiOn Recovering the Roman Canon—Or, Bad Reasons for Preferring Other Anaphoras
2/3/2014Peter KwasniewskiWhy Offer God the Finest of Human Artistry?
2/4/2014David ClaytonPractical Advice from a Successful Artist - How an Artist Can Use the 'Arrows of Beauty' to Evangelise the Culture
2/4/2014Gregory DiPippoFrom the BBC: Church Fresco Depicts Tito, Marx and Engels in Hell
2/7/2014Gregory DiPippoThe 'Consilium ad Exsequendam' at 50 - An Interview with Dom Alcuin Reid (Part 1)
2/9/2014Fr. Thomas KocikThe 'Consilium ad Exsequendam' at 50 - An Interview with Dom Alcuin Reid (Part 1)
2/10/2014Peter KwasniewskiIs It Fitting for the Priest to Recite All the Texts of the Mass?
2/11/2014David ClaytonThe Iconography of the Immaculate Conception and the Litany of Loreto - A Lesson for Today from Spanish Masters
2/11/2014Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Reflections on Priestly Recitation of Texts at Mass
2/12/2014Peter KwasniewskiPater Edmund on Mass Facing the People and Political Ideology
2/12/2014Gregory DiPippoThe 'Consilium ad Exsequendam' at 50 - An Interview with Dom Alcuin Reid (Part 2)
2/16/2014Gregory DiPippoSeptuagesima in the Ambrosian Rite
2/17/2014Peter KwasniewskiAre We God’s “Sons and Daughters”?
2/17/2014William RiccioCardinal Stickler’s Mass in New York, 1992
2/18/2014David ClaytonA Hard Truth: the Test of True Creativity in Art and Music is Popularity, so says Pope Benedict XVI
2/19/2014Peter KwasniewskiChristopher Malloy on What Is a Reactionary
2/21/2014Peter KwasniewskiThe Growing Realization of the Irreparable Failure of the Liturgical Reform
2/24/2014Peter KwasniewskiLectio Divina: Why Not Try It This Lent?
2/24/2014Ben YankeReform of the Reform - Not Impossible
2/24/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory: A Response to a Recent Article Quoted on PrayTell (Part 1)
2/24/2014Jennifer DonelsonIs the Reform of the Reform Dead? Fr. Christopher Smith's Essay at the Chant Cafe
2/26/2014Richard ChonakThe Divine Liturgy Project
2/27/2014Peter KwasniewskiClarifications on the Reform of the Reform Controversy
2/17/2014Charles ColeSchool of the Annunciation, Centre for the New Evangelisation at Buckfast Abbey, Devon UK
2/28/2014Peter KwasniewskiHomage to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, One Year Later
2/28/2014David ClaytonThe Theology of Church Archtitecture - a lecture by Denis McNamara
2/28/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 2: the Offertory and Priesthood in the Liturgy
3/1/2014Peter KwasniewskiJust Say No to '65!
3/1/2014Fr. Thomas KocikReforming the Irreformable? A Postscript
3/2/2014Peter KwasniewskiSolemn High Votive Mass of St. Joseph at Wyoming Catholic College
3/3/2014David ClaytonNew Creed Setting from Corpus Christi Watershed - should we have organ or organum?
3/4/2014Peter KwasniewskiLectio Divina: What, Where, When
3/4/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts: Guest Article by Dr. Kyle Washut
3/7/2014Peter KwasniewskiHappy Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas
3/8/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 3: A Different Theology?
3/9/2014Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches
3/14/2014David ClaytonThe Virgin of Coromoto - An Image to Inspire us to Pray for Venezuela
3/14/2014Ben YankeGuest Post: Liber Gradualis or Graduale Novum?
3/15/2014Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches - Part 3
3/16/2014Ben YankeTruth About Communion in the Hand While Standing
3/17/2014Peter KwasniewskiLectio Divina: Tools of the Workshop
3/18/2014Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches - Part 4
3/21/2014Peter KwasniewskiIn Honor of St. Benedict, St. Thomas, and Benedict XVI
3/21/2014Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches - Part 5
3/24/2013Peter KwasniewskiLectio Divina: Liturgical Proclamation and Personal Reading
3/24/2014Gregory DiPippoIntroducing a New NLM Contributor - Prof. Kyle Washut
3/24/2014Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches - Part 6
3/25/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of the Annunciation
3/27/2014Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches - Part 7
3/28/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 4: An Ecumenical Problem
3/29/2014Gregory DiPippoAn Early Medieval Biblical Narrative - The Story of Susanna Carved in a Crystal
3/30/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Sunday (and Feast) of St John Climacus
3/31/2014Peter KwasniewskiRemembering the Real John XXIII
3/31/2014Gregory DiPippoA Bishop of Rome Celebrates Laetare Sunday with the FSSP
4/1/2014Peter KwasniewskiA Traditional Missal for Young Catholics
4/2/2014Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches - Part 8
4/2/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Man Born Blind in the Liturgy of Lent
4/4/2014Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches - Part 9
4/6/2014Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches - Part 10
4/7/2014Peter KwasniewskiA New Series: Pope John XXIII in His Own Words
4/7/2014David ClaytonCould We Paint A Wall Street Trader at Prayer in the Style of the Gothic? ...or Is It Only Suitable for Knights in Chainmail?
4/9/2014Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches - Part 11
4/10/2014Gregory DiPippo“Deriving Beauty”: an Exhibition on Aurelius Stehle, OSB
4/11/2014Charles ColeWhy can't all Primary Schools have music like this one?
4/11/2014Peter KwasniewskiA Traditional Missal for Young Catholics [UPDATE]
4/12/2014Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches - Part 12
4/14/2014Peter KwasniewskiJohn XXIII in His Own Words (2): The Mass and the Priesthood
4/14/2014Peter KwasniewskiPDF Download: The Fulton J. Sheen Sunday Missal (1961)
4/15/2014David ClaytonNew Images of the Stations of the Cross - the Sacred Art of Helen McIldowie-Jenkins
4/15/2014Charles ColeThe restoration of a hidden gem
4/21/2014Peter KwasniewskiJohn XXIII in His Own Words (3): Devotion to Saint Pius X and Blessed Pius IX
4/22/2014David ClaytonWhy Developing the Skill of Drawing Is So Necessary for the Artist - And Where You Can Learn to Do It Well
4/22/2014Jennifer DonelsonThe Paschal Candle: An Artist Explains
4/26/2014Charles ColeHoly Week at the Ordinariate Church of St John the Evangelist, Calgary
4/26/2014Peter KwasniewskiManiples, Amices, Cassocks—Lost and Found
4/28/2014Peter KwasniewskiJohn XXIII in His Own Words (4): The Defense of Catholic Truth
4/28/2014Peter KwasniewskiDom Mark Kirby on John XXIII on the Traditional Divine Office
4/29/2014David ClaytonGraffiti in English Medieval Churches
5/1/2014Gregory DiPippoSome Liturgical Notes on St Joseph the Worker (and a Few Dominican Saints)
5/5/2014Peter KwasniewskiIn Honor of Saint Pius V
5/7/2014Peter Kwasniewski"Liturgy that requires ecstasy": McLuhan Meets Ratzinger
5/8/2014Ben YankeAre The True Intentions of the Council being Followed?
5/9/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 5: What the Offertory Really Means
5/12/2014Peter KwasniewskiPer aspera ad astra: On Hard-Identity Catholicism
5/13/2014David ClaytonCardinal Burke on the value of the liturgy in forming and preserving the faith and a culture of life
5/14/2014Charles ColeThe Episcopal Ordination of Oratorian Fr Robert Byrne
5/14/2014Gregory DiPippoUpdates from Holy Name in Brooklyn, St Elias in Brampton, Ontario, and Providence Cathedral
5/16/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of Saint John Nepomuk
5/19/2014Peter KwasniewskiThere But for the Grace of God
5/20/2014David ClaytonCreating the New Culture of Beauty - a little parish in Jasper, Georgia shows us the way
5/21/2014Ben YankeFrom Simple English Propers to the Lumen Christi Series
5/21/2014Richard ChonakLatin Holidays with the Familia S. Hieronymi
5/22/2014Kyle WashutHoly and Great Constantine, Equal to the Apostles
5/26/2014Peter Kwasniewski“A Renaissance Will Come”: Dr. de Saventhem's Prophetic Words in 1970
5/26/2014Gregory DiPippoFor the Feast of St Philip Neri: The Oratory of Naples
5/27/2014David ClaytonThe Lumen Christi Simple Gradual - from Adam Bartlett
5/28/2014Kyle WashutThe Apodosis, or Leavetaking, of Pascha
5/28/2014Peter KwasniewskiNotes from Norcia [UPDATED]
5/29/2014Gregory DiPippo“The Offertory Chant is Necessary at Mass” - Fr Eric Andersen on Sacred Music and the Virtue of Religion
5/30/2014Peter KwasniewskiFr. Dwight Longenecker on Worship Ad Orientem
6/1/2014Fr. Thomas KocikA Priest of Great David’s Greater Son
6/2/2014Peter KwasniewskiTwo Musical Meditations for Ascensiontide
6/2/2014Kyle WashutFetishising Councils?
6/5/2014Peter KwasniewskiBook Review: The Little Oratory
6/6/2014David ClaytonRe-forming the History of the Reformation to Reflect the Truth...and It's a Newspaper that's Doing It!
6/9/2014Peter KwasniewskiCan Comprehension Be a Disservice?
6/9/2014Kyle WashutLiturgical Theology of Pentecost
6/10/2014David ClaytonPaintings of the Saints and Popes, John XXIII and John Paul II by Clemens Fuchs
6/10/2014Gregory DiPippoFSSP First Mass at the Serra Chapel in California
6/12/2014Henri Adam De VilliersAn Old Parisian Sequence for Thursday in the Octave of Pentecost
6/13/2014Gregory DiPippoA Tribute to Fr. Kenneth Walker, F.S.S.P.
6/13/2014Matthew AldermanA Few Recent Projects from My Studio
6/16/2014Peter KwasniewskiBook Review: The Sacred Liturgy, Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church
6/17/2014David ClaytonShould There Be A Frame on Sacred Art? What Should it Look Like?
6/17/2014Matthew AldermanRevised Tomb Design for Richard III Revealed
6/17/2014Henri Adam De VilliersThe Fourth Centenary of the Rituale Romanum of Pope Paul V : June 17, 1614
6/19/2014Matthew AldermanTwo Eucharistic Pieces from My Drafting Board
6/19/2014Richard ChonakIl Timone salutes Matthew Alderman
6/20/2014Matthew AldermanSaint Wandrille and a Brief Note on Catholic Art Deco
6/20/2014Peter KwasniewskiSaint Isaac Jogues Illuminated Missal, Lectionary, and Gradual [UPDATED]
6/23/2014Peter KwasniewskiNLM Exclusive: Archbishop Cordileone on the Sacred Liturgy
6/24/2014David ClaytonA Processional Cross by Philippe Lefebvre
6/25/2014Gregory DiPippoBishop Paprocki's Pastoral Letter on the "Ars Celebrandi et Adorandi"
6/26/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 6: Prolepsis in the Offertory
6/27/2014Gregory DiPippoPhotographs from Valaam Monastery
6/28/2014Gregory DiPippoAnother Modern: New Gargoyles on a Gothic Chapel
6/30/2014Peter KwasniewskiIncense in Art and Worship
6/30/2014Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Commemoration of St Paul
7/1/2014David ClaytonNeo Beuronese Sacred Art from Los Angeles County
7/2/2014Matthew AldermanHistoric Murals in Providence, RI and a Restored Tabernacle in Cambridge, MA
7/3/2014Richard ChonakA guest review: The Music of Charles Tournemire
7/3/2014Peter KwasniewskiTalk on Sacred Music by Fr. Cassian Folsom, O.S.B.
7/7/2014Matthew AldermanSeven Years of Summorum, from Juventutem DC
7/7/2014Peter KwasniewskiSeven Years of Summorum Pontificum
7/7/2014Peter KwasniewskiDom Mark Kirby's Conference: "The Mass: You Can't Live Without It"
7/8/2014David ClaytonHow Liturgy, Prayer and Intuition Are Connected - Recognition of Pattern and Order
7/9/2014Gregory DiPippoSermon for the Requiem Mass of Fr. Kenneth Walker, F.S.S.P.
7/9/2014David ClaytonNew Stations of the Cross in Ireland
7/11/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Benedict
7/11/2014Peter KwasniewskiOf Considerable Interest on the Benedictine Front
7/14/2014Gregory DiPippoFota VII: Card. Burke Presents Proceeding of Fota V
7/14/2014Peter KwasniewskiChurch Music versus Utility Music
7/15/2014David ClaytonBeauty for Truth’s Sake: A Book Linking Liturgy and Education by Stratford Caldecott
7/16/2014Gregory DiPippoFota VII Liturgy Conference 2014: First Report
7/16/2014Peter KwasniewskiCelebrating the Liturgy “Worthily, Attentively and Devoutly”: Interview with Fr. Samuel F. Weber, O.S.B.
7/16/2014Jennifer DonelsonOn Wine, Music, and Feasting
7/18/2014Gregory DiPippoStratford Caldecott R.I.P.
7/18/2014William RiccioCMAA Colloquium More Than “Just” Music
7/18/2014Kyle WashutBook Review: Tales of Glory, the Stories Icons Tell
7/18/2014Gregory DiPippoFota VII Liturgy Conference 2014: Second Report
7/19/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 7.1 - The Missals of the Religious Orders
7/20/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Elijah the Prophet
7/21/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of Saint Praxedes
7/21/2014Peter KwasniewskiThe Art of the Book in the Third Millennium: Heiligenkreuz Choir Books
7/22/2014David ClaytonNew Large Scale Commission Completed by Henry Wingate
7/22/2014Gregory DiPippo“Apostle of the Apostles” - Liturgical Notes on the Feast of St Mary Magdalene
7/23/2014Matthew AldermanThe Forgotten Art of Gerhard Lamers
7/24/2014Peter KwasniewskiThe Lumen Christi Simple Gradual as a Component of a Parish Music Program
7/25/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Church and World War I - “Echoes of the Great War” by Catholic News Service
7/27/2014Gregory DiPippoSt John XXIII Asks the Faithful Not to Applaud in Church
7/28/2014Peter KwasniewskiConforming Our Secular Selves to Sacred Signs
7/29/2014David ClaytonA 21st Century Knight, a Model of Chivalry
7/30/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 7.2 - The Missals of the Monastic Orders
8/1/2014Gregory DiPippoThe CDW Reins in the Sign of Peace
8/1/2014Gregory DiPippoNLM's 9th Anniversary - Meet Some of Our New Writers
8/2/2014Gregory DiPippoSt Alphonsus on the Need for Reverence in the Liturgy
8/4/2014Peter KwasniewskiTranscending Oppositions: Liturgy as the Synthesis of Faith and Reason
8/6/2014Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Feast of Saint Dominic
8/6/2014Gregory DiPippoFighting Desecration with Prayer
8/6/2014Kyle WashutTransfiguration of the Lord: Blessing of the Grapes
8/7/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 7.3 - Medieval English Uses
8/8/2014Gregory DiPippoA Talk on the Anglican Ordinariate
8/11/2014Peter KwasniewskiReview: New Translation of Durand’s Rationale divinorum officiorum
8/12/2014David ClaytonThe Nativity in the Initial P, c. 1395, by Don Silvestro dei Gherarducci (1339 – 1399), by Dr Caroline Farey
8/14/2014Ben YankeAmazing Things Happening in Madison, Wisconsin
8/15/2014Kyle WashutBurial Rites of the Theotokos
8/18/2014Peter KwasniewskiA Young Father at Mass in Linz, circa 2000
8/19/2014Gregory DiPippoFr Carlo Braga, R.I.P.
8/20/2014Gregory DiPippoCentenary of the Death of St Pius X
8/22/2014Charles ColeThe Three Masses of William Byrd
8/25/2014Peter KwasniewskiPermanence and Change in the Liturgy
8/26/2014David ClaytonA Model for a Cultural Center for the New Evangelization
8/28/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of Saint Augustine
8/29/2014Peter KwasniewskiHelping Children Enter into the Traditional Latin Mass
8/29/2014Gregory DiPippoAbp. Cordileone Leading by Example
8/30/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Sixtieth Anniversary of the Death of the Blessed Cardinal Schuster
8/31/2014Ben YankeAnother Parish Moves East - Greenville, South Carolina
9/1/2104Peter KwasniewskiCelebration vs. Concelebration: Theological Considerations
9/2/2014David ClaytonPaintings from Students in the Style of the Gothic School of St Albans - Next Class in Columbus, OH in October
9/3/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Gregory the Great
9/4/2014Ben YankeA New Proposed Layout for the Roman Missal
9/5/2014Gregory DiPippo“Thank Goodness Fulton Sheen’s Cause Has Been Suspended” - An Excellent Article on Canonizations
9/6/2014Gregory DiPippoConcelebration in the Byzantine Rite
9/8/2014Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Nativity of the Virgin Mary
9/9/2014David ClaytonListen to This - Chant in English that Competes with Praise and Worship Music
9/9/2014Gregory DiPippoA New Greek-Catholic Cathedral in Romania
9/11/2014Kyle WashutEternal Memory: Fr. Robert Siu
9/14/2014Peter KwasniewskiWhat Does Opposition to the Traditional Mass Really Signify?
9/15/2014Ben YankeDoes the EF Have Too Much Pomp?
9/16/2014David ClaytonAnnouncing a Catholic Arts Conference for Fall 2016 in Omaha, Nebraska - Can Such an Event Be a Success?
9/16/2014Peter KwasniewskiTwo Articles of Potential Interest to NLM Readers
9/17/2014Gregory DiPippoFr Louis Bouyer on the Liturgical Reform and Its Architects
9/17/2014Gregory DiPippoFSSP Mission Trip to Peru
9/19/2014Gregory DiPippoGuest Article - A New TLM Parish in Alabama
9/21/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Matthew
9/21/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 7.4 - Medieval French Uses
9/22/2014Peter KwasniewskiThe Ironic Outcome of the Benedictine-Jesuit Controversy
9/24/2014Gregory DiPippoRe-Wreckovating the Cathedral of Berlin
9/25/2014Gregory DiPippoBlessed Herman the Cripple
9/26/2014Gregory DiPippoBenedictines vs Jesuits Revisited: Further Thoughts on Models of Liturgy in the Church
9/27/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of Ss Cosmas and Damian
9/29/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Michael and All Angels
9/29/2014Peter KwasniewskiClassics of the Liturgical Movement - A New Series on NLM
9/30/2014David ClaytonA Priest Explains to His Parish Why He Has Commissioned Art and What Made Him Choose Traditional Styles
10/2/2014Gregory DiPippoA New Book on Cardinal Dante, with Great Pictures of Papal Ceremonies
10/4/2014Gregory DiPippoAn Interview with Dom Alcuin Reid in Regina Magazine
10/4/2014Gregory DiPippoSs Francis of Assisi and Catherine of Siena, Patron Saints of Italy
10/6/2014Peter KwasniewskiClassics of the Liturgical Movement: Canon Simon's Commentary on the Rule
10/8/2014Jennifer DonelsonLink Between Solomon’s Temple & Catholic Churches - Society for Catholic Liturgy Conference Part 2
10/9/2014Matthew AldermanChrist on the Flat Screen: The Renovation of the Crystal Cathedral, Orange, California
10/9/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Anniversary of the Death of Pope Pius XII
10/11/2014Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Maternity of the Virgin Mary
10/13/2014Peter KwasniewskiFortune Favors the Brave
10/14/2014David ClaytonPhotos of a Italian Sculpture of the Mother of God and Our Lord as a Child by Cody Swanson
10/15/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Order for a Synod, from the 1595 Pontifical of Clement VIII (First Day)
10/17/2014Gregory DiPippo“Fearless Heralds of the Truth” - The Third Day of a Synod, from the 1595 Pontifical of Clement VIII
10/20/2014Peter KwasniewskiClassics of the Liturgical Movement: The Soul of the Apostolate
10/21/2014David ClaytonPictures of a Mural of the Crowning of the Virgin from Malaga, Spain
10/26/2014Peter KwasniewskiWhy is the Feast of Christ the King Celebrated on Different Sundays in the OF & EF Calendars?
10/27/2014Peter KwasniewskiDom Mark Kirby on Paul VI -- and a Note on the Term “Pastoral”
10/27/2014Matthew AldermanBlessed Karl of Austria — Sanctity and Perfection in his Footsteps
10/28/2014David ClaytonCollege Student Commissioned to Design a Cosmatesque Floor by Her Home Parish in Driggs, Idaho.
10/28/2014Gregory DiPippoAn Important Discovery in Musicology
11/1/2014Peter KwasniewskiThe Ecclesial Purpose of All Saints as Seen in the Martyrologies
11/4/2014Peter KwasniewskiPontifical Vesture: Putting on the Full Armor of God (Guest Post)
11/4/2014David ClaytonThe New Lumen Christi Hymnal - (A Great Catholic Hymn Book That Tells You Not to Sing Hymns at Mass!)
11/5/2014Gregory DiPippoAn Interview with Peter Kwasniewski, On His New Book of Sacred Music
11/7/2014Jennifer DonelsonThe Poverty of the Church and the Beauty of the Liturgy
11/9/2014Peter KwasniewskiDom Mark Kirby on Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi
11/10/2014Peter KwasniewskiOrganic: Endangered
11/11/2014David ClaytonWonderful New Sculpture of Archangel Michael by Cody Swanson
11/12/2014Gregory DiPippoDigital Resources for Liturgical Studies
11/13/2014Gregory DiPippoA New Heraldic Seal for the Franciscans in Assisi
11/13/2014Gregory DiPippoDom Alcuin Reid on “Elements of the New Liturgical Movement”
11/17/2014Peter KwasniewskiHow Sinful Is It to Disregard the Rubrics?
11/18/2014David Clayton15th Century Wall Paintings Uncovered in a Small Welsh Church
11/18/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Dedication of St Paul Outside-the-Walls
11/19/2014Gregory DiPippo“Resurgent in the Midst of Crisis” - A New Book by Peter Kwasniewski
11/20/2014Peter KwasniewskiReview of Treasure and Tradition: The Ultimate Guide to the Latin Mass
11/21/2014Kyle WashutThe Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple
11/24/2014Peter KwasniewskiClassics of the Liturgical Movement: Dom Paul Delatte, OSB
11/24/2014Jennifer DonelsonVatican Radio Interview with Cardinal Burke on the Sacred Liturgy
11/25/2014David ClaytonThe Real Eden Project - How the Garden is an Extension of the Liturgy and a Recreation of Paradise
11/26/2014Gregory DiPippoPictures of a Wedding in the Ordinariate Use
11/26/2014Peter KwasniewskiA Fundamental Misunderstanding of the Nature of Catholic Liturgy
11/29/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Liturgist Manifesto
12/1/2014Peter KwasniewskiThe Book of Revelation: Guide to Catholic Worship
12/2/2014 Peter KwasniewskiPainting the Nude: Was JPII Really as Permissive as Some Have Suggested?
12/3/2014Peter KwasniewskiGrowing Support for Traditional Liturgical Practices at Catholic Colleges & Universities
12/4/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Treasury of Santa Giulia in Brescia
12/5/2014Peter KwasniewskiUna Voce Position Paper on Head Coverings at Mass
12/6/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Legend of St Nicholas in Liturgy and Art
12/7/2014Charles Cole100 years of The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School
12/9/2014David ClaytonRecently Commissioned Relief Carving of St Vincent de Paul
12/9/2014Fr. Thomas KocikAll-Or-Nothing vs. “Progressive Solemnity”: An Invitation to Debate
12/9/2014Peter KwasniewskiNew Sacred Art: The Monastic Refectory in Norcia
12/10/2014Ben YankeAll-or-Nothing vs. “Progressive Solemnity”: A Response
12/10/2014Peter KwasniewskiReview of The Holy Gospels of St. Luke and St. John
12/11/2014Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of Pope St Damasus I
12/11/2014David ClaytonNew Coloring Book for Children on the Sacred Heart of Jesus
12/12/2014Gregory DiPippoResurgent in the Midst of Crisis - A Review by Dom Alcuin Reid
12/15/2014Peter KwasniewskiHow the Traditional Latin Mass Fosters More Active Participation than the Ordinary Form
12/16/2014David ClaytonComposer on Composer - Roman Hurko Reviews Paul Jernberg’s Mass of St Philip Neri
12/19/2014Peter KwasniewskiUna Voce Austria Interview with Cardinal Burke
12/22/2014Gregory DiPippoOn the Restoration of Chartres Cathedral - Guest Article by Mr Lucas Viar
12/23/2014David ClaytonWhy the Numerical Structure of the Our Father is Intrinsically Liturgical
12/23/2014Gregory DiPippoReading the O Antiphons Forward
12/27/2014Charles ColeWas Your Christmas Mass Anything Like This?
12/27/2014Fr. Robert C. Pasley, KCHSSaint John’s Day Blessing of Wine
12/29/2014Peter KwasniewskiWhy “Mass of Catechumens” Makes Better Sense Than “Liturgy of the Word”
12/30/2014David ClaytonA Book for those Interested in the Evangelization of the Culture
1/5/2015Peter KwasniewskiThe Silence of the Canon Speaks More Loudly Than Words
1/6/2015David ClaytonAn Icon of the Mother of God Newly Painted by Philippe Lefebvre
1/7/2015Gregory DiPippoAn Ambrosian Chant for Epiphany : “Omnes Patriarchae”
1/8/2015Kyle WashutThe Season of Revelation: The Feast of Theophany/Epiphany
1/10/2015William RiccioSaint Gregory Society of New Haven Marks 29th Anniversary of First Traditional Mass
1/12/2015Peter Kwasniewski“New Things and Old…”
1/13/2015David ClaytonScientific Evidence that Going to Mass Makes You Happier?
1/17/2015Gregory DiPippoNLM Quiz no. 16: What is This? : The Answer
1/17/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Monastery of the Assumption in Diessen, Germany
1/17/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Anthony the Abbot
1/19/2015Peter KwasniewskiAnnouncing a New Children’s Book: The Life of Saint Benedict
1/22/2015Gregory DiPippoEarliest Known Piece of Polyphonic Music Discovered
1/23/2015Gregory DiPippoA Sermon by Cardinal Burke: On the Marriage of the Virgin Mary with St Joseph
1/26/2015Peter KwasniewskiSnow Altars in the Grand Tetons
1/27/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St John Chrysostom, and Mozart’s Birthday
1/27/2015Gregory DiPippo“Balance Instead of Harmony” : A Guest Article by Paweł Milcarek on the History of the Liturgical Reform (Part 1)
1/28/2015Gregory DiPippoFostering Young Vocations
1/29/2015Gregory DiPippoFostering Young Vocations (Part 2)
1/31/2015Gregory DiPippoA Beautiful New Altar in a Soon-to-be-Dedicated Church (Mary Help of Christians, in Aiken, SC)
1/31/2015Richard ChonakFarewell to the Alleluia
2/2/2015Peter KwasniewskiIs the Liturgy an End or a Means? Further Considerations
2/2/2015Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Purification of the Virgin Mary
2/3/2015Gregory DiPippoA Tradition Both “Venerable” and “Defective”: More from Matthew Hazell on the Reform of the Missal
2/5/2015Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Rite Blessing of Ashes with Low Mass
2/5/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Legend of St Agatha
2/6/2015Gregory DiPippo“Balance Instead of Harmony” : A Guest Article by Paweł Milcarek on the History of the Liturgical Reform (Part 2)
2/7/2015Fr. Robert C. Pasley, KCHSHarold Boatrite : “Art and Its Replacements“ ”
2/7/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Romuald
2/8/2015Ben YankeIs the Current Communion Fast Really Enough?
2/9/2015Peter KwasniewskiMusic for the Eucharistic Sacrifice (Part 1)
2/10/2015Gregory DiPippoSome Notes on the Suppression of Septuagesima, by Amy Welborn
2/10/2015David ClaytonSnow Drops for the Feast of the Presentation
2/11/2015Gregory DiPippoA Visit to the Monastery of Camaldoli
2/16/2015Peter KwasniewskiMusic for the Eucharistic Sacrifice (Part 2)
2/18/2015Peter KwasniewskiA New Examination of Conscience for Lent
2/19/2015Gregory DiPippoAnnouncing the Apocalypse Art Prize
2/23/2015Peter KwasniewskiMusic for the Eucharistic Sacrifice (Part 3)
2/23/2015Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2015 (Part 1)
2/25/2015Gregory DiPippoAn Icon of the Coptic New Martyrs of Libya
2/27/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 7.5 - The Use of Toledo
2/28/2015Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2015 (Part 3)
3/2/2015Peter KwasniewskiEx ore infantium: Children and the Traditional Latin Mass
3/3/2015David ClaytonStart an Alpha and Omega Group!
3/3/2015Gregory DiPippoFostering Young Vocations (Part 3)
3/4/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 7.6 - Two Prayers from the 1551 Missal of Toledo
3/4/2015Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2015 (Part 4)
3/7/2015Gregory DiPippoDom Alcuin Reid on the 50th Anniversary of Mass in the Vernacular
3/9/2015Peter KwasniewskiTwo Different Treasure Chests
3/10/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of the Forty Martyrs
3/11/2015Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2015 (Part 5)
3/14/2015Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2015 (Part 6)
3/15/2015Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2015 (Part 7)
3/16/2015Peter KwasniewskiA Note on Participation: What Can We Learn from the Word Actuosa?
3/17/2015Gregory DiPippoA Special Mass for a Miracle of St Philip Neri
3/17/2015Ben YankeLiturgical PSA: Only Men for the Holy Thursday Mandatum
3/19/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 7.7 - The Use of Seville
3/19/2015Kyle WashutSt. Joseph in the East
3/20/2015Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2015 (Part 8)
3/23/2015Peter KwasniewskiHow the Cistercians Can Help Us Disentangle the Washing of the Feet
3/24/2015David ClaytonThe New Evangelization and the Domestic Church - Pope Benedict XVI on the Connection between the Two
3/25/2015Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2015 (Part 9)
3/28/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Raising of Lazarus in the Liturgy of Lent
3/29/2015Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2015 (Part 10)
3/30/2015Peter KwasniewskiIs Lack of Solemnity a Cause or a Symptom of Our Problems?
3/31/2015David ClaytonLenten Art Commentaries by Fr Michael Morris
3/31/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 7.8 - Two Prayers from the 1565 Missal of Seville
4/6/2015Peter KwasniewskiIn Defense of Holy Images—The Victory of the Resurrection
4/7/2015David ClaytonCommentary on Hieronymous Bosch's Christ Carrying the Cross
4/8/2015Gregory DiPippoThoughts on the Easter Octave from Fr Hunwicke
4/9/2015Gregory DiPippoWhy We Fight
4/10/2015Gregory DiPippoPope St John XXIII Blessing the Agnus Deis
4/13/2015Peter KwasniewskiImbuing the Ordinary Form with Extraordinary Form Spirituality
4/16/2015Peter KwasniewskiBook Review: The Proper of the Mass for Sundays and Solemnities
4/16/2015Kyle WashutAn Introduction to Orthodox Liturgical Praxis
4/16/2015Gregory DiPippo“Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent” - A Byzantine Hymn for Holy Saturday
4/18/2015Gregory DiPippoA New Show of Precious Sculptures at the Vatican
4/19/2015Charles ColeThe Restoration of the Sacred - The Legacy of Cardinal George
4/20/2015Peter KwasniewskiLiturgy as the Primary Embodiment of Tradition
4/21/2015Jennifer DonelsonBishop Conley on Beauty, Culture, and the New Evangelization - AUDIO
4/22/2015Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Curiosities from Medieval Spain
4/24/2015Gregory DiPippoMore Sacred Sculptures from the Vatican
4/25/2015Gregory DiPippoReforming the Canon of the Mass: Some Considerations from Fr Hunwicke
4/27/2015Peter KwasniewskiIn Much Wisdom Is Much Vexation
4/29/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Peter Martyr - Guest Article by Dr Donald Prudlo
4/30/2015Gregory DiPippoIntroducing Matthew Hazell, A New Contributor to NLM
5/1/2015Gregory DiPippo“Beauty and Tradition in the ‘Church of the Poor’ ” - An Interesting Article on Catholic World Report
5/2/2015Gregory DiPippoSacred Sculptures on Display at the Vatican (Final Post)
5/3/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Gospel of Nicodemus in the Liturgy of Eastertide
5/4/2015Peter Kwasniewski“Backwards vs. Forwards”—What Does It Mean?
5/6/2015Gregory DiPippoCatholic World Report Interview with Dom Alcuin Reid on Sacra Liturgia 2015
5/7/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Theology of the Offertory - Part 7.9 - The Uses of Cologne, Utrecht and Liège
5/8/2015Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Apparition of St Michael
5/11/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Institution of the Rogation Days
5/11/2015Peter KwasniewskiHow Can We Elevate the Quality of the “Prayer of the Faithful”?
5/11/2015Matthew HazellThe U.S. Bishops’ Interventions on the Liturgy at Vatican II
5/16/2015Gregory DiPippoSt Vitus’ Cathedral in Prague
5/18/2015Peter KwasniewskiProphets of Truth in a Decadent Age
5/20/2015Charles ColeLiturgy, Sacred Music & The Cardinal
5/25/2015Gregory DiPippo“God So Loved the World” - The Gospel of Pentecost Monday
5/26/2015Peter KwasniewskiCould the Traditional Latin Mass Be Improved—And Should It Even Be Attempted?
5/27/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Byzantine Gospel of Pentecost
5/29/2015Gregory DiPippoMinor Litanies Celebrated in the Ambrosian Liturgy
6/1/2015Peter KwasniewskiGoing Up to Heaven with the Blessed Sacrament (Part I)
6/2/2015Gregory DiPippoPope Francis to Card. Sarah : “Continue the Good Work in the Liturgy Begun by Pope Benedict XVI”
6/3/2015Gregory DiPippoAn Ivory Situla from the Basilica of St Ambrose in Milan
6/4/2015Peter KwasniewskiGoing Up to Heaven with the Blessed Sacrament (Part II)
6/5/2015Gregory DiPippoCorpus Christi: Historical Images from Ireland and Milan
6/8/2015Peter KwasniewskiClassics of the Liturgical Movement: Romano Guardini (1)
6/9/2015Matthew Hazell“Advertising” the Lectionary - An Insight into its Reform
6/10/2015Gregory DiPippo“Golden Gloves” Chaplain Floors 3 Berlin Thieves - Historical Headline from 1947
6/11/2015Peter KwasniewskiWho’s Afraid of Pomp and Splendor?
6/12/2015Matthew Hazell“Mediator Dei? Never heard of it!” Sacrosanctum Concilium's Disappearing Footnotes
6/15/2015Peter KwasniewskiDionysius Alive and Well: On Hierarchical Incensation
6/18/2015Peter KwasniewskiBook Review: Michael Foley's Drinking with the Saints
6/19/2015Gregory DiPippoDrinking with the Saints : Some Excerpts from Dr Michael Foley’s New Book
6/20/2015William RiccioNYC Procession was 'Religious Experience'
6/21/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Aloysius Gonzaga in Rome
6/22/2015Peter KwasniewskiClassics of the Liturgical Movement: Romano Guardini (2)
6/25/2015Gregory DiPippoRestoration Completed on “The Sistine Chapel of Milan”
6/25/2015Peter KwasniewskiBook Notice: The Definitive Study of Concelebration
6/27/2015Gregory DiPippoConcelebration Tomorrow - From Dom Alcuin Reid’s Foreword to “The Holy Eucharist - The World’s Salvation”
6/29/2015Peter KwasniewskiTwo Books for Children — One New and One Classic Reprint
6/30/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Protomartyrs of the Church of Rome
7/2/2015Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Visitation of the Virgin Mary
7/5/2015Gregory DiPippoFirst Report from Fota VIII
7/6/2015Gregory DiPippoSecond Report from Fota, and Photos of Pontifical Liturgies
7/7/2015Peter KwasniewskiFormed in the Spirit and Power of the Traditional Latin Mass: On the Eighth Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum
7/8/2015Gregory DiPippoThird Report from the Fota Liturgical Conference
7/9/2015Jennifer DonelsonSacra Liturgia USA Wrap-Up - A Guest Commentary
7/11/2015Gregory DiPippoCardinal Burke’s Sermon at the Fota Conference
7/13/2015Peter KwasniewskiIs the Youth of Today Necessarily “Modern Man”?
7/14/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Camillus de Lellis
7/15/2015Gregory DiPippoSt Vladimir the Great
7/16/2015Gregory DiPippoFrom the Fota Conference: Presentation of Last Year’s Proceedings
7/17/2015Gregory DiPippoGood News and Bad from the Dominican Order
7/18/2015Gregory DiPippoA Relic of St Camillus de Lellis
7/20/2015Peter KwasniewskiSt. Thomas Aquinas’s Early Commentary on the Mass
7/20/2015Gregory DiPippoAn Icon of the Prophet Elijah
7/21/2015Gregory DiPippoSt John XXIII on St Lawrence of Brindisi
7/23/2015Gregory DiPippo“We Sing of God Alone and for God Alone, Through the Traditional Liturgy.” - An Interview with Henri de Villiers
7/23/2015Ben YankeIconoclasm in New York City
7/24/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Holy Passion-Bearers Ss Boris and Gleb
7/29/2015Gregory DiPippoDrawn through Beauty - Guest Article by Fr Charles Byrd
7/31/2015Gregory DiPippoA Drinking Song in Honor of St Germanus, by Hilaire Belloc
8/4/2015Gregory DiPippoVespers for St Dominic - Guest Article by Fr Innocent Smith O.P.
8/5/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Dedication of St Mary Major
8/7/2015Gregory DiPippoSt Cajetan, and the Church of San Paolo Maggiore in Naples
8/8/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Basilica of St Dominic in Bologna
8/10/2015Peter KwasniewskiA Blueprint for Parish Musical Reform
8/11/2015Matthew HazellThe Consilium and ad experimentumLectionaries, 1965-69
8/15/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Blessing of Herbs on the Feast of the Assumption
8/17/2015Peter KwasniewskiWhat Do “the People in the Pews” Deserve?: On the Right of the Faithful to Integrally Catholic Worship
8/19/2015Peter KwasniewskiProfessions at Silverstream Priory
8/21/2015Gregory DiPippoBishop Schneider at the “Ars Celebrandi” Workshops in Licheń, Poland
8/22/2015David ClaytonA Course on Poetry Inspired by the Mystical Tradition of the Church
8/24/2015Peter KwasniewskiOn the Participation of the Clergy in a Non-Concelebrated Mass
8/27/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Seven Joys of the Virgin Mary
8/28/2015Gregory DiPippoA Legend of St Augustine
8/29/2015David ClaytonThe Christian Environmentalism that the Media Choose to Ignore
9/2/2015Gregory DiPippoMedieval Allegories of the Divine Office
9/3/2015David ClaytonHow a Painting of St Gregory the Great Shows Us the Supernatural End of Education
9/5/2015Peter KwasniewskiBook Review: David Clayton's The Way of Beauty: Liturgy, Education, and Inspiration for Family, School, and College
9/8/2015David ClaytonSassoferrato's Virgin at Prayer - Why He Used the Greek Ideal in the Face of Our Lady
9/9/2015Matthew HazellPinpointing the Origins of the Multi-Year Lectionary (Part 1)
9/9/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Synaxis of Ss Joachim and Anne
9/10/2015Gregory DiPippoA Relic of the Passion in Milan Cathedral
9/11/2015Gregory DiPippoMatthew Alderman on the Camino de Santiago
9/12/2015David ClaytonBusiness, Beauty and Liturgy
9/14/2015Peter KwasniewskiGuest Article: Taking Summorum Pontificum Out of the Trenches
9/15/2015Peter KwasniewskiOn the Use and Abuse of the Terms “Ordinary” and “Extraordinary” in Summorum Pontificum
9/15/2015Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPRecent Discoveries on the Origins of the Stabat Mater
9/17/2015Peter KwasniewskiBook Review: Bread from Heaven: English Eucharistic Motets
9/18/2015Gregory DiPippoA Mother Writes about Seeing the Old Mass for the First Time
9/19/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Value of Praying the Office - A Beautiful Meditation by Bl. Card. Schuster
9/21/2015David ClaytonSt Matthew the Evangelist from the Lindisfarne Gospels
9/22/2015Peter KwasniewskiThe Art of Typesetting and Layout: A Gallery of Pages
9/23/2015Matthew HazellBook Review: Observing Vatican II: The Confidential Reports of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative, Bernard Pawley, 1961-1964
9/25/2015Gregory DiPippoKorean Paintings of the Life of Christ
9/25/2015Gregory DiPippoMusic for the PSP Pilgrimage - An Interview with Mr Matthew Schellhorn
9/26/2015Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPIncense and Thuribles in the Dominican Rite
9/28/2015Peter KwasniewskiPriestly Preparation Before Mass and Thanksgiving After Mass
9/30/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Communion of St Jerome by Domenichino
10/1/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Importance of Latin in the Life of the Church - A Guest Article by Andrew Meszaros
10/2/2015David ClaytonMore about the Art in the Newman Center, Lincoln, Nebraska
10/3/2015Gregory DiPippoA New Image of the Coptic Martyrs of Libya, by Nikola Sarić
10/5/2015Peter KwasniewskiA Tale of Three Holy Cards
10/6/2015David ClaytonFilm Review: The Intern starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway
10/7/2015Gregory DiPippoPope Leo XIII on the Holy Rosary
10/9/2015David ClaytonDenis McNamara on the Theology of Sacred Architecture
10/9/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Greek Mass of St Denys of Paris
10/12/2015Peter KwasniewskiHow is the Marriage of Joseph and Mary a True Marriage?
10/14/2015Gregory DiPippoDom Mark Kirby on “The Liturgical Providence of God”
10/16/2015David ClaytonDenis McNamara on the Meaning of Beauty and its Importance in Church Architecture
10/16/2015Gregory DiPippoA New Book about St Philip Neri, Reviewed by David Warren
10/18/2015Gregory DiPippoSymbols of the Four Evangelists
10/19/2015Peter KwasniewskiCan Catholics Learn Today from the Continent Marriage of Joseph and Mary?
10/20/2015Gregory DiPippoRare Liturgical Books from Seminary Collection on Sale - Guest Article by Mr Samuel Howard
10/21/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Legend of Saint Ursula
10/23/2015David ClaytonDenis McNamara on the Jewish Roots of Church Architecture
10/24/2015Gregory DiPippoA Very Curious Legend of St Raphael
10/26/2015Peter KwasniewskiThe Hypostatic Union as a Marriage
10/27/2015Gregory DiPippoFollow-Up on Last Saturday’s Post about St Raphael
10/27/2015Gregory DiPippoAbp. di Noia on the Ordinariate Liturgy
10/30/2015David ClaytonDenis McNamara on Architecture, Part 4: the Importance of the Classical Tradition
11/2/2015Gregory DiPippoA New Requiem Set by Clare Short
11/2/2015Peter KwasniewskiRomano Guardini on Evening, Death, and Eternal Life
11/5/2015Gregory DiPippoCard. Burke on the 50th Anniversary of Sacrosanctum Concilium - Fota VI Proceedings Launched in Rome
11/6/2015David ClaytonHow Do We Paint Disfigurement and Bodily Imperfections in Saints?
11/9/2015Peter KwasniewskiThe Comparative Nobility of the Sacraments
11/10/2015David ClaytonTitian the Trailblazer - the Balance of Naturalism and Symbolism
11/11/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Martin
11/13/2015David ClaytonDecoration and Ornament - Denis McNamara on Architecture, Part 5
11/13/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Brice, St Martin’s Bad Disciple
11/14/2015Peter KwasniewskiBook Notice: Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael
11/16/2015Peter Kwasniewski“Convertere, Israël, ad Dominum Deum Tuum!” : A Benedictine Monk Defends Worshiping Eastwards
11/18/2015David ClaytonBehold the Lamb of Advent!
11/18/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Dedication of Barcelona Cathedral
11/20/2015David ClaytonDenis McNamara on Sacred Architecture, Part 6 - Columns
11/21/2015Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Presentation of the Virgin Mary
11/23/2015Peter KwasniewskiThe Normativity of Ad Orientem Worship According to the Ordinary Form’s Rubrics
11/25/2015Gregory DiPippoEdward Pugin’s Tomb of Cardinal Wiseman
11/26/2015Joel MorehouseRestoring a Healthy Appetite for Beauty
11/27/2015David ClaytonDenis McNamara on Church Architecture, part 7 - Sacred Images
11/28/2015Gregory DiPippoNLM Quiz no. 17: What Is This, and Why Is It On a Church? - The Answer
11/30/2015Peter KwasniewskiRecent Typeface Design and Calligraphy from Daniel Mitsui
12/2/2015Peter KwasniewskiDom Mark Kirby on the Link Between Sacrilege and Bad Liturgical Customs
12/3/2015Joel MorehouseA Catholic Praise Tradition?
12/3/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Francis Xavier in Rome - A Small Step in the Right Direction
12/4/2015David ClaytonDenis McNamara on the Church, Part 8 - A Hierarchy of Sacred Images.
12/4/2015Gregory DiPippoAmbrosian Prefaces for Advent - Part 1
12/7/2015Peter KwasniewskiBeat Your Own Breast
12/7/2015Gregory DiPippoAmbrosian Prefaces for Advent - Part 2
12/10/2015Joel MorehouseThe No-Fault Kyrie in the Year of Mercy
12/11/2015David ClaytonDenis McNamara on Church Architecture, Part 9: An Image of the New Jerusalem
12/12/2015Richard ChonakGuest Article: a Tribute to Jeffrey Tucker and Gregory DiPippo
12/14/2015Gregory DiPippoAmbrosian Prefaces for Advent - Part 3
12/17/2015Joel MorehouseA Crying Shame: the Irony is Lost on Some
12/19/2015Gregory DiPippoThe Neo-Gallican Preface for Advent
12/20/2015David ClaytonMeditations on the 'O Antiphons' by Mgr Charles Pope
12/20/2015Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPAdvent Stations
12/21/2015Peter KwasniewskiLearning from the Trees
12/22/2015David ClaytonDenis McNamara on Sacred Architecture, Part 10: The Documents of Vatican II
12/24/2015Joel MorehouseMidwives to the Truth: A Sacred Conversation about Christmas
12/24/2015Gregory DiPippoThe New Rite Prefaces for Advent
12/28/2015Gregory DiPippoA Medieval Fresco of the Holy Innocents
12/28/2015Peter KwasniewskiHoly Innocents, Hidden Metamorphosis
12/29/2015Gregory DiPippoSt Thomas of Canterbury
12/30/2015Gregory DiPippoNew Recording of a Medieval Votive Mass of the Sacrament
12/31/2015Joel MorehouseEducation for Epiphany
1/4/2016Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Feast of the Holy Innocents
1/5/2016Peter KwasniewskiShould We Stop Pursuing Excellence to Avoid Moral Danger?
1/7/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Synaxis of the Holy Forerunner John the Baptist
1/8/2016Gregory DiPippoPope St Gregory the Great on the Gifts of the Magi
1/8/2016Gregory DiPippoHow is Your TLM Doing?
1/10/2016Gregory DiPippoChrist Among the Doctors
1/10/2016Gregory DiPippoTwo Recordings of Syriac Liturgical Music
1/11/2016Peter KwasniewskiThe Cappa Magna in the Light of Nature, Rationality, and Mystery
1/13/2016Gregory DiPippoEF Pontifical Mass for Christmas in the Diocese of Lake Charles, LA
1/14/2016Gregory DiPippoGeorge Weigel Vs. Liturgical Improvisation
1/15/2016Gregory DiPippoSt Maurus, and a Famous Miracle of St Benedict
1/16/2016Gregory DiPippoEpiphany in Munich
1/18/2016Peter KwasniewskiThe Balance Scale: Nineteen to One
1/19/2016David ClaytonPaschal Candles
1/19/2016Gregory DiPippo“Why Don't You Put the Circumcision Back on the Calendar?”
1/20/2016Ben YankeNuptial Mass at the Throne - Madison, Wisconsin
1/21/2016Matthew AldermanJosep Obiols, An “Other Modern” Artist from Catalonia
1/21/2016Gregory DiPippoWashing of the Feet Officially Opened to Women
1/22/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Blessing of the Lambs on the Feast of St Agnes 2016
1/22/2016Matthew AldermanA Note on Catalan Romanesque Painting and Church Furniture in the Museo Nacional at Montjuïc
1/24/2016Gregory DiPippoSeptuagesima Sunday: Burying the Alleluia
1/25/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Conversion of St Paul
1/25/2016Peter KwasniewskiLiturgical Insights in The Gentle Traditionalist
1/26/2016David ClaytonDocumentary About the Original Divine Mercy Image - Is This Really What Christ Looked Like?
1/26/2016Ben YankeHow Well Did the OF Actually Implement Sacrosanctum Concilium - Scripture in the Mass
1/27/2016Matthew AldermanA Miscellany of Architectural and Church Furnishing Details in Barcelona
1/27/2016Gregory DiPippoUkrainian Christmas Customs: A Documentary From 1942
1/28/2016Joel MorehouseSigns of the Holy One: Part I
1/28/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Second Feast of St Agnes: A Liturgical Oddity
1/29/2016David ClaytonWhat Did Christ Really Look Like?
1/29/2016Matthew AldermanA Visigothic Hermitage in the Province of Burgos
1/29/2016Joel MorehouseNo Parish Left Behind
1/30/2016Gregory DiPippoA New Essay by Shawn Tribe
1/30/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Book of Genesis in Stone
1/31/2016Gregory DiPippoSaint Geminianus of Modena
2/1/2016Peter KwasniewskiBooks That Cry Out the Unique Richness and Holiness of God’s Word
2/2/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Meeting of Christ and Simeon in the Temple
2/2/2016Peter KwasniewskiBook Announcement: T&T Clark Companion to Liturgy, Edited by Dom Alcuin Reid
2/2/2016Gregory DiPippoCandlemas Celebrated in the Use of Sarum - Videos from 1997
2/3/2016Gregory DiPippoVideo of a Norbertine House in Belgium
2/4/2016Peter KwasniewskiVideo of a Norbertine House in Belgium
2/4/2016Gregory DiPippoA Bit More from Modena Cathedral
2/5/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Agatha 2016
2/5/2016Gregory DiPippoFollow-Up on a Recent Post about Spain
2/6/2016Gregory DiPippo“Those Who Shone Forth in the Ascetic Life”
2/7/2016Charles ColeThe Burial of the Alleluia at St John Cantius, Chicago
2/8/2016Peter KwasniewskiThings That Remit Venial Sins — The Traditional Liturgy Is Full of Them
2/9/2016David ClaytonThe Ordinariate Office - A Wonderful Gift For Lay People and a Hope for the Transformation of Western Culture?
2/10/2016Gregory DiPippoNew Altar Cards for the Ordinariate Liturgy
2/10/2016Gregory DiPippoAsh Wednesday 2016
2/10/2016Charles ColeHow The West Wing can help Catholic Choirs
2/12/2016Gregory DiPippoA Reader’s Home Oratory (Updated)
2/12/2016Gregory DiPippoA Beautiful Byzantine Chant for Lent
2/13/2016Gregory DiPippoT&T Clark Interviews Dom Alcuin Reid
2/13/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Charterhouse of Milan
2/14/2016Charles ColeCatholic Children's Choirs
2/15/2016Peter KwasniewskiThe Unlikely Prophet Jonah as a Model for Us in Lent
2/16/2016David ClaytonThe Devil Hates Latin, Says Exorcist
2/16/2016Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2016 (Part 1)
2/17/2016Gregory DiPippoFr. Samuel Weber’s “Propers of the Mass”: An Interview with Dr. Peter Kwasniewski by Roseanne Sullivan
2/17/2016Gregory DiPippoRioting Over Jonah
2/18/2016Joel MorehouseSigns of the Holy One: Part II
2/18/2016Gregory DiPippoA Religious Procession in Macau, China
2/19/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Church of St Maurice in Milan
2/21/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Second Sunday of Lent 2016
2/21/2016Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2016 (Part 2)
2/22/2016Peter KwasniewskiShould Christians Celebrate a “Seder Meal”? [UPDATED]
2/23/2016David ClaytonMagnificent New Russian Cathedral Inspired by Western Iconographic Forms
2/24/2016Gregory DiPippoAn Interesting Fact About Today’s Lenten Station
2/25/2016Gregory DiPippoWhy is the Feast of St Matthias Moved in Leap Years?
2/26/2016David ClaytonAdult Coloring Books - A Business and An Evangelization Opportunity for Catholic Artists?
2/26/2016Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2016 (Part 3)
2/29/2016Peter KwasniewskiExquisite Altar Cards from Notre Dame in Paris
2/29/2016Kyle WashutSt. John Cassian, Feb. 29
3/1/2016Gregory DiPippoSome Ambrosian Music For Lent
3/2/2016Matthew HazellThe Post-Vatican II Reform of the Lenten Readings
3/3/2016Gregory DiPippo“Our Fidelity to the See of Peter” : The Ukrainian Hierarchy Celebrates the Divine Liturgy in Rome
3/4/2016Gregory DiPippoAnother Excellent Series from Fr Hunwicke
3/5/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Story of Susanna in the Liturgy of Lent
3/5/2016Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2016 (Part 4)
3/6/2016Gregory DiPippoMore Photos of Archbishop Shevchuk’s Divine Liturgy in Rome
3/7/2016Peter KwasniewskiOn “Pinpointing” Consecration: A Letter for the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas
3/7/2016Charles Cole“The Noblest Sacred Work in Existence”
3/8/2016Gregory DiPippoDominican Rite Solemn Mass in Rome
3/9/2016Peter KwasniewskiExcellent Article on Sacred Music by Aurelio Porfiri
3/12/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Gregory the Great 2016
3/12/2016Gregory DiPippoA Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2016 (Part 5)
3/12/2016Gregory DiPippoMarch 12, 1939: The Coronation of Pope Pius XII
3/13/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Church of St Gregory the Great in Rome
3/14/2016Peter KwasniewskiGod as Fire
3/18/2016David ClaytonA New Catholic School Seeks to Incorporate the Wayof Beauty into its Education
3/18/2016Gregory DiPippo“Let My Prayer Rise as Incense” by Dmitry Bortniansky - Byzantine Music for Lent
3/20/2016Gregory DiPippoPalm Sunday 2016
3/20/2016Gregory DiPippoPalm Sunday in Rome - The Polyphonic Settings of the Crowd
3/21/2016Gregory DiPippoSpecial Tones for the Prophecies of the Easter Vigil
3/21/2016Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPDominican Stabat Mater
3/21/2016Peter KwasniewskiConversion from Modernity to the Beauty of Christ
3/22/2016Joel MorehouseVariations without a Theme
3/23/2016David ClaytonCreating a Courtyard for Contemplation Out of an Urban Alleyway
3/24/2016Gregory DiPippoHoly Thursday 2016
3/25/2016Gregory DiPippoGood Friday 2016
3/25/2016Peter KwasniewskiTenebrae at Wyoming Catholic College
3/26/2016Gregory DiPippo“Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent” - The Holy Saturday Hymn for the Great Entrance
3/27/2016Gregory DiPippoEaster Sunday 2016
3/28/2016Peter KwasniewskiUnction from Above or Reasoning from Below? A Small Illustration of the Importance of Critical Texts
3/29/2016Gregory DiPippoA Good Friday Procession in the Rite of Braga
3/30/2016Gregory DiPippoA Timepiece of the Passion of Christ
3/31/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Basilica of St Ambrose in Milan
4/1/2016Gregory DiPippoMedieval Vespers of Easter
4/4/2016Peter KwasniewskiIn Praise of Irregularity
4/5/2016David ClaytonIdeas For the Cry Room From Greenville, Texas
4/6/2016Gregory DiPippoByzantine Catholic Holy Week Services at St Peter’s in Ukiah, California
4/6/2016William RiccioSt. Eugene's Cathedral (Santa Rosa, CA) Retro-Fitting Sanctuary
4/6/2016Peter KwasniewskiTwo-part Essay on Sacred Music vs. Praise & Worship
4/8/2016Gregory DiPippoAmbrosian Music for Eastertide
4/11/2016Peter KwasniewskiThe Omission that Haunts the Church — 1 Corinthians 11:27-29
4/12/2016Gregory DiPippo“It Is Right and Just” - A New Book on the Responses of the Mass
4/13/2016Joel MorehouseCatharsis and the Rhetoric of the Gospel
4/13/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Solemnity of St Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church 2016
4/14/2016Peter KwasniewskiSt. Thomas Aquinas and Pope Francis on 1 Corinthians 11:27–29
4/16/2016Gregory DiPippoGuest Article on Liturgical Law, Tradition, and Culture
4/18/2016Peter KwasniewskiSt. John Vianney's Preaching on Unworthy Communions
4/19/2016Gregory DiPippoAncient Christian Artifacts at the Louvre
4/20/2016Peter KwasniewskiChristian Wisdom from the Anglican Tradition
4/21/2016David ClaytonThe Ghent Altarpiece - What Makes it So Suited for the Liturgy?
4/22/2016Matthew HazellOn the Inclusion of 1 Corinthians 11:27-29 in the Ordinary Form
4/22/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Office of Vespers as Sacrifice - Guest Article
4/23/2016Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Feast of St George
4/25/2016Peter KwasniewskiNewly Republished: Cantus Mariales — Rare 1903 Book of Marian Chants
4/26/2016Gregory DiPippo“Behold the Bridegroom Cometh” - A Beautiful Chant for Julian Holy Week
4/27/2016Gregory DiPippoA Note on External Solemnities in the EF
4/27/2016Gregory DiPippoSacred Choral Works and Other Liturgical Resources from Peter Kwasniewski
4/28/2016David ClaytonOur Lady of the Mount Anjara, Jordan - New Icons of the Mysteries of the Rosary, and a Miraculous Weeping Statue
4/28/2016Richard Chonak“The moment has come to normalize the situation of the Society”
4/30/2016Gregory DiPippoAncient Churches in Northern Italy
5/1/2016Gregory DiPippoHappy Easter!
5/2/2016Peter KwasniewskiThe Law of Liturgical Entropy
5/3/2016David ClaytonChinese Artist Converts Through Study of Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts
5/4/2016Gregory DiPippoHow Medieval Christians Celebrated the Rogation Days (with a Dragon)
5/5/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Ascension of the Lord 2016
5/6/2016David ClaytonHow St John Paul II’s Letter to Artists Converted a Composer and Created a Servant for the Church
5/6/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St John at the Latin Gate
5/9/2016Peter KwasniewskiIs Modern Man Irremediably Cut Off from Tradition?
5/10/2016David ClaytonThe Walled Garden - a Poetry Collection by Andrew Thornton-Norris
5/10/2016William RiccioA Priest's First TLM: The Story is the Same
5/10/2016Gregory DiPippoPictures from Last Friday’s Mozarabic Mass in Rome
5/12/2016Matthew HazellThe Postcommunion Prayers for the Feast of the Ascension in the OF and EF
5/12/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Pancratius
5/13/2016Gregory DiPippoChants from the Recent Mozarabic Mass in Rome
5/15/2016Gregory DiPippoPentecost 2016
5/15/2016Gregory DiPippoImages from the Chartres Pilgrimage, and Commentary by Shawn Tribe
5/16/2016Gregory DiPippoPentecost Monday 2016
5/16/2016Peter KwasniewskiOn Needlessly Problematizing Our Situation
5/17/2016Gregory DiPippoPentecost Tuesday 2016
5/18/2016Gregory DiPippoEmber Wednesday of Pentecost 2016
5/20/2016Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Items Restored in Italy
5/20/2016Gregory DiPippoEmber Friday of Pentecost 2016
5/21/2016Gregory DiPippoEmber Saturday of Pentecost 2016
5/23/2016Peter KwasniewskiWorthily Celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Outdoors
5/24/2016David ClaytonA Pattern for Catholic Education that Places the Liturgy at Its Heart
5/26/2016Gregory DiPippoCorpus Christi 2016
5/27/2016Gregory DiPippoDuncan Stroik Wins the Arthur Ross Award for Classical Architecture
5/28/2016Joel MorehouseRila Monastery in Bulgaria
5/30/2016Peter KwasniewskiThe Logic of Incarnation and the Temptation of Disincarnation
5/31/2016David ClaytonThe 19th Century Beuronese School: An Inspiration for Artists Today?
6/2/2016Gregory DiPippoSolemn Mass for Our Lady of Sacro Monte in Clifton, NJ, This Saturday
6/2/2016Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPVisit to the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem
6/6/2016Gregory DiPippoMore Liturgical Treasures from Northern Italy
6/6/2016Peter KwasniewskiSeeking the Right Relationship Between Internal and External
6/7/2016Gregory DiPippoProcession with Relics of St Norbert
6/8/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Basilica of St Maximin in Provence
6/9/2016Gregory DiPippoBooks of Hours Online
6/10/2016Gregory DiPippoFeast of St Mary Magdalene Upgraded to Feast (Updated)
6/13/2016Peter KwasniewskiThe Problem of the Dominant Low Mass and the Rare High Mass
6/14/2016David ClaytonAnother Call for Artists - Please Learn to Draw!
6/16/2016Gregory DiPippoInteresting Saints on June 16
6/17/2016Gregory DiPippoUgly Churches Win Awards
6/18/2016Gregory DiPippoInformation About Cerecloths
6/20/2016Peter KwasniewskiClassics of the Liturgical Movement: Dom Pius de Hemptinne
6/21/2016David ClaytonModern Russian Iconographers Who Break the Rules but Conform to the Principles
6/21/2016Gregory DiPippoFSSP Ordinations in Auxerre Cathedral
6/22/2016Gregory DiPippoA New Institute for the Study of Scholastic Theology and Philosophy
6/23/2016Joel MorehouseWhy We Do What We Do
6/23/2016Gregory DiPippo164 Stained Glass Windows (Church of St Paul in Westerville, Ohio)
6/24/2016Gregory DiPippoA Relic of St John the Baptist
6/25/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Tomb of St Peter Martyr in Milan's Portinari Chapel
6/25/2016Fr. Thomas KocikRediscovering the Imprecatory Psalms
6/27/2016Peter KwasniewskiIncense as the Sacramental of Devotion
6/28/2016Gregory DiPippoKicking St Irenaeus Around
6/29/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Consecration of Westminster Cathedral
6/29/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of Ss Peter and Paul 2016
6/30/2016Gregory DiPippoProcession in Ukraine to Honor Bl. Theodore Romzha
7/1/2016Gregory DiPippoVespers of the Precious Blood
7/2/2016Gregory DiPippoSaints Processus and Martinian
7/4/2016Peter KwasniewskiGrand Public Architecture: Why Is This No Longer the Operative Model?
7/5/2016David ClaytonWhy Do So Many Choir Directors Have “Van Gogh’s Ear for Music”?
7/5/2016Matthew HazellCardinal Sarah’s Inaugural Address at Sacra Liturgia UK
7/6/2016Matthew HazellSacra Liturgia UK: Day 2
7/7/2016Peter KwasniewskiThe Ambitiousness and Modesty of Summorum Pontificum (For the Ninth Anniversary of the Motu Proprio)
7/7/2016Matthew HazellSacra Liturgia UK: Day 3
7/8/2016Joel MorehouseCheerfulness and the Art of the Gospel
7/9/2016David ClaytonCardinal Sarah on the Incorporation of African Culture into the Church's Liturgy
7/9/2016Gregory DiPippoA Good Week for Humor
7/9/2016Matthew HazellSacra Liturgia UK: Day 4
7/11/2016Gregory DiPippoFr Cassian Folsom On the Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage
7/11/2016Peter KwasniewskiWorthily Celebrating the Mass Outdoors: A Gallery of Reader-Submitted Photos
7/12/2016David ClaytonLiturgical Form Manifested in the Mundane - the Famous K2 Telephone Box
7/13/2016Gregory DiPippoAlcuin Reid Interview on Cardinal Sarah and Sacra Liturgia
7/14/2016Gregory DiPippoA Liturgical Rarity: Asterisks from Portugal
7/15/2016Gregory DiPippoFr Hunwicke Weighs In on the Ad Orientem Controversy
7/15/2016Gregory DiPippo“Their Sound Is Gone Out” - The Division of the Apostles
7/17/2016Gregory DiPippoPatrem Omnipotentem
7/18/2016Peter KwasniewskiA Reader Laments the Lack of Attention to “Externals” in the Liturgy
7/19/2016David ClaytonTwo Conservatives Seeing Eye to Eye On Culture - Roger Scruton and Benedict XVI
7/19/2016Gregory DiPippoHistorical Images of Barcelona Charterhouse, 1960
7/20/2016David ClaytonR.I.P. Fr Michael Morris, O.P.
7/21/2016Joel MorehouseTurning Toward the Lord -- An Evangelical and Ecumenical Perspective for Support
7/22/2016Gregory DiPippoLa Sainte Baume - St Mary Magdalene’s Cave
7/23/2016Gregory DiPippo“In Mei Memoriam Facietis”; Liturgical Externals and Memory - Guest Article by Veronica Arntz
7/25/2016Peter KwasniewskiAward for the Most Hideous Lectionary Ever
7/26/2016David ClaytonA Model Review - Br Brad Elliot OP on the Music of Frank La Rocca
7/26/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of St Anne
7/27/2016Gregory DiPippoBeautiful Lectionaries in the Bibliothèque nationale de France
7/27/2016Gregory DiPippoMore Medieval Frescoes from Milan
7/28/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Sung Liturgy in the Formation of the Human Person - Guest Article by Matthew Roth
7/28/2016Peter Kwasniewski“The Sacrifice of Praise and the Ecstatic Orientation of Man” — Lecture at Silverstream Priory
7/29/2016Joel MorehouseTrucks, Trees, and Missalettes
7/29/2016Gregory DiPippoSt Martha Kills a Dragon
8/1/2016Gregory DiPippoNLM’s 11th Anniversary
8/1/2016Peter KwasniewskiWhat Makes a Family Holy?
8/2/2016David ClaytonChartres Cathedral and the Liberal Arts Personified, by Carrie Gress
8/3/2016Gregory DiPippoMother Angelica’s Funeral Mass, the Triumph of Latin, Chant, and Ad Orientemat EWTN
8/5/2016Joel MorehouseTempo: What's the right pace for liturgy?
8/5/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Dedication of St Mary Major 2016
8/6/2016Gregory DiPippoA Byzantine Combination Breviary and Hand-Missal
8/6/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Psalms of the Transfiguration
8/9/2016David ClaytonICC Workshop on the Prayer Life Described in the Little Oratory Book
8/10/2016Peter KwasniewskiLooking for Accessible English Polyphony? Check Out English Motets for the Church Year
8/11/2016Peter KwasniewskiGuest Article — Monasterboice and the Grace of the Divine Office
8/11/2016Gregory DiPippoMiracles of St Clare of Assisi
8/15/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of the Assumption 2016
8/15/2016Peter KwasniewskiThe 50th Anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s Sacrificium Laudis
8/16/2016David ClaytonThe Sculpture of Thomas Marsh
8/16/2016Gregory DiPippoA Wedding According to the Philippine Rituale
8/17/2016David ClaytonPostscript to Yesterday's Post: Sketches of Thomas Marsh's Rosary Walk
8/17/2016Gregory DiPippoAmerican Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer Make Perpetual Vows
8/18/2016Gregory DiPippoPolyphony Summer School in Ireland
8/19/2016Gregory DiPippoSt Sebaldus of Nuremberg
8/22/2016Peter KwasniewskiTraditional Liturgy Reflects the Dignity and Beauty of the Virgin Mary
8/22/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Basilica of the Assumption on Torcello Island
8/23/2016Gregory DiPippo“Liturgical Life and the Priesthood” - A New Talk by Card. Sarah
8/25/2016Gregory DiPippoA New Annual Pilgrimage Inaugurated in Scotland
8/25/2016Gregory DiPippoNLM Quiz no. 18: What Is This, and Why Is It On the Grounds of a Church? - The Answer
8/29/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Beheading of St John the Baptist 2016
8/29/2016Peter KwasniewskiAre Traditional Catholics “Weird”?
8/30/2016David ClaytonThe Power of the Divine Office to Transform a Church and Society
8/30/2016Gregory DiPippoVideo of the Blessed Ildefonso Schuster’s Episcopal Enthonement
8/31/2016Peter KwasniewskiMantilla: The Veil of the Bride of Christ — A New Book on the Practice of Veiling
9/1/2016Gregory DiPippoLincoln Diocese Sacred Music Clinic: Beginnings and Small Steps (Guest Article by Amy Flamminio)
9/1/2016Gregory DiPippoByzantine New Year
9/2/2016David ClaytonHow Michelangelo Influenced Caravaggio
9/3/2016Gregory DiPippoMusic from the Book of Job
9/5/2016Peter KwasniewskiCompleting the Gothic Aesthetic of a Parish Church
9/6/2016David ClaytonAn Answer to a Mystery in the Lindisfarne Gospels...Perhaps
9/7/2016Peter KwasniewskiThree Fascinating New Books from Angelico Press
9/8/2016Ben YankeBishop Morlino to Switch to Ad Orientemin His Cathedral
9/8/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Nativity of the Virgin Mary 2016
9/9/2016Gregory DiPippoGlagolitic Mass Celebrated in Zagreb, Croatia
9/12/2016Peter KwasniewskiNothing Superfluous — A Masterful Spiritual Guide to the Traditional Mass
9/13/2016Gregory DiPippoJuventutem at WYD Krakow - Official Report
9/14/2016Gregory DiPippoIn Memory of Mons. Angelo Amodeo
9/14/2016Gregory DiPippoMusic for the Exaltation of the Cross
9/15/2016Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on The Feasts of the Seven Sorrows
9/15/2016Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPRubrics for Dominican Mass after 1962
9/16/2016Peter KwasniewskiCandlelight Missa Cantata at Wyoming Catholic College for the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady
9/17/2016Gregory DiPippoPre-Tridentine Ambrosian Breviary Online
9/19/2016Gregory DiPippoOther Miracles of St Januarius
9/19/2016Peter KwasniewskiReclaiming St. Josemaría Escrivá for the New Liturgical Movement
9/20/2016David ClaytonHow an Artist Creates the Illusion of Depth with Paint Alone
9/20/2016Fr. Lawrence Lew, OPGuadalupe Chasuble Ex Voto
9/21/2016Gregory DiPippoHistorical Recreation of a 15th Century Mass
9/21/2016Gregory DiPippoAmbrosian Solemn Mass for the Exaltation of the Cross
9/22/2016Gregory DiPippoThomas Merton on the Liturgical Reform
9/23/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Façade of Assisi Cathedral: Guest Article by Julian Kwasniewski
9/24/2016Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPEarly-Modern Reforms of the Dominican Liturgy
9/26/2016Peter KwasniewskiPerfect Prayers for Before and After the Liturgy
9/27/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Basilica of Ss Cosmas and Damian
9/28/2016Gregory DiPippoParticipatio Actuosa in the Current Magisterium: Guest Article by Fr Peter Stravinskas (Part 1)
9/29/2016Gregory DiPippoSt Michael and All Angels 2016
9/29/2016Joel MorehouseOccupational Hazards of Catholic Liturgical Music as a Profession
9/30/2016Gregory DiPippoParticipatio Actuosa in the Current Magisterium: Guest Article by Fr Peter Stravinskas (Part 2)
9/30/2016Gregory DiPippoSt Jerome and Caravaggio
10/3/2016Peter KwasniewskiLooking to Start Conversations or Enrich Catechesis? Check Out These Quotation Sheets
10/4/2016Gregory DiPippoA New Interview with Card. Sarah on Catholic World Report
10/4/2016Gregory DiPippoSt Petronius of Bologna
10/6/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Charterhouse of Pavia
10/7/2016Gregory DiPippoPope Leo XIII on the Holy Rosary 2016
10/7/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Carthusian Rosary
10/10/2016Peter KwasniewskiMissals from Silverstream Priory (1): Maria Laach Altar Missal of 1931
10/11/2016Gregory DiPippoSt Augustine and the Translation of His Relics
10/12/2016Gregory DiPippoAn Anglo-Catholic Prayer Card of the Angelus
10/13/2016Gregory DiPippoEdward the Confessor and John the Evangelist
10/14/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Antiquity of Liturgical Tradition - An Example from the Ambrosian Rite
10/15/2016Gregory DiPippoNew Apostolate for the ICK in Detroit - First Mass This Sunday
10/17/2016Peter KwasniewskiMissals from Silverstream Priory (2): Regensburg
10/18/2016David ClaytonHow Do We Re-Establish an Artistic Tradition?
10/18/2016Gregory DiPippoLiturgical Notes on the Feast of St Luke the Evangelist
10/19/2016Gregory DiPippoA Rare Liturgical Book from 18th-Century Paris
10/19/2016Fr. Augustine Thompson, OPThe Dominican Habit and the Holy Rosary
10/20/2016Shawn TribeNoble Beauty As Seen in Recent Gothic and Baroque Inspired Vestment Work
10/20/2016Gregory DiPippoArranging the End of the Liturgical Year in the Extraordinary Form
10/21/2016Peter KwasniewskiSermon and Photos from Cardinal Burke's Pontifical Mass in Strahov Abbey, Prague
10/23/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Relics of St Boethius
10/24/2016Peter KwasniewskiMissals from Silverstream Priory (3): Augustinian Missal of 1716
10/25/2016David ClaytonIconostasis, Rood Screen, Communion Rail...or Shag-Pile Carpeted Step?
10/26/2016Peter Kwasniewski“Reverence Is Not Enough: On the Importance of Tradition”
10/26/2016Gregory DiPippoSt Demetrius the Great-Martyr
10/27/2016Peter KwasniewskiNewly Republished: The Little Flowers of Saint Francis with Antique Illustrations
10/28/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Legends of Saints Simon and Jude
10/30/2016Gregory DiPippoA Purge at CDW? Important Commentary from the Catholic Herald
10/31/2016Peter KwasniewskiMissals from Silverstream Priory (4): A Defaced Missal from the Post-Conciliar Revolution
11/1/2016David ClaytonPostscript - the Anglican Restoration of Medieval Rood Screens
11/1/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of All Saints - 2016
11/2/2016Joel MorehousePerspective Without A Vanishing Point?
11/2/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of All Saints 2016 - The Beatific Vision
11/3/2016Peter KwasniewskiIn Memoriam: The Basilica of Norcia
11/3/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of All Saints 2016 - The Virgin Mary and Holy Women
11/4/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of All Saints 2016 - The Angelic Choirs
11/5/2016Gregory DiPippoDostoyevsky on Prayer for the Dead
11/5/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of All Saints 2016 - The Patriarchs and Prophets
11/6/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of All Saints 2016 - The Apostles
11/7/2016Peter KwasniewskiBook Review: T&T Clark Companion to Liturgy
11/7/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of All Saints 2016 - The Martyrs
11/8/2016David ClaytonShould It Be Curtains for the Rood Screen?
11/8/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Octave of All Saints 2016
11/10/2016Peter KwasniewskiIn Memoriam: Norcia's Co-Cathedral and Madonna Addolorata
11/11/2016Gregory DiPippoTradition is for the Young
11/14/2016Peter KwasniewskiIs Traditionalism a Spiritual Malady?
11/15/2016David ClaytonCan Small-Scale Illumination Be Adapted for Large-Scale Liturgical Art?
11/16/2016Gregory DiPippoTradition is for the Young (Part 2)
11/17/2016Peter KwasniewskiDouble Book Review: Psalms and New Testament and Vespers for Sundays and Feasts
11/18/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Dedication of Ss Peter and Paul
11/21/2016Peter KwasniewskiBook Review: Liturgy in the Twenty-First Century: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives
11/21/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Presentation of the Virgin Mary 2016
11/22/2016David ClaytonWhat We in the Roman Rite Should Take From the Iconographic Tradition: Some Thoughts
11/23/2016Gregory DiPippoTradition is for the Young (Part 3)
11/24/2016Gregory DiPippoRich Offerings Even in Persecution (Guest Article by Julian Kwasniewski)
11/25/2016Gregory DiPippoFirst Ever Greek-Catholic Liturgy in Bangkok, Thailand
11/25/2016Gregory DiPippoSt Catherine of Alexandria in the Counter-Reformation
11/27/2016Gregory DiPippoThe First Sunday of Advent 2016
11/28/2016Peter KwasniewskiBook Notice: In Sinu Jesu. When Heart Speaks to Heart: The Journal of a Priest at Prayer
11/29/2016David ClaytonThe Scandal of the Missing Haloes! A Case of Chronic Halo-tosis?
11/30/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Relics of St Andrew
12/1/2016Gregory DiPippo“Fisher of Men” - A Paulist Vocation Video from the 1960s
12/2/2016Peter KwasniewskiBook Notice: St. Thomas Aquinas's Commentary on Job
12/5/2016Peter KwasniewskiWhere Can “Mutual Enrichment” Really Take Us?
12/6/2016David ClaytonPlease! A Simple Version of the Anglican Ordinariate Office for Lay People
12/6/2016Gregory DiPippoVideo of the Installation of a Boy-Bishop
12/8/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Feast of the Immaculate Conception 2016
12/9/2016Gregory DiPippoA Bit More About Boy-Bishops
12/9/2016Gregory DiPippoYes, Advent IS a Penitential Season
12/10/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Holy House of Loreto
12/11/2016Gregory DiPippoThe Treasury of the Holy House of Loreto

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