Thursday, April 05, 2007

Assisting "in choro": Its relevance to the "reform of the reform"

There is much to consider in reforming the liturgical reform, including things seemingly trivial. Take, for example, the priest's option of assisting at Mass in choro rather than concelebrating. No need to wait for new and improved liturgical books: Like the use of Latin and facing eastward, this is one of those "Phase One" components of reforming the reform that can be done now. In the current issue of Antiphon (the journal of the Society for Catholic Liturgy), I explain why the option of assisting in choro is sometimes preferable to concelebration, and how the virtual neglect of that option is not without harmful effects on the liturgy, the priesthood, and the Church. To see the full text of the article (in PDF format), click here.

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