Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Round of Sacred Music Archives

The CMAA has embarked on an ambitious effort to get all archives of Sacred Music online, and that's not small task given that the journal is currently on volume 135. So we are talking about a vast history of sacred music scholarship and opinion. In any case, here is the first round of many more to come.

  • Volume 134.3, Fall 2007 (Summorum, by Mahrt; Defense of Singing, by P. Phillips; Ward Method, by A. Brown; St. John Cantius, Fr. Kolinksi; 2 Communios, by Mahrt; Concerning Hymns, A. Fortescue; Gregorian Music, F.A. Mocquereau; Polyphonic Masses, by M. Procter)
  • Volume 134.2, Summer 2007 (The Sequence, by L. Dobszay; Ornamented Chant, by L. Candelaria; Aternatim, by S. Treacy; Interview with Schuler; Momentum, by J. Tucker)
  • Volume 134.1, Spring 2007 (Special issue on Dilasso: Monta, Procter, Oost-Zinner/Tucker, Weber, Dobszay, Mahrt, Treacy, Lawrence)
  • Volume 133.4, Winter 2006 (Sing the Mass, Tucker; Graduale or Missale, Tietze, Ascendant Tone, Brouwers; Mary’s song, Zulhlsdorf; Parish Workshops, Oost-Zinner; Compline, Treacy; W. Byrd, McCarthy; Last Word, Poterack)
  • Volume 133.3, Fall 2006 (Cult of Conductor, Phillips; Organ and Roman Rite, Lawrence; Organs of Oxaca, Mansfield; Mystery of St. Louis Jesuits, Tucker; the Crequillon Revelation, Lawrence; BLC news)
  • Volume 133.2, Summer 2006 (Learning Curve, Tucker; JP II on Music, Kwasnieski; Beyond Taste, Tribe; Mode II Offertories, Mahrt)
  • Volume 133.1, Spring 2006 (Gregorian Chant at the Paradigm, Mahrt; Ward Method, Zuberbueler, Brandt; Ave Verum, McCarthy; Orbis Factor, Mahrt)
  • Volume 114.1, Spring 1987 (Canonesses and Plainchant by Duane Galles, Latin Liturgy of Louis XIV, by R.D. Henry, Anniversary of PISM, by R.J. Hayburn)
  • Volume 113.4, Winter 1986 (Tribute to Flor Peters; Elphantiasis of the Word, Hanshell; Echo, Higginson; Liturgical Formation, Steinschulte; editorial notes)
  • Volume 113.3, Fall 1986 (St. Peter’s Sunday Morning, Hughedon; New Interpretation of Chant, LeVoir; Liturgy is Life, LaFontaine; Lent in Louisville, Galles)
  • Volume 113.2, Summer 1986 (Discernment in Church Music, Ledwon; Early American Catholic, Higginson; New Era in Collegiate Church, Galles)
  • Volume 113.1, Spring 1986 (Theological Problems, Ratzinger; Syntheses of the Second International, Foyer; Three Servants of the Lord, Schubert; Reviews)
  • Volume 112.2, Summer 1985 (What Makes Music Sacred, Schuler; Papal Musical Knights, Galles; Reviews, News)
  • Volume 112.1, Spring 1985 (Good Friday Oratones Universales, Edwards and Hughesdon; Music for the Holy Word, Eldridge; Whither Gregorian Chant, Overath; VII International Church Music Congress)
  • Volume 111.4, Winter 1984 (The Tridentine Mass, Schuler; Guiding Principles in Liturgical Formation, Baldanza; Attitude of the Church Twoards Music from the Patristic Age to the Late Middle Ages, R.D. Henry)
  • Volume 108.4, Winter 1981 (The Workhouse, Schmitt; Liturgy and the Realm of the Rational, Graber; Member List)
  • Volume 104.4, Winter 1977 (Musical Shape of the Liturgy IV, by Mahrt; Sacred Music in Holland, by J. Lennards; Twin Cities Chorale, by R.M. Hogan)

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