Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pictures of a Mural of the Crowning of the Virgin from Malaga, Spain

The artist Raul Berzosa has sent me the following pictures of his recently completed project. It is of the ceiling of the Oratory of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows, Málaga, Spain. It took him a year to paint, the work, all in acrylic; the total size of the roof is 12.20 meters long and 9.62 meters wide, with a total of 130 square meters approximately. For moroe information, you can visit his website, http://www.raulberzosa.com/. This is a spectacular achievement, and it is good to see work of this sort being commissioned and executed. I hope there will be more. If I have one point to make, it is my usual one that my personal taste is to see more muted colour and shadow with the brightness concentrated on the principle foci of interest in the baroque fashion. However, I should state that I have seen only the photographs, and the work in situ. For a work like this the impact can be very different when viewed from where it is intended to be seen - this would be viewed ordinarily from a great distance away by observers looking up from the floor. The artist has no doubt designed it with this with this in mind.

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