Friday, April 30, 2010

April 2010 Adoremus Bulletin

The April edition of the Adoremus Bulletin has now come out online and includes some interesting articles.

First, I cannot fail to mention an article which first appeared here, Gregor Kollmorgen's translation of Bishop Marc Aillet's address, The Wounded Liturgy.

Dr. Denis McNamara also has an article in this edition, Bearers of the Heavenly Jerusalem: Vatican II & Development in Church Architecture. In this piece, Dr. McNamara answers questions often asked "by students, building committee members, architects, pastors, and parishioners" about sacred architecture. Some of the questions include:

"Didn’t the Second Vatican Council do away with traditional, beautiful churches? What about 'noble simplicity'?"

"Isn’t using traditional styles for architecture just copying the past? Isn’t there room for new development in church architecture?"

"The upper room of the Last Supper was a simple place for the Passover meal. Jesus never wore fancy vestments or drank from gold cups. Why should we do this in the liturgy? Shouldn’t we give money to the poor instead?"

These will give you a sense of the questions.

Fr. Samuel Weber also has a piece in this edition, Taking up the Psalter wherein he discusses the place the psalter can have within our spiritual life.

Finally, a reprint of an article by Bishop Arthur Serratelli, Welcoming the Roman Missal wherein he "presents a basic catechesis on the new translation of the Roman Missal" and "addresses frequent questions about the translation, and responds, though indirectly, to efforts to delay or resist the texts."

More recent articles:

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