Monday, August 03, 2009

Two Churches of Toronto: St. Paul's Basilica and St. Mary's

Within the city of Toronto, Canada, the NLM has often brought you photos from the good men of the Toronto Oratory, but in addition, through the Toronto Catholic blog, I discovered this photoset on Flickr of one of the architectural delights of that city, that of St. Paul's Basilica.

I should note that St. Paul's Basilica is not the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Toronto, which is instead St. Michael's.

Here is a taste of the Basilica of St. Paul's.

The aforementioned Flickr set will give you even more details of this splendid basilica church. I am certain some of you will be interested in seeing a historical view of the church, most particularly the sanctuary, and the Toronto Catholic provided a link to a history of the parish which included these two photographs.

In addition, I could not resist also showing you these images of the church of St. Mary's, also found in that same city:

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