Thursday, May 16, 2013

Interior of the Russian Church in Florence

I was moved by Shawn's recent posting of some photos of the exterior of the Russian church in Florence to post some photos of the interior. I shared the pleasure of the readers who commented! When I was studying in Florence I used to walk out to this church and attend Vespers there quite regularly. It is a small church, and when you go inside it feels very high for small area. I can remember my sense of wonder at the frescoes painted floor to ceiling. It did occur to me that some purists might within the Orthodox Church might find these a little too naturalistic - they are typical I think of what one might have seen painted in Russia at the turn of the last century before the traditional iconographic style was reestablished as the norm. Perhaps any Orthodox readers who know this church might like to comment? However, I certainly loved going there. No cream or magnolia walls here!

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