Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wonderful New Sculpture of Archangel Michael by Cody Swanson

Shortly after posting images of the work of Cody Swanson for the first time just a few weeks ago, NLM reader Robert Ramirez sent me photos of another newly commissioned work, unveiled in time for the vigil of the Feast of St Michael on September 28th. Again, I see in this the strongly emphasized, deep cut lines in the drapery (in the manner of Bernini) which give it strength and vigor, and sufficient idealization in the facial features to stop it from looking like a portrait of one of the neighbor’s children dressed up in theatrical clothing. (This is something that is difficult to avoid, incidentally.) What is particularly heartwarming about this project is that it was paid for entirely by the voluntary subscriptions of a considerable number of interested parishioners and friends.

More information about Cody Swanson and his work is available at codyswansonsculpture.com/.

Robert describes the sculpture as follows: “The statue, commissioned together with its plinth by members and friends of a parish in the southern United States, represents the Archangel as an eschatological figure, standing atop the serpent – a reminder of primeval victory vouchsafed to Michael, which prefigured the definitive victory of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Archangel appears as an actor in the Eucharistic liturgy, bearing to the heavenly altar the Victim present upon all the altars of this world.

In his right hand he holds a standard with the Trisagion, the  ‘Holy Holy Holy’ eternally repeated by the Angels surrounding the heavenly throne. In his left hand he presents a paten bearing the image of the Holy Face of Manopello, unveiled for presentation to the Father. It is the Holy Face that serves as the hinge and focus of the entire composition, presented before the unseen heavenly altar where Michael’s attention and devotion are focused.”

I have been asked for various reasons not name the parish publicly at this point, but any who is interested in more information can contact Mr Robert Ramirez at bobbyr@1st-lake.com.   

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