Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Thought for Vestment Makers

I am not one who believes that baroque vestments or any other form of ornate vestment is contrary to the sobriety and relative simplicity of "Romanitas" but that caveat aside I also recognize that some would prefer something less ornate -- fair enough.

It seems to me that just as there has been a call in present times for liturgical artisans to rise up and create vestments in more ornate, historically influenced styles, likewise is there also a need -- and an opportunity -- here for gifted liturgical artisans to rise to the challenge at the other end of the spectrum and also produce options which are less ornate but still undeniably noble and beautiful.

For this purpose, I might recommend looking into some of the work from the early liturgical movement for inspiration, particularly within its monastic context (see below). Through a mixture of qualitative materials, good cuts, simple but striking designs and patterns, and perhaps a few well chosen and well placed bits of ornament, I think there could be some definite potential that could thereby also broaden the scope and reach of the new liturgical movement.

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