Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Archival Videos from the See of Milan

As Gregory noted this past Friday, the Catholic world attached to traditional liturgical forms lost one of its great advocates in the person of Msgr. Angelo Amodeo, a canon of the Metropolitan Chapter of the Cathedral of Milan.

I had the great honour and privilege of meeting the Monsignor and, amongst other things, through him was able to participate in the ancient Ambrosian rite -- a memory that I will certainly never forget and one which is worth more than all the photos and videos that could be possibly presented. Indeed, my thoughts of the Ambrosian patrimony will be inextricably linked to his person, which I think only fitting.

I mention all of this as I recently came across the following videos which respectively show the installation of Blessed Cardinal Schuster and Cardinal Montini as the successors of St. Ambrose in the See of Milan.

In part, I show them for interest, and in part I show them in honour of our friend Monsignor Amodeo.

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