Friday, April 11, 2014

A Traditional Missal for Young Catholics [UPDATE]

When I posted recently about the availability of A Traditional Missal for Young Catholics, I was pleasantly surprised at the positive reaction -- to judge from emails people sent, messages on Facebook, etc., it seems to have responded to a genuine need out there.

Two people wrote to me to suggest that I try publishing the book with CreateSpace, since Lulu is more expensive for full-color publishing. I went ahead and set up the same book at CreateSpace, and having received my proof copy yesterday, I am happy to say that it turned out rather well. The cost is definitely lower -- $12.49 instead of $18.87.

In the interests of accuracy (and to console those who splurged for the Lulu version), I will note that the Lulu version has nicer, heavier, glossy paper that shows off the artwork to better effect, and, on the whole, feels heavier in the hand and more durable. The CreateSpace version is on thinner, grainier paper, but the printing is just as sharp. Due to the differences between the two publishing services, I went with a different cover on CreateSpace. Below are some photos.

So, here are the two links. Please note that, while the covers differ, the internal content is identical.

A Traditional Missal for Young Catholics
(full color, glossy heavy paper) $18.87

A Missal for Young Catholics
(full color, lighter matte paper) $12.49
[photographed below]

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