Thursday, May 05, 2011

Rupture, Continuity and Council - The Italian Debate Continues and Extends

Further contributions to the debates surrounding continuity, rupture and the Second Vatican Council today on Sandro Magister's site in an entry, The Church is Infallible, but not Vatican II.

In this entry we have a reply by historian and professor Roberto de Mattei to his critics; specifically Archbishop Agostino Marchetto and Massimo Introvigne, A Council Can Also Make Mistakes. (This entry is new and was written, we are told, specifically for Sandro Magister's site.)

Second, we have an article by David Werling which appeared in the American traditionalist newspaper, The Remnant, on April 18th "in reaction to a commentary by Francesco Arzillo that took up the defense of the 'hermeneutic of renewal in continuity' advanced by Benedict XVI."

Third (and also new and specifically written for Chiesa) is an article written by Fr. Giovanni Cavalcoli, a Dominican theologian who teaches in Bologna, which responds to the aforementioned article in The Remnant "in support of the arguments of Arzillo, in addition to, indirectly, those of pope Raztinger."

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