Wednesday, June 07, 2006

June Adoremus Bulletin

Interesting offerings from the online edition of Adoremus Bulletin's June edition:

James Hitchcock - Recovery of the Sacred: Liturgy & Loss of History: Radical liturgical innovation after the Council became a principal cause of the widespread crisis of faith

Adoremus gives us Chapter Four of this book in its entirety. Here's a brief excerpt (I need to get a copy of this book!):

"The mood which followed the conservative reforms of the Council was one of swelling exuberance at the sense of emancipation from the hand of tradition, the dead weight of the past. It was a mood which would be quickly dissipated, leaving a good deal of bitterness and confusion, by the discovery that the Council had not issued a charter for endless liturgical experimentation, and the practically simultaneous discovery that even most of the unauthorized experiments were not proving highly satisfying. Liturgical experimenters found themselves caught between the remnants of a past they were eager to be rid of and a future which somehow refused to be born."

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