Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tradition is for the Young (Part 3)

Just under two weeks ago, we published some photos of the All Souls’ Day Mass at St Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Oberlin, Louisiana, which particularly struck me because of the youth of both the priest and his servers. Each year, for the OF feast of Christ the King, the church holds a Eucharistic procession after their principle Sunday Mass, and the parish priest, Fr Jacob Conner, was kind enough to send us these photos. It’s great to see a parish which celebrates both forms of the Roman Rite in a worthy fashion, and young people enthusiastically participating in them both. Our thanks to Fr Conner, and to the photographer, Mr Ryan Rozas.

Update: Some photos of the Mass which was celebrated before the procession have been added; the principle Sunday Mass at St Joan has been celebrated ad orientem since the first Sunday of Advent last year, and as of this coming Sunday, this will be done for all Masses, heeding Cardinal Sarah’s suggestion to turn to the Lord! This was announcement at all the Masses on the feast of Christ the King, to tremendously positive response from the faithful - Deo gratias!

The Mass

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