Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What the Cardinal Electors Heard Before the Conclave

Sandro Magister has interesting information about the last meditation heard before the conclave, as spoken by Prosper Grech. The focus is precisely what I suggested in my Crisis article yesterday. The problem is the loss of reputation of the Catholic faith and the solution is a new path on evangelization.

An excerpt:
It is another thing when what is said about us is the truth, as has happened in many of the accusations of pedophilia. Then we must humble ourselves before God and men, and seek to uproot the evil at all costs, as did, to his great regret, Benedict XVI. And only in this way can we regain credibility before the world and give an example of sincerity. Today many people do not arrive at believing in Christ because his face is obscured or hidden behind an institution that lacks transparency. But if recently we have wept over many unpleasant events that have befallen clergy and laity, even in the pontifical household, we must consider that these evils, as great as they may be, if compared with certain evils in the history of the Church are nothing but a cold. And just as these have been overcome with God's help, so also the present crisis will be overcome. Even a cold needs to be taken care of well to keep it from turning into pneumonia.

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