Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rare Video Footage of the Pontifical Liturgy According to the Rite of Lyons

We have spoken before of some of the fascinating ceremonial details of the Pontifical Mass according to the rite of Lyons. (See here and here for example).

While we have shown you some photographs from the aforesaid pontifical liturgy (though there are still more which we haven't as yet shown), video is quite rare. As such, I was quite pleased to be informed by one of our Polish readers of the following video, taken in 1954, which shows a few brief snippets, coming in the context of an outdoor Mass. (How wonderful would it be to be able to see substantial clips from the same, but from within the primatial cathedral.)

As I cannot embed videos from this source, I shall simply point readers to the video link: La fête mariale à Lyon.

Here are a few stills taken from the video, however, with a few ceremonial notes.

While difficult to show in this still, one familiar with the liturgical arrangement of the primatial cathedral of Lyons will recognize the arrangement seen here, from the location of the primatial throne to the smaller altar-credence table located directly behind the altar itself -- amongst other details. Here is an illustration from the primatial cathedral which will serve as a point of comparison (keeping in mind that our view is reversed here):


A few points regarding the photo above. One can see the distinctive seven candles -- the seventh and central candle being put in place by the acolyte; one of seven such acolytes. Some of you will no doubt take note of the trains on the cassocks and the girded alb of the acolyte. Further, one can see some of the seven deacons and seven subdeacons.

In the above image we can see the Lyonese "colletin", or collar, which like the Ambrosian cappino, is a remnant from the appareled amice. In the foreground is the "canon subdeacon" bearing the archepiscopal cross. Holding the crozier in dalmatic is the "canon deacon". Beside the archbishop on either side are two coped priests who carry the very large gremial before the archbishop.

Another view which better shows the gremial carried before the archbishop. One can also see here some of the six "concelebrant" priests vested in chasuble.

Finally, the above image shows some of the Canons of Lyons.

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