Monday, July 31, 2006

Why the Tridentine Mass Should Become Universal Again?

It is not because I find the new Mass spiritually unfulfilling that I long for a general permission / restoration of the Tridentine Mass in all the parishes of the world for those who desire it. When I attend the Novus Ordo I pray the Mass, just as I do when I attend the Indult mass. I find Jesus in the Novus ordo, come to us as Real Presence, just as I do in the Tridentine Mass. Keeping our eyes on Him is everything. And there is not a word in the "new" Mass which either offends me or troubles me. They are the words of the Church, after all, and presuppose the whole Catholic patrimony. And, especially since the Jubilee year, I have seen improvements in terms of sacred ethos and ambience almost everywhere. Even the simplicity of the new Mass is a plus, not a negative. When we look at HIM, and mortify the temptation to look at the liturgy and others critically, we can gain every grace and lose nothing.

The reason I long for the general return of the Tridentine Mass, however, (without prejudice to the reformed missal of 1970, since so many are content and spiritually whole with the Novus Ordo) is because I think our generation needs more catechesis; and the Tridentine Mass is more explicitly a virtual recapitulation of the whole Catholic faith. One cannot but learn the whole Faith every time a person assists at the Tridentine Mass.

Very many could use this catechesis in our time of relativism, liberalism, and "sound bite" attention spans. Moreover, it is only more consistent with the liturgical diversity which Catholics need not fear, but welcome. ---Stephen Hand

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