Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dr. Lauren Pristas - a few more articles

A few readers commented recently on Dr. Lauren Pristas' work and its importance in a post-conciliar analysis of the liturgical reform. A few readers mentioned particular essays which also appeared in New Blackfriars and Nova et Vetera.

Interested readers should know that these articles are available off of Dr. Pristas' Faculty Page at Caldwell.

If you click this link and scroll down to the "Articles and Translations" site, you may find, besides the recently posted piece from The Thomist, the following articles:

The Orations of the Vatican II Missal: Policies for Revision (Communio)

The Collects at Sunday Mass: An Examination of the Revisions of Vatican II (Nova et Vetera)

The Pre- and Post-Vatican II Collects of the Dominican Doctors of the Church (New Blackfriars)

More recent articles:

For more articles, see the NLM archives: