Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Solemn Mass in the Carmelite Rite, Aylesford, 1960

Thanks to some of the Carmelites of the Ancient Observance in Great Britain and Ireland, I was recently able to acquire an archival recording from 1960 of a Solemn Mass according to the Carmelite rite at Aylesford Priory in England.

The recording shows the Mass in its entirety.

I know some of our readership would be interested to see at least some stills from the video, particularly those which illustrate some aspects of the Carmelite liturgy and give a general sense of it. (Some will also recognize elements seen in other Western liturgical uses, such as the Dominican for instance.)

Prayers at the Foot of the Altar. Note the acolytes in the albs.



Subdeacon Chants Epistle

After the reading of the Epistle and before the Gospel, the subdeacon brings the chalice to the altar, and the acolyte the cruets, where the chalice will be prepared with the water and wine.

The Gospel

The Creed. When the priest is at the centre of the altar (as also at the Gloria, etc.), the position of the sacred ministers and acolytes is as follows:

Acolyte - Subdeacon - Acolyte

Offertory: The bread and wine are offered together. Note the paten is on top of the chalice.

The deacon gives the paten to the subdeacon at the end of the Sanctus. The subdeacon receives it kneeling.

The Consecration

The priest extends his arms in the form of a cross at the Unde et memores and Supra quae.

At the Supplices te rogamus the priest crosses his arms over his breast and bows low (in this image you can see his arms crossed before he brings them toward his breast and bows).

The deacon hands the paten to the priest. (Apparently, according to King, the consecrated host never sits on the paten in the Carmelite rite.)

The above image shows an interesting sequence. At "ope misericordiae" the celebrant touches his left eye with the paten, then at " et a peccato simus liberi" the right eye. He then signs himself with the paten.

The Fraction

The priest kisses the pall, presented to him by the deacon.

The priest kisses the lip of the chalice.

Kiss of Peace: The priest places his right hand around the deacon's shoulder as part of the Pax.


Final Blessing

After the Blessing and before the Last Gospel, the Salve Regina is recited.


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