Monday, April 05, 2010

A Nice Specimen of 20th Century Liturgical Movement Vestment Work

Recently we featured some nice examples of modern, baroque influenced vestment work, and just today, while browsing the blog of Br. Stephen of the Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Spring Bank, I took an interest in a gothic revival vestment which appeared in a post showing their Easter morning festivities. The vestment interested me for reasons of its cut, its materials, its colours, the design of and within the orphreys and for reason that it was likely a product of the 20th century Liturgical Movement.

I was further delighted to then be informed by the same Br. Stephen of a more detailed post about this specific set, which they have only just recently restored.

Apparently the set, which is thought to have been made sometime around the 1920's or 1930's, was made for St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee -- which would likely explain the presence of a figure of St. Francis de Sales on the front of the chasuble.

Br. Stephen informs us that the set was restored by Dr. John Lilley of Philadelphia: "The embroidered panels, orphreys, and galloon of the original set were expertly relaid on an ivory and gold fabric closely matching the tone and pattern of the original with a new crimson lining. It was hard to believe that the set was 80 years old."

Here are two views of the chasuble, and one of the tunicle.

Chasuble, Back

Chasuble, Front


Tunicle, Orphrey detail

Br. Stephen notes that " the other tunicle, the humeral, and two copes make their way back from Dr. Lilley’s workshop, the St. Francis de Sales Set will return to its place as our principal High Mass and serve the Abbey and the greater glory of God for several more generations." Very good news -- and very good to see these restored and thereby preserved for future generations and continued liturgical use.

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