Saturday, November 29, 2008

1st Vespers of Advent: St. Peter's Basilica

As was recently discussed upon here in relation to the "Benedictine arrangement", papal liturgical practice is a very important testimony which many clergy take careful note of, and which can often inspire their own liturgical practice, and so the NLM always tries to bring you coverage of papal liturgical events when it can.

For that reason, and also to bring us into Advent and to help inaugurate the new ecclesiastica year, the NLM is pleased to provide some coverage of the the 1st Vespers of the 1st Sunday of Advent from St. Peter's Basilica.

The Throne of Leo XIII is again being used

Latin and chant is quite prominent within the Vespers service as we have become accustomed to in the papal liturgies under Pope Benedict XVI

This picture shows the positioning of the papal throne

The Pope delivering his discourse

The Pope imposes incense at the Magnificat

The use of two deacons to incense at Vespers services continues

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