Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2015 (Part 6)

The Third Sunday of Lent - Saint Lawrence Outside-the-Walls

The relics of the great Roman martyr Saint Lawrence rest in the crypt underneath the high altar of the church.

Among its other notable relics are this marble slab, upon which, according to tradition, the grill which was used to roast St Lawrence was set.
The back of the church was transformed in the later 19th-century into the burial crypt of Bl. Pope Pius IX.
Monday of the Third Week - San Marco in the Piazza Venezia

Tuesday of the Third Week - Sant’Andrea della Valle (sort of)
On Tuesday, our friend and pilgrim-on-the-scene Agnese went to the Opera to see a performance of Tosca. The first act ends with a solemn Te Deum being celebrated in the church of Sant’Andrea della Valle, which is not actually a station church, but quite beautiful nevertheless. (The real station that day is at Santa Pudentiana.)

Wednesday of the Third Week - San Sisto
As was the case last year, San Sisto is closed for restorations, and the Station was held across the street at Saints Nereus and Achilleus, which was originally the Station on the Monday of Holy Week.

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