Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cañizares: Consequences of "Wild Creativity" vs. Good Liturgical Formation

The French language news agency I.Media ran a piece yesterday where it reports that Cardinal Antonio Maria Cañizares, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, commented on the "wild creativity" in the liturgy that was exhibited in parts of the Church following the Council, noting that it "exasperated" some and helped lead to the rupture of some of those like Archbishop Lefebvre. [ “créativité sauvage“ de certaines expériences liturgique a “exaspéré“ une partie de l’Eglise et mené à la “rupture“ entre Rome et les fidèles de Mgr Marcel Lefebvre.]

The cardinal is reported to have commented on the importance of continuity within the context of liturgical reform.

The cardinal is also said to have commented that there is "no future for the Church and for humanity even without renewal of a liturgical sense" and that "the most urgent reform is liturgical formation, which strongly lacks and it shows." The cardinal added that "where the pastors and the faithful have a good liturgical formation, community vitality is stronger."

Asked about the liturgical sense of Pope Benedict XVI, including the recent revival of the papal fanon, Cardinal Cañizares is reported to have commented that the celebrations of the pope are a model to follow.

Read the original story (in French) here: La “créativité sauvage“ postconciliaire a provoqué la rupture avec les lefebvristes, assure le cardinal Cañizares.

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