Monday, September 19, 2011

Athleta Patriae: A Tribute to Professor László Dobszay (1935-2011)

Further to the recently announced passing of Professor László Dobszay, whose obsequies were observed this week past, I asked the CLSMA if they might be able to assist us with some sort of a substantial biographical piece about Professor Dobszay.

Fortunately, early in 2010, Zoltán Rihmer, the chancellor of the CLSMA, had already published a tribute to Professor Dobszay which was originally published in Hungarian on the CLSMA website. Accordingly, after Professor Dobszay's death, Father Ervin János Alácsi kindly undertook the task of translating this for NLM, and the author in turn then revised it to take into account an international rather than local audience.

Here is that piece.

Athleta Patriae - A Tribute to Professor Laszlo Dobszay (1935-2011)

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