Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Magister on the Pope's liturgy and Master of Ceremonies

Sandro Magister has another liturgical piece up in Chiesa, From Vienna, a Lesson on How to Sing the Mass:

"Haydn's polyphony and the Gregorian antiphons of the ancient missal accompanied the papal liturgy in the Austrian capital, all of which was celebrated with "the gaze fixed upon God." A model for Catholic Masses in the Latin rite all over the world"

Magister also brings up the issue of the Papal Master of Ceremonies:

"In the Vatican, the liturgical event of Vienna will soon be followed by the replacement of the master of the pontifical liturgical celebrations. Taking the place of Piero Marini – who will go to preside over the pontifical committee for international Eucharistic congresses – will be the current master of ceremonies for the archdiocese of Genoa, Guido Marini. He's close to his predecessor in name, but to pope Ratzinger in substance."

(Jeffrey brings up another important quote of Magister's on Sacred music below.)

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