Monday, September 11, 2006

"The rumours"

It's been asked that there be some comment on the revived rumours of the widening of the Tridentine Mass, of the "universal indult". (See Rorate Caeli for example.)

I can neither confirm nor deny what is being attributed to Fr. Laguerie, Superior of the newly formed institute of the Good Shepherd, of whom it is being suggested he has stated there will be a much freer place for the classical liturgical books come November.

What I will say is what I've always said: Easter was a time that was proposed only by circumspect thinking about a symbolic Feast that might coincide with such an announcement. It was pure speculation. After the dust cleared and some became despondent when such an accouncement did not come at that time, for months afterward inside sources continued to privately suggest there was substance to the original rumours.

I've noted recently as well that as part of those predictions, this idea of a Good Shepherd Institute was mentioned, demonstrating that at least that much of it was information that panned out. But indeed, that was only part of the rumours.

There has been talk about the post-synodal document on the Eucharist due to arrive in October or November. Again, this is speculative, and indeed it might make sense if we understand one thing:

The Pope is not only interested in the question as relates to the classical Roman liturgy, but also as it relates to the reform of the reform. The Pope holds, it would seem, there is an interrelationship between the two that could be of mutual benefit.

So when that post-synodal document comes, I expect it should most primarily relate to the reform of the reform first of all. But will there be some tie in to the classical Roman liturgy? Possibly, but again, it is an open question.

At any rate, without confirming or denying the statements in question attributed to Fr. Laguerie, I still believe the sources whom have said that the rumours of the springtime were legitimate and substantial, and I still believe such coming to fruition in some way, shape or form is still plausible and quite possible -- but what it will be if it comes is by no means certain.

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