Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review: St. Edmund Campion Missal - Second Edition

Many may remember my review of the First Edition of Corpus Christi Watershed's Edmund Campion Missal and Hymnal for the Extraordinary Form. The entire stock sold out quite quickly, so Jeff Ostrowski took the opportunity to make corrections and modifications to make it even better for the next print run. Overall, it is very similar to the first edition, so for those not familiar with this book, I'd encourage you to follow the link above to see my review of the first edition. It took me a bit longer to write this than I expected, but it was nice to be able to use this multiple times at Mass to get a feel for it's actual ease of use. This new edition also keeps the page numbers the same, so the two books can be used side-by-side in the pews without issues.

I was very happy to see the the addition of a ribbon. This was practically my only complaint about the first edition, and greatly increases the ease of use. This way, you can put a ribbon in the proper, and put a finger in the ordinary (which I have been doing lately with it). Also, because of the different page edging on the ordinary section, it is easy enough to find it again.

I was also pleased to see the ordinary section for the solemn Mass split into two columns, as the low Mass section was in both the first and second editions. This greatly increases readability, being able to look from column to column instead of from page to page.

Lastly, some of the artwork in the book has been simplified. For example, the cover, while it was previously an ornamental piece, is now simple and dignified. In order to make room for the double columns in the high Mass ordinary section, some of the small ornamental artwork has been removed as well. That being said, it is basically a layout question, and the book remains beautiful and filled with art. Likewise, the drop caps have been simplified as well.

Overall, I like the changes, and I think they are a good addition to the book, and I'm excited to have it on my shelf at home, and in my hands when I attend the EF.

To order yours, visit the Corpus Christi Watershed site by clicking here.

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