Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Restoring a Church tradition

I've been avoiding posting secular media stories on the Motu Proprio, namely because there are so many of them, and they often say the same thing but in different ways -- or all too often they say the same misnomers in the same ways.

I'm making an exception today because I think particular piece, which appeared today in a national Canadian daily, addresses some of the significant issues behind all of the "concern" expressed about prayers for the conversion of the Jewish people -- not to mention anyone else non-Christian.

The author is a well known writer and, from what I understand, a Catholic convert. From what I also understand, he is also from a Jewish background, and so he brings a unique and relevant perspective.

He hits upon the fact that this view of "tolerance" is itself dictated by an intolerance toward any kind of non-relativism:

"The problem is that in this intellectually dumb and morally numb age we like our truths, well, less truthful. "Might be" or "could be" or, usually, "anything you want it to be." Never "you should be."

Here is the story:

Restoring a Church tradition

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