Sunday, October 26, 2008

Extraordinary Form at Blackfriars Oxford - Photos

As promised, here are more photos from the Oxford Martyrs' Mass which took place on 25 October in Blackfriars, Oxford. The photos were taken by Mr Martin Beek, who is a friend of mine. As always, click on the photos to view a larger version.

At the foot of the altar
On previous NLM posts we have discussed the use of heraldry on liturgical vestments. Note that the sub-deacon's alb is embroidered with the arms of the Dominican order.



At the Sedilia
Seated at the Sedilia during the polyphonic 'Gloria' from Victoria's 'Missa trahe me post te'. Note that the Dominicans are vested with an apparelled amice.

The Epistle was from Apocalypse 7:13-17, sung by the sub-deacon, fra' Lawrence Lew OP.

Gospel procession

The deacon, fra' David Rocks OP gives the Evengeliarum to the sub-deacon to support as he sings Luke 2:9-19.


Canon Missae


The Dominican servers are wearing old linen English surplices which were used in Blackfriars Oxford. They are popularly called 'angel's wings'.

Bishop's Communion
Bishop William Kenney CP, with an Oratorian brother and a Dominican father approach the Altar for Holy Communion.

Friars communion
The Dominican friars come up for Holy Communion.


Fr Dominic Jacob, Cong. Orat. gives the blessing at the end of Holy Mass.

The photo above is used, courtesy of Mr Joseph Nunan.

"Deus, qui verae fidei et Sedis Apostolicis primatui propugnando beatos Martyres tuos Edmundum ejusque socios invicta fortitudine roborasti: eorum precibus exoratus, nostrae, quaesumus, infirmitati succurre, ut fortes in fide reistere usque in finem valeamus. Per Dominum nostrum."

'O God, Who, for the maintenance of the true faith and the primacy of the Apostolic See, did strengthen Your blessed Martyrs Edmund and his companions with invincible fortitude: grant we beseech You, that You would hear our prayers and help our weakness, so that being made strong in faith, we may be able to resist the enemy even to the end. Through Christ our Lord.'

- Collect for the Mass of the Blessed Martyrs of Oxford University.

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