Friday, June 17, 2011

A New Entry in the Rupture and Continuity Debate: Enrico Maria Radaelli

Another Italian has entered into a debate which we've been reporting on by way of Chiesa; namely the matter of continuity, rupture and the Second Vatican Council.

This time, Sandro Magister brings to our attention a piece by Professor Enrico Maria Radaelli, a philosopher of aesthetics and disciple of Romano Amerio, author of Iota Unum.

Radaelli's piece, which includes a "proposal for the fiftieth anniversary of Vatican II" is titled, The Supernatural Way to Restore Peace Between the Pre and Post-Council. In it, he discusses three questions:

1. Is it admissible that the development of a previously defined doctrine of the faith or close to the faith may be false?

2. Can the new dogmatic field be in contradiction with the old?

3. If we deny the infallibility of the doctrinal developments of the Council that depart from previous doctrines of the faith or close to the faith, won't we weaken the power of the continuist thesis?

In his concluding proposal, Radaelli comments: "In order to rebuild the Church and return to producing beauty, Vatican II must be read through the grid of Tradition, with the fiery audacity of dogma."

Read the piece here: The Supernatural Way to Restore Peace Between the Pre and Post-Council

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