Thursday, April 17, 2008

Papal Mass, Nationals Park, Washington

This post will provide ongoing coverage of the Papal Mass which will be begin later this morning (10 am ET) at the Nationals Park in Washington, DC.

I would like to repeat Shawn's call for expectation management, especially since from what we have heard so far, and in comparison to yesterday's outstanding Vespers liturgy, at today's Mass there are bound to be elements which, for reasons extensively discussed in the last weeks, may seem disappointing from a reform-of-the-reform perspective. The NLM, however, will as always focus on those elements which can be understood as helping push forward one or another aspect of Benedict's programme for liturgical reform in continuity. I would encourage commenters to do likewise, but in any case, and as ever, to "criticize principles, not people; be discriminating, not nitpicking; be academic, not acerbic; be principled, not polemical". Also, this is the post for today's papal Mass; if you want to comment on yesterday's Vespers, there is ample opportunity to do so at this, this or this post.

In the meantime, I have posted some more pictures of yesterday's Vespers, including the allocution to the bishops given afterwards, below.

First pictures:

We have the "Benedictine" altar arrangement and the 7th candle:

The corpus of the crucifix today is turned towards the celebrant, as we expected:

Massgoers arriving:

Spiritual preparation:

Concelebrant bishops:

It begins - entrance procession (note that Msgr. Gänswein, in the back, is concelebrating):

Veneration of the altar:

The Holy Father praying the collect:


The deacon after receiving the blessing before the Gospel:

The Pontiff listening to the Gospel:

The pope giving his sermon:

The sanctuary:

The offertory - I think there was a flat asterisk upon the paten:


Elevation of the Sacred Species:

Final blessing:

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