Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Continuity of old and new

The first round of Sacred Music archives is complete, though we are missing issues from the late 90s and early 2000s, for now.

Just to give you a sense of what is going on here, this publication is the oldest continuously published journal of its kind in the Western world. Alone among publications during the era of the great divide (V2), it survived, and kept coming out, even as the rest of the Catholic publishing world fell apart was reinvented. No one on the staff was paid a dime. It was published through member dues. (Some things haven't changed!)

So what we have here is something of a printed hermeneutic of continuity, a publication that stitches the new to the old in a marvelous way. It alone upheld the view of V2 that is increasingly becoming mainstream: it was a continuation of tradition, not a departure from it. For this reason, I'm very pleased, as are many people, that it is being made available for the world.

  • Volume 122.3, Fall 1995(Music as Prayer, Guettler; Sacred Art, Mirus; Musical Monsignori, Galles; Five Key Principles, Poterack)
  • Volume 122.2, Summer 1995(Church Music in the Cathedral, Ratzinger; Monsignor Francis P. Schmitt, Hobbs; Renovating a Church, Skeris; An Interview With Monsignor Schuler; Tunger)
  • Volume 122.1, Spring 1995(Ideology and Liturgy, Skeris; A.W. Pugin, Prophet or Dreamer, Dimock; The Canonical, McCarthy; A Letter to a Would Be Reformer, Kope)
  • Volume 115.4, Winter 1988(Liturgical Restoration, Gilchrist; For All the Saints, Galles; Plainsong with Dom Cardine, Bevenot; The Limits of Semiology, Cardine)
  • Volume 115.3, Fall 1988 (The Poka Mass; Order of St. Cecilia, Galles, St. Cecilia or the Power of Music; Levebvre Schism, Ratzinger)
  • Volume 115.2, Summer 1988 (The Role of Semiology, Kelly; Dom Eugene Cardine, Hogan; Gregorian Chant in Today’s Parish, Schuler; Printed Editions of the Chant Books, Hayburn)
  • Volume 115.1, Spring 1988 (How to Buy a Church Organ, Klingbeil; Marcel Dupre, Chase; First National Convention of the Latin Liturgy, Galles)
  • Volume 114.4, Winter 1987 (Participation, Schuler; Gregorian Semiology, Fowells; Concerts in Churches; Edward M. Connor, Dower; Organ Resource List)
  • Volume 114.3, Fall 1987 (Gregorian Semiology, Fowells; Liturgy and Church Music, Gass; Clifford A. Bennett, Dower; Washington Sunday Morning, Galles; Saint Agnes Sunday Morning, Schuler)
  • Volume 114.2, Summer 1987 (Church Music in America, Modzekewski; Toward a New Church Music, McGowan; Papal Honors for American Musicians, Schuler; Gregorian Semiology, Fowells; The Conductor and the Church Choir, Lawton)
  • Volume 114.1, Spring 1987 (Canonesses and Plainchant by Duane Galles, Latin Liturgy of Louis XIV, by R.D. Henry, Anniversary of PISM, by R.J. Hayburn)
  • Volume 113.4, Winter 1986 (Tribute to Flor Peters; Elphantiasis of the Word, Hanshell; Echo, Higginson; Liturgical Formation, Steinschulte; editorial notes)
  • Volume 113.3, Fall 1986 (St. Peter’s Sunday Morning, Hughedon; New Interpretation of Chant, LeVoir; Liturgy is Life, LaFontaine; Lent in Louisville, Galles)
  • Volume 113.2, Summer 1986 (Discernment in Church Music, Ledwon; Early American Catholic, Higginson; New Era in Collegiate Church, Galles)
  • Volume 113.1, Spring 1986 (Theological Problems, Ratzinger; Syntheses of the Second International, Foyer; Three Servants of the Lord, Schubert; Reviews)
  • Volume 112.4, Winter 1985 (Facing the People, Hanshell; Easter in Quebec, Galles; Liturgy and Church Music, Ratzinger; Twenty Years Since the Council, Hogan)
  • Volume 112.3, Fall 1985 (VII International Church Music Congress; Mozart in Saint Peters, Hogan; Inaugural Address, Claire; Catholicity in the Early Years, Higginson; What is Correct in Church Music)
  • Volume 112.2, Summer 1985 (What Makes Music Sacred, Schuler; Papal Musical Knights, Galles; Reviews, News)
  • Volume 112.1, Spring 1985 (Good Friday Oratones Universales, Edwards and Hughesdon; Music for the Holy Word, Eldridge; Whither Gregorian Chant, Overath; VII International Church Music Congress)
  • Volume 111.4, Winter 1984 (The Tridentine Mass, Schuler; Guiding Principles in Liturgical Formation, Baldanza; Attitude of the Church Towards Music from the Patristic Age to the Late Middle Ages, R.D. Henry)
  • Volume 111.3, Fall 1984 (The Tridentine Mass, Schuler; Guiding Principles in the Liturgical, Baldanza; The Attitude of the Church, Henry)
  • Volume 111.2, Summer 1984 (The Sacred Liturgy, Hogan; Liturgical Abuse and the Church Musician, Galles; The Music and the Liturgy of Lent, Zuhlsdorf)
  • Volume 111.1, Spring 1984 (Hermann Schroeder, Skeris; Spanish Bishops Commission; Karl Gustav Fellerer, Overath; Second Thoughts on the Reform, Hanshell)
  • Volume 110.4, Winter 1983 (John Paul II; The Music and Liturgy of Christmas, Zuhlsdorf; When Will Catholic Congregations Sing, Eldridge)
  • Volume 110.3, Fall 1983 (A Chronicle of the Reform, Schuler; Church Music in France, Schubert; Maurice Durufle on Church Music; Domine Labia Mea Aperies, Hughesdon)
  • Volume 110.2, Summer 1983 (Joseph Haydn’s Missa in Angustiis, Town; A Chronicle of the Reform, Schuler; The International Gregorian Chant Symposium, LeVoir)
  • Volume 110.1, Spring 1983 (A Chronicle of the Reform, Schuler; Cantors and Church Ornaments, Galles; On the Fifteenth Anniversary)
  • Volume 109.4, Winter 1982 (Why Haydn Wrote His Church Music, Biba; A Latin High Mass, Olson, Nelson; A Chronicle of the Reform, Schuler)
  • Volume 109.3, Fall 1982 (A Chronicle of the Reform, Schuler; Pastoral Letter of the Bishops; Gregorian Chant Since the Second Vatican Council, Schuler)
  • Volume 109.2, Summer 1982 (A Chronicle of the Reform, Schuler; Music and Musicians at St. Mary’s, Higginson; Some Reflections on Promoting, Skeris)
  • Volume 109.1, Spring 1982 (A Chronicle of the Reform, Schuler; The Roman Rite Around the World, Hughesdon; Preface to the New Antiphonale Romanum, deBroc; St. John of the Cross, Broomfield)
  • Volume 108.4, Winter 1981 (The Workhouse, Schmitt; Liturgy and the Realm of the Rational, Graber; Member List)
  • Volume 108.3, Fall 1981 (Problems of Liturgical Music, Doppelbauer; William Mawhood and the English Embassy Chapels, Higginson; From the Editors: The Liturgist; Freedom at Last)
  • Volume 108.2, Summer 1981 (Church Music and Sanctification; Liturgical Crises in the Church, Kalekas; New Calls for Silence, Dufrasne)
  • Volume 108.1, Spring 1981 (Words of the Holy Father; Herbert Howells Analysis, Rusciano; The Office of Cantor, Galles; Semiology and the Interpretation, Cardine)
  • Volume 107.4, Winter 1980 (Notes on the Performance of Plain Chant, Wallon; Roman Document, Pope John Paul II; A Benjamin Carr Anniversary, Higginson; Monsignor Raffaele Casimiri, Bartocci)
  • Volume 107.3, Fall 1980 (Gregorian Chant as Fundamentum, Mahrt; Should Not the Old Rite be Restored?, Hanshell; Marie Noel and the Liturgy, Schubert; The Sacred, Schuler)
  • Volume 107.2, Summer 1980 (Music and the Augsburg Confession, Bichsel; School of Song in CA, Ley; Licinio Refice, Bartocci; Quoniam Adversperascit, Highesdon)
  • Volume 107.1, Spring 1980 (Gregorian Chant and Latin, Schuler; Hints on Celebrating Mass, Hanshell; The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary, Haberl; Cultural Days in Neuberg on the Murz, Holzer; Musical Supplement)
  • Volume 106.4, Winter 1979 (Pueri Cantores, Meter; Ecclesiastical Legislation on Liturgy, May; Pluralism and Liturgical Music, Schmitt)
  • Volume 106.3, Fall 1979 (Continuity and Development, Aymans; Eccliastical Legislation on Liturgy, May)
  • Volume 106.2, Summer 1979
  • Volume 106.1, Spring 1979 (Youth Choirs at Seymour, Schuler; Ecclesiastical Legislation on Liturgy, May; Sacred Music and Contemplation, Schuler)
  • Volume 105.4, Winter 1978 (The Choir at Saint Francis of Assisi, Hayburn; Antonio Vivaldi, Mahrt; Motu Proprio, Schuler)
  • Volume 105.3, Fall 1978 (Church Music in Austria, Track; The Hill Monastic Manuscript, Plante; Ethos and the Mass Lector, Hardman; International Institute for Hymnological and Ethnomusicalogical Studies, Schuler)
  • Volume 105.2, Summer 1978 (The Council, Overath; Church of the Holy Ghost, Nelson; Church or Concert Hall, Schubert; What is Celebration?, Thomas; Musical Supplement)
  • Volume 105.1, Spring 1978 (Catholic Church Music in England, Bevan; The Theme of Peace in Gregorian Chant, Lennards; Abbot Prosper Gueranger, Schuler)
  • Volume 104.4, Winter 1977 (Musical Shape of the Liturgy IV, by Mahrt; Sacred Music in Holland, by J. Lennards; Twin Cities Chorale, by R.M. Hogan)
  • Volume 104.3, Fall 1977 (1967 Instruction, Schuler; Chartres, Schubert; Music Supplement)
  • Volume 104.2, Summer 1977 (Fiddling While Rome Burns, Buchanan; Reflections of a Choir Singer, Chao; Wagner Sacramentals, Hogan; In Unitate, Hughesdon)
  • Volume 104.1, Spring 1977 (Church Music Association, Schuler; Bishop John B. David, Higginson; Boys Choirs, Bevan; Church of the Holy Childhood, Schubert; Music Supplement)
  • Volume 103.4, Winter 1976 (Resacralization, Hanshall; Another Sound of Music in Austria, Holzer; Church Music After Vatican II, Schuler; Music Supplement)
  • Volume 103.3, Fall 1976 (Preface to the New Graduale; Pastoral Music and Liturgy, Oates; Keyboard Instruments in Worship; The Liturgical Calendar Since Vatican II, Nelson)
  • Volume 103.2, Summer 1976 (The Musical Shape of the Liturgy, Mahrt; Viennese Classical Masses, Hogan; A Twelve-Tone Setting of the Mass, Riedel; Wedding Music, Schuler)
  • Volume 103.1, Spring 1976 (Church Music Since Vatican II, Mawby; The Faith and Cultural Heritage of Bavaria and Austria, Hogan; Art and the Beatific Vision, Wilson; How Can You Have a Latin Mass?, Schuler)
  • Volume 102.4, Winter 1975 (The Christ Principle in the Liturgy, Holloway; Solesmes in the 1970’s, O’Connor; How to Buy a Pipe Organ, Ettel; The Musical Shape of the Liturgy, Mahrt; Native Music for the Missions, Schuler)
  • Volume 102.3, Fall 1975 (What We Profess, Schuler; The Musical Shape of the Liturgy, Mahrt; The New Books for High Mass, Hughesdon; Latin Liturgy Association, Hitchcock)
  • Volume 102.2, Summer 1975 (Anton Bruckner and Church Music, Paap; The 1975 N.C.D.A. Convention, March; Corpus Christi 1975, Schuler)

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