Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Liturgical Language

Amy Welborn does a nice job commenting upon and summarizing some critiques of Bishop Donald Trautman's concern over more sacral forms of liturgical language in her piece, Note to John and Mary Catholic: You're Stupid. Again.

A pertinent question of consistency:

"...clerics and those in the church bureaucracy need to get their stories straight. Are we [the laity] "the most highly educated laity in the history of the church" capable of making our moral decisions all on our own, without substantive Church guidance..or are we idiots who can't figure out what "dew" is?

"Make up your minds."

And further to the point, Amy continues:

"If the laity can't understand theological concepts expressed in slightly elevated or layered ways, could it be because no one's bothered to teach them?"

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