Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Candlemas Celebrated in the Use of Sarum - Videos from 1997

Our Ambrosian correspondent Nicola de’ Grandi sent me a link to this video, one of a series of 15 which show the liturgy of Candlemas celebrated according to the Use of Sarum. This took place at Merton College in Oxford in 1997; Shawn Tribe wrote up a bit about some of the particular rituals in this post from 2006: “Some images of the Sarum Use.” You can follow this link to a Youtube playlist which has the whole ceremony; the video quality is not the best, but the music is very nice indeed.

The celebrant of the Mass also has a blog called Aspicientes in Jesum (the url is based on its former name, Valle Adurni); on the right sidebar there are links under the heading “Sarum Things” which give a good deal of useful information about how the Sarum Use was done.

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