Saturday, June 03, 2006

Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission | June 2006 | Step Into It , by Allyson Smith

We need to pray for these folks. I am in earnest.

I think one can indeed see the fruits of the devil as holy things are mocked and defiled.

Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission | June 2006 | Step Into It , by Allyson Smith

Amongst the most inappropriate of Bishop Trautman's apparent statements, as interpreted by this reporter (who, it should be noted is not criticizing this conference) are...

"Commenting on a proposed change to the first Eucharistic Prayer (the "Roman Canon") -- "grant them, O Lord, we pray, and all who sleep in Christ, a place of refreshment, light, and peace," Trautman drew audience laughter when he quipped, "the phrase, 'a place of refreshment,' is a literal translation that conveys the image of a heavenly spa or tap room at the heavenly hotel."

Trautman addressed another proposed change to the first Eucharistic Prayer -- from "cup" to "precious chalice." Said Trautman: "'precious chalice' -- when I hear those words, I think of a gold vessel with diamonds on it. Did Jesus, at the Last Supper, use a precious chalice or a cup? The gospels clearly say 'cup,' but even in the lectionary from Rome we have the word 'chalice' imposed on the inspired text to carry out this 'sacred language.'"

[Perhaps those with a more supernatural view of things will understand that like "sacred hands", "precious Chalice" isn't a reference to monetary value, but rather the hands are sacred by virtue of the bearer, and the chalice is precious by virtue of its contents, the precious blood. One wonders, would the Bishop protest so much were the phrase "precious cup" used?]

"Alluding apparently to defecation, the bishop garnered more audience guffaws when he recited the following proposed translation for Eucharistic Prayer II: "make holy these gifts, we pray, by the dew of your Spirit -- D-E-W."

Susan Larker, 37, of Long Beach, who attended Trautman's talk, said the bishop "doesn't want to say that 'Jesus took bread into His holy and venerable hands.' He laughed at the Vatican wanting this translation and said that that the laity can't relate to this sort of language."

[It's a wonder then that he was even able to address this lay Catholic mission conference of 41,000 since clearly the people there could have no comprehension of what he was even critiquing. Or if they did understand it, is all this talk about comprehension then merely a smoke screen for simply saying "we don't like it"?]

Bishop Trautman needs serious prayers for conversion folks. Pray for him and for everyone you read in this original article whom have lost sight of the narrow way of Jesus Christ I fear.

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