Friday, February 08, 2008

Feb. 2008 Adoremus Bulletin

Just as a point of notice, the Feb. 2008 edition of the Adoremus Bulletin is now up online.

Because the majority of the issue is taken up by the Pope's encyclical Spe Salvi, liturgical items are a bit thinner this month.

The two items that may be of some interest to some of the NLM readership pertain to sacred music:

Catholic Church Music: A Century of Progress? by Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy

Sacred Music -- Time to Reconnect with Worship? by Richard Perrignon

The latter article starts out this way:

"Over the years, criticism of music in Catholic worship has become something of a fashion. But when an internationally renowned musician of the caliber of Peter Phillips, artistic director of the world-famous vocal ensemble The Tallis Scholars, joins in — and looks to the pope for the Church’s artistic salvation (“Can Pope Benedict restore church music?” The Spectator, November 28, 2007) — it is time for the Church to sit up and take a good look at itself."

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