Monday, January 01, 2007

DVD Review: St. Francis de Sales Oratory

It seems to be an appropro time to mention a DVD that I received a few months back and which I've been intending to write a quick review of for the benefit of those who, like myself, enjoy watching a good liturgical DVD.

This particular DVD comes from St. Frances de Sales Oratory in St. Louis Missouri, on the occasion of the first pastoral visit and confirmations by Archbishop Raymond Burke.

The DVD combines one of the best loved bishops for any friend of traditional liturgics, either ancient or reform of the reform, with one of the richest and most-respected of priestly institutes dedicated to the excellence of celebration of the sacred liturgy (the Institute of Christ the King), in an architectural setting that could serve as a cathedral -- making it, thus, one of the flagship parishes of the classical Roman rite.

This particular DVD captures the celebration of the Solemn Pontifical rites of the Church in their classical form. Included are the prayers of the Archbishop before Mass, the procession to the Church, the confirmation rite, the vesting of the bishop, and finally the Solemn Pontifical Mass.

The DVD was skillfully edited down to an hour and a half worth of footage so that the greatest overall sense of the liturgical rites would be captured, while at the same time maintaining the flow of the liturgy.

The choir can be heard in the background throughout, and is representative of a more typical parish tradition of sung chant with organ accompaniment, as well as a mixed choir of male and female voices. While there are other DVD's which better capture the musical tradition of chant and polyphony in their purer forms, the visual beauty of the Church, the vestments and the rites themselves, more than compensate for this slight weakness -- and I should note that this is something which some would not interpret as a weakness whatsoever.

The proceeds from the DVD sale, I believe, go to help this apostolate. So the meagre $15.00 USD cost for the DVD also goes to a very worthwhile cause.

As always, a few select still images from the DVD:

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