Thursday, April 26, 2012

News from the St. Colman's Society for Catholic Liturgy

The St. Colman's Society for Liturgy is continuing its important work of hosting scholarly liturgical conferences and publishing the proceedings from the same for the benefit of posterity and a wider audience. The following announcement came to NLM yesterday:

St. Colman’s Society for Catholic Liturgy is pleased to announce that the proceedings of the third Fota International Liturgy Conference, held in Cork, Ireland in July 2010, have been published by Four Courts Press, Dublin, Ireland. The volume, edited by Janet E. Rutherford and entitled Benedict XVI and beauty in sacred music, will be available in bookshops after 4 July 2012.

Among other contributions, the book contains the following papers: D. Vincent Twomey, Introduction; Raymond Cardinal Burke (Cardinal Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura), The new evangelization and sacred music; Uwe Michael Lang (Consultor to the Office for the Liturgical Celebrationsof the Supreme Pontiff), Theological criteria for sacred music; Sven Conrad FSSP, The intellectual bond between Joseph Ratzinger and Johannes Overath; Alberto Donini (Diocese of Brescia, Italy), Gregorian chant in the liturgy according to Joseph Ratzinger; William Mahrt (Stanford University), The Propers of the Mass as integral to the Liturgy; Samuel Weber OSB (Institute for Sacred Music, archdiocese of St Louis), Singing the Propers of the Mass; Andreas Andreopoulos (University of Winchester), The use of music in Orthodox liturgical life; Stéphane Quessard (Archdiocese of Bourges, France), A renewal of sacred music; Alcuin Reid (liturgist), Sacred music and actual participation in the liturgy; Ite O’Donovan (Lassus Scholars, Dublin), Choral music in the celebration of the liturgy; Thomas Lacôte (St Stephen’s Cathedral, Bourges, France), Actions, texts and images of the Liturgy in contemporary musical creation; James MacMillan (composer and conductor), The Spirit of the Liturgy: rejoice in the tradition and embrace the future; Kerry McCarthy (Duke University), Listening to William Byrd.

The book is 224 pages in length and priced at €30.00.

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Further to the annual Fota liturgical conference, here is a summation of this year's conference speakers and their respective papers. The conference will be on the theme of "Celebrating the Eucharist: Sacrifice and Communion."

Fota V: Celebrating the Eucharist: Sacrifice and Communion

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