Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Sung Liturgy

As some of you who know me have seen in the past, I am a passionate advocate for the sung liturgy (a position supported by Vatican II, Jesus own chanting of the psalms as a faithful jew). Dr. Kurt Poterack, a scholar at the Sacra Liturgia conference also holds this view strongly, and offers some practical points.
One of the advantages of a choir at a college or university is that you have many bright, talented and energetic young adults to choose from – or at least to persuade to join the choir.  Whether or not the students are music majors is not quite so important.  What is important is that there is the basic ability to carry a tune, preferably some music reading skills and, above all, the commitment to attend rehearsals.  If these three things are present, or even the first and third, much can be accomplished.
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