Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Missing issues now posted

From Sacred Music archives, there were missing issues that are now posted:

  • Volume 132.4, Winter 2005 (Church Music for Larger Churches, Galles; Gregorian Chant: The Possibilities and Conditions for a Revival, Grau; Guardian of a Unique Treasure, Tanger)
  • Volume 132.3, Fall 2005 (Interview With Calvert Shenk, Poterack; The Missa Cantata in the Inner City, Shenk; Funeral Homily for Calvert Shenk — July 13, 2005, Perrone; Complete Thy Work, O Lord, Shenk)
  • Volume 132.2, Summer 2005 (Music at St. Mary’s Mission, Mansfield; A Sampling of Pope Benedict XVI’s Views on Liturgy and Music, Benedict XVI; Justus ut Palma: Three Settings, Composers A, B & C; )
  • Volume 132.1, Spring 2005 (Catholic Church Music Today in Theory and Practice: Part II, Murphy/Orr; Obituary of James A. Burns (Brother Gregory))

  • Volume 131.4, Winter 2004 (Catholic Church Music Today in Theory and Practice: Part I, Murphy/Orr; Book Review: The Organic Development of the Liturgy, by Dom Alcuin Reid, O.S.B, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger)
  • Volume 131.3, Fall 2004 (Why Sacred Music Matters, Oost-Zinner/Tucker; Children and Chant, Oost-Zinner; Interview of Mr. Harold Unverfeth, Treacy)
  • Volume 131.2, Summer 2004 (St. Pius X as a practical reformer, Shenk; Motu Proprio, Pius X; Chirograph on Sacred Music, John Paul II)
  • Volume 131.1, Spring 2004 (The Types of Sacred Music: Gregorian Chant as “Supreme Model” (Sections II, III, IV of the Motu Proprio, Poterack; Motu Proprio - Tra le Sollecitudini (Sections II, III, IV), Pope St. Pius X; Ferial Mass in English, Composer B)
  • Volume 130.4, Winter 2003 (Sarto, the ‘Conservative Reformer’ - 100 Years of the Motu Proprio of Pope St. Pius X, Skeris; Motu Proprio — Tra le Sollecitudini (Introduction, General Principles), Pope St. Pius X; Ferial Mass in English, Composer A; Corrections to “Narrowing the Factual Basis of the Ad Orientem Position”, Johnson )
  • Volume 130.3, Fall 2003 (The Chants of the Proprium Missae versus Alius Cantus Aptus, Dobszay)
  • Volume 130.2, Summer 2003 (Bringing Chant and Polyphony to a Small Parish, Oost-Zinner/Tucker; Will They Know We Are Christians? Sacred Music, Sacred Thought, Smedberg; Music, Beauty and the Divine, Miller)
  • Volume 130.1, Spring 2003 (Genuine Church Music is Faith Resonant in Sound, Interview with Dr. Michael Tunger; Musica Sacra and the Ethics of Copyright Law, Skeris; The Meaning of Musica Sacra and its Nobility: Reflections on the Theology of Church Music, Overath)
  • Volume 129.4, Winter 2002 (Sir Richard Terry and the Westminster Cathedral Tradition, Gajardo; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic?, Foegen; Narrowing the Factual Bases of the Ad Orientem Position, Johnson; Kneeling for Communion in America? — Yes; Letters from Rome)
  • Volume 129.3, Fall 2002 (Guest Editorial, Schuler; “The Reform of the Reform” and the Old Roman Rite, Spaemann; A Victory for the Mass of St. Pius V, Aulangier)

  • Volume 129.2, Summer 2002 (From the Editor la Question Liturgique; A Reform of the Reform?, Parsons; Monsignor Johannes Overath (1913-2002), Schuler)
  • Volume 129.1, Spring 2002 (Guest Editorial, Job Openings?; Music For All Seasons: The Byrd Gradualia Revisited, McCarthy; Interview: Calvert Shenk, Poterack; Papal Address on the Liturgy, Pope John Paul II; A Bishop Cannot Force Female Servers on His Priests, Congregation For Divine Worship; Faithful Servant of the Kingdom: A Hymn to St. Thomas More, Smedberg)
  • Volume 128.4, Winter 2001 (From the Editor Liturgical Kultursmog; The Easter Triduum in Milan, Lenti; The Mozerabic Chant Books of Cisneros, Collado; Reflections on the Liturgical Reform, Mattei)

  • Volume 128.3, Fall 2001 (Tribute to Marier, Skeris; Ordo Antiquus, Dobszay; reviews)
  • Volume 128.2, Summer 2001 (From the Editor; Liturgiam Authenticam, Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments)
  • Volume 128.1, Spring 2001(Meet the Millenials, Poterack; Hymnody, Rootes; Roman Missal 2000 General Instructions, Skeris; Liturgical Revolution - An Understanding, Poterack; Sacred Music is an Integral Part of the Liturgy, John Paul II; Papal Address to Participants in ICSM, John Paul II)

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