Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Coloring Book for Children on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

New book highlights the importance of devotions in a liturgically centered piety
This is a book intended to help teach about this great Catholic devotion. One hopes also that it might reawaken an interest in a few of the grown up parents as well as their children! It is written by Dr William Fahey, president of Thomas More College of Liberal Arts and who has dedicated the college to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Illustrations are by myself.
Devotions are very important in the Catholic lexicon of prayer and they play a large part in forming the culture of faith which is the springboard of all culture. A well balanced prayer life has liturgical piety at its heart, but has also-liturgical prayer, devotional prayer and personal prayer. The non-liturgical elements should be ordered so that in the prayer life of the person, each relates to the other and each is derived from and points to this liturgical center. In this way they act as another part of that spiritual bridge between Sacred Liturgy and those aspects of liturgy, considered in its broadest meaning - completing the work of God, which involve love of God through love of neighbor.
The book costs only $7 and is available from the Sophia Institute Press website here.

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