Sunday, June 03, 2007

RORATE CÆLI: Bertone confirms Motu proprio [yet again, and shortly]

RORATE CÆLI reports the following today:

Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone, in the last question of the interview granted to this Sunday's issue of the semi-official daily of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), Avvenire:

[Avvenire:] And the equally expected motu proprio which would liberalize the use the the Missal said of Saint Pius V, at what stage is it?

I believe one will not wait long to see it published. The Pope is personally interested that this should take place. He will explain it in his accompanying letter, expecting a serene reception.

[NLM: We have no date yet, but again, for those who continue to rather pessimistically think the MP has been shelved by the Pope, I should hope it is now clear that it has not been. As well, that Bertone can speak of an accompanying letter so assuredly tells us two things; 1) there is such a letter as had been rumoured; 2) Bertone is speaking from actual and specific knowledge of the Motu Proprio. All said, I believe this statement should clearly help people to understand where this matter sits, a bit of its nature and the Pope's mindset with regard to it.]

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