Monday, June 25, 2007

Roman Ears are Tingling

From Fr. Zuhlsdorf: It is possible that the Motu Proprio is now being printed:

Here is what he has to say:

"I am told by a very well-placed source that the text of the Motu Proprio is being printed at the Vatican Tipografia.

"On Italian news via RAI tg2 on Sunday, it was said that the MP will come "in the upcoming days" and "next week".

"It has been said that the MP would come before the Holy Father leaves Rome for his summer break. He leaves in early July.

"UPDATE: The Roman daily Il Tempo has a story on the MP. It states that the Pope will release the MP "in settimana… during the week". Once again, we find the comment that at least 30 people have to make the request."

Regardless of what the MP says, it will certainly be a step forward for all who love that liturgy and that will be worth celebrating.

On that note, like so many others, I should finally start thinking about what I might use to "raise a glass" in celebration. Perhaps something Benedictine. Any suggestions?

Do note, when the MP comes out, if any of you are having "MP celebrations" with Catholic friends, do send in your photos. It will be a celebratory time and I think we should share that joy.

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