Friday, June 29, 2007

English Gradual in Progress

Announcing a new project for the renewal of sacred music.

Several of us have been working on setting the new English translations to Gregorian chant melodies, and, once the new translation is released, making them available online for free download. Chant in English is not the ideal, something which I have sworn against for many years. Nevertheless, this compromise solution is worthwhile for two reasons: #1 This promotes chant in more places than would experience it otherwise, and #2 This provides, however imperfect, a far better alternative to the corporate music offered by the big publishers.

The goal of this project, ultimately, is to make it possible to have the resources to sing the entire Mass in English to authentic Gregorian melodies from beginning to end with one click of your mouse button. You might think that we are merely imitating what some others have done, but our approach has been somewhat different--and more successful, in our opinion--than the worthy efforts of others who have ventured into this area. Now, there may be some tricky logistical matters in the interim that will need to be negotiated smoothly in order to make this project work, so you pray, ok?

UPDATE: I neglected to make it clear earlier that this only concerns the texts of the Mass that are recurring; that is, the Ordinary and the dialogues (In nomine Patris; Apostolic Greeting; Preface, etc)--as well as recitation tones for the prayers and the readings, etc. It does not include the Proper. I have mentioned my personal opinion below in the combox about English Propers (which I stress is my personal opinion and not necessarily that of all involved in this project).

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