Monday, June 11, 2007

Speed of NLM site

Some folks have mentioned they notice speed issues reading the NLM. I should first note, some of this may be browser related. For example, I find Firefox slower than IE. (For example, I have low-end broadband connection, but the site loads very quickly.)

Despite that, I want to find the balance here of having a good selection of photos, but also hitting the middle ground for those who have speed issues.

One thing that could help is the following. Until now, one week's worth of posts have shown up on the main NLM page and after that, one would have to go to the NLM archives.

However, I've now reduced that number from 7 days to 3 days. This is to hopefully effect a change whereby, with fewer posts on the main page, loading time should take less for those having those troubles.

Those who have had speed issues, perhaps you can let me know if this positively effects your NLM reading experience. I'm eager to keep people happy so that they keep coming here.

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