Friday, June 29, 2007

Il Giornale: More details about the contents of the MP?

In a news story in Il Giornale, Il Papa ai vescovi: via libera alla messa antica, they claim the following as being part of the Motu Proprio on the classical Roman liturgy:

1. "The text [of the Motu Proprio] declares that the ancient Roman rite has not been abolished"

2. The faithful will be able to directly approach the parish priest about celebrating the classical Roman rite. The role of the bishop is spoken of, but I can't make out the text. (A full translation would be good for anyone fluent in Italian.)

3. There will not be "two rites" but an "extraordinary" and "ordinary" form of the Roman rite. This is how it is spoken of.

4. The classical calendar and readings will be retained.

5. The MP pertains to all the sacramental rites as well in use in 1962.

6. The cover letter to the bishops explains that this is not a retreat into the past, or rejection of the Council; again, I find it hard to make out, but there is also something about liturgical rupture or 'fracture' as perhaps also not being the intention of the Council.

We learn that Cardinal Pell of Australia was also in this meeting.

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