Saturday, June 16, 2007

English and Welsh Catholic bishops resist Motu Proprio

Via The Telegraph, the U.K. Catholic bishops resist advance of Latin Mass.

"Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor has written to the Vatican arguing that such a relaxation is unnecessary."

Of course, the issue that might be found in such a sentiment is that if it has indeed been given widely and freely, then there really is little reason to be concerned about a motu proprio which would allow it that liturgy to be celebrated widely and freely.

Of course, perhaps the real issue at heart here is the difference between an "indult" or special permission and exemption, and what might amount to a canonical 'regularizing' or 'de-marginalizing' of the classical Roman liturgy -- if that is what the motu proprio accomplishes (which we cannot know until we see it).

Even if we could absolutely agree with the above assessment, the Motu Proprio must be seen in a bigger light. It applies not just to one particular country, but rather to the entire Latin church wherein are found varying situations as regards this; many quite problematic. If a diocese or country has done well in applying Ecclesia Dei, bravo! But there are other countries and other dioceses and there is also the issue of healing irregular unions and schisms as well as the matter of banishment of a liturgy that knew long-standing, continuous use and organic development being pushed aside. Certainly the Holy Father has made it clear he sees that as problematic.

So it is that the matter isn't simply about whether or not the previous regulations have been applied liberally or no. There are bigger issues at work -- not the least of which, in my opinion, the advancement of a reform of the reform.

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