Monday, June 25, 2007

A report on the Oxford Martyrs pilgrimage

Oxford Events has some new photos up.

First and foremost in our attention are some photos of the actual procession itself through the streets of Oxford:

(Through a shopping district in Oxford)

(Memorial Gallows are setup in the area of the martyrdom)

(Benediction closes out the Event)

Some more photos of the Mass itself have been posted there, but Fra Lawrence documented that well for us on Saturday.

Here is Joseph Shaw (of St. Benet's, Oxford) report:

"Fr Anton Webb led a record-breaking sixty-strong procession from the ancient church of St Michael at the North Gate to the East end of Holywell Street. The is the route taken by the four martyrs of 1589 – the seminary priests Richard Yaxley and George Nichols, their gentleman helper Thomas Belson, and a Catholic inn servant, Humphrey Prichard – from the Bocardo prison in Cornmarket to the town gallows where thy were hanged, drawn and quartered. All four were beatified in 1987. The procession sang the Litany of the Saints on the way to the gallows, and then the Te Deum and a number of vernacular and Latin hymns while we returned to the Oratory church, where Fr Anton celebrated Benediction for us. This was a great witness to the faith in the streets of Oxford. Thanks are due to the Fathers of the Oratory for their hospitality, to Fr Dominic and his minsters, and to Fr Anton, as well as to the large number of people who came, many from long distances, to join the pilgrimage."

Incidentally, there are a few pictures of the Corpus Christi procession held in Oxford available on that page as well.

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