Friday, June 29, 2007

An Eye-Witness account of the MP meeting

In case you have not already seen this, Cardinal Seán O'Malley has blogged about his recent meeting with the Holy Father in Rome and included a photograph taken after that meeting about the motu proprio...

NLM readers will surely be interested in His Eminence's view-point, seeing as he was one of a select few at the meeting, and I have little doubt that his analysis of the status and need for the classical Roman rite in the U.S.A. will generate much comment.

So be it.

Indeed, one is free to engage him in dialogue in the comments boxes of his own blog. So far, people have been very frank and he actually responds cordially.

In relation to this, I think Fr Zuhlsdorf's '5 Rules of Engagement' are worth bearing in mind...

ADDENDUM: In the light of some of Fr Newman's comments to this post, which spell out the situation that face our pastors, I think Fr Philip Powell OP's addition to Fr Z's 'Rules' are worth mulling over.

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