Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two Motu Proprio reports; one very significant

We've had two reports out there on the Motu Proprio today. One was reported to me earlier, but I decided to hold back since it really gave us little info. In that report from (see Fr. Zuhlsdorf's blog for this specific report) it was simply stated that the Motu Proprio will come out "this year." Now this might have sounded depressing to some, but then, even if it comes out tomorrow, that is "this year" so that could mean just about anything.

There was some speculation that this might mean it was a ways off yet, perhaps later into the year. However, it seems to me that it simply means it will come out whenever the document is translated, proofed and the Holy Father feels it is ready to go, but because that is a process, there is no "set date" if you will. It all depends on those pieces coming together.

But in breaking news that tipped the scale in clear favour of a report, over at RORATE CÆLI they have reported about Bruno Volpe at an Italian Papal news site which is suggesting the following (and take note of this report; it is unique):

The Papal "Motu Proprio" for the liberalization of the Latin Mass... is about to be translated into several languages and will be published right before the departure of Benedict XVI for the summer vacation.

"The text has already been signed by the Pontiff, who has even written a long explanatory letter, of a theological character, "addressed to all the Bishops of the world", as it can be read in its introduction, "so that they may receive this document with serenity and patience".

"The Pope thus asks to the Bishops, to the clergy, and to the faithful a serene mood in the acceptance of the "Motu Proprio", which will be presented in a Press Conference by Cardinals Francis Arinze, Dario Castrillon Hoyos, and Julian Herranz."

And so the lesson is again, take heart and patiently wait. It could be any day or it could be a bit longer, but things keep pointing to sooner than later.

What's interesting about the Bruno Volpe report above is that it gives more specific detail than we've seen before, including about a news conference and who would be involved. It also references Don Nicola Bux (who I have met when he spoke at the CIEL conference in Oxford) as saying it is only a matter of a few days now.

Very, very interesting. Watch out now folks.

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